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How To Apply For Union Bank Quick Loan

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Union bank loans give an array of choices for clients to make their goals and dreams become a reality. In essence, from entrepreneurs to salaried workers as well as pensioners, there’s something to suit every person. The popularity of loans has increased with this option in recent times, especially for those looking to invest or just pay for expenses. So, whatever it may be, Union bank loans surely will have you covered.

What are the options for Union bank loan options?

Awarded the license with CBN, Union Bank Loan is licensed by CBN, Union bank loan can provide a range of options for its clients, such as:

Payroll Loans

Payroll loans are specifically designed for people whose wages are transferred directly into the Union savings account. Thus, payroll loans give you a range of choices at affordable rates to meet this need. It is amazing that you can earn cashback rewards when get a loan with a an tenor of between 2 and 5 years and pay it back promptly. The items that are covered under this service comprise:

  • Personal loan
  • Salary increase
  • Finance for Back to School
  • Senior citizen loan
  • Union Flexi loans
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Digital loans

Union bank digital loans are the lucrative trend of offering micro-loans to people who require quick cash to cover personal expenses. This service also saves you from the hassle of searching the right paper or other sources. The only thing you have to do is get access to the loan via your Union Bank mobile application, ATMs or a USSD code. In addition, the main product offered by this service is a payday loan, which permits you to receive as much as 50% off your income and repay it in one month, without collateral.

Non-payroll Loans

Nonpayroll loans are designed for those who are not in any kind of employment and, therefore can’t boast of fixed income income. In essence, it’s an opportunity for business people to grow with as little hassle as is possible. You can also pick between the following options:

  • Self-employed loans
  • Self-employed Revolving overdraft
  • Cash-backed loans
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It is also possible to read about those banks that offer loans with ease to customers in Nigeria.

Can union bank provide loans with no collateral?

Yes they can. However the option is not unlimited and is only available for specific loans. One of them is a digital loan, in which you can get up to 50 percent of your income per month and repay it within the month. In essence, using a digital loan, you don’t require any kind of collateral whatsoever.

What is the rate of interest for Union banks’ loans?

There isn’t a fixed fee for interest on Union loan from banks. In the application, they will declare the applicable interest and give you the option of accepting or denying the offer. Additionally, the rate of interest differs based on the type of loan, as well as other aspects such as tenor and size of loan. On average, it ranges between 1% to 3.75 percent.

How do I find the codes to use for Union Bank loans?

To get an Union Bank loan start with dialing USSD code *826*41#. When you dial the code, various options will be displayed. So, once you dial you will be able to follow the prompts and choose from the options available.

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How To Apply For Union Bank Quick Loan
How To Apply For Union Bank Quick Loan

How can how do I submit an application for Union loan from the bank?

Just follow the instructions in the following steps to request bank union loans:

  • Visit their official website at https://www.unionbankng.com/loans/#personal-loan
  • Find the loan you want to use and click on it.
  • Select the “loan application guide” option right beneath the dialog box for loan to learn more about what it is.
  • Once you’re done, click the “apply for an loans” button to continue and submit the application.

How can I get in touch with Union bank?

Contact the bank by any of the following methods:

Phone: +234-1-2716816

Customer feedback and support: https://www.unionbankng.com/support/#feedback-and-support

You can also visit one of their branches close to you.


With more than a century of operating, Union bank has been satisfying the requirements of its clients for quite a while. The services they provide are the most excellent available in the country. Therefore please feel free to get loans at anytime.

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