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Great Lakes Student Loans: Forgiveness

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Great Lakes Student Loans– Great Lakes Credit Union understands that it’s hard to make it through school without financial aid. A private student loan offered by Great Lakes Credit Union can aid in paying for your education costs that aren’t covered by the financial aid package you received.

It’s about tuition or rooms and boards or books, even technology We’re here for you!

Great Lakes Student Loans

Benefits Of Great Lakes Student Loans:

  • You can apply in less than 15 minutes.
  • .25 Discount for automated payment
  • Get a competitive interest rate
  • You can only borrow what you will need.
    • You can borrow up to the amount of your tuition
    • You can borrow as little as $2,000
  • You can pay for qualified college tuition costs for the next semester
    • Tuition, housing, meal plans, books, computers, etc.
    • Student loans that meet the criteria are eligible for tax-free interest
  • You will receive a rapid credit decision after your completed application has been received
    • If you choose to repay your loan are able to opt to make interest-only payment or a modest $25 payment to the loan during your time at the school, to ease the obligation to repay after graduation.
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It’s simple and free to apply. Don’t forget to add a cosigner make sure you qualify for the most favorable rate!

Is Great Lakes student loans being forgiven?

Yes, Great lakes student loans can be forgiven.

PSLF will forgive the balance remaining on your Direct Loans once you’ve completed 120 eligible payments. You made the payments as part of the qualifying Student Loan Repayment Plan. Full-time employment with a qualifying employer at the time you made the 120 installments.

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