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Recharge2Cash: App Download, Convert Airtime To Cash

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Recharge2Cash makes it easy for you to convert your airtime into cash, download the app and follow the procures in this article.

Are you currently in a situation where you’ve got excess airtime on your mobile and you are wondering if you could convert them into real money in your savings account? This is a service that will help you to do exactly that.

Recharge2Cash is a Nigerian service that lets users exchange their airtime in cash. The cash will be deposited into your account at the bank. In this article, you’ll discover how you can use Recharge2Cash to convert airtime to cash, how to transfer money to the bank account of your choice, as well as more.


A member of your family could give an amount of airtime as a present. It’s possible that you may not even need the time. Perhaps you’re looking for cash.

In other instances, you could purchase more airtime than what you need at the bank. Most often, the reason is that you add an extra zero accidentally.

For example, if you would like to increase the amount of airtime you have to N1,000, you could mistakenly add N10,000 to the account by adding zero.

This isn’t a rare event for Nigerians. This is a regular occurrence. While the majority of victims won’t repeat the error but there are still people who make the same mistake.

This is where Recharge2Cash comes in. It allows you to convert your excess airtime to cash. All you have to do is set up your account and then follow directions. Your money is deposited into your account at the bank.

The benefits of making use of Recharge2Cash

  • You can convert any airtime into cash at any time you’d like
  • Recharge2Cash is among the most efficient airtime converters in Nigeria. The cash will be credited to your account in five to fifteen minutes
  • You can purchase data subscriptions at a reasonable cost via the app Recharge2Cash. Your data is delivered directly to your mobile number.
  • Recharge2Cash offers lower exchange rates. 20 percent for MTN airtime converted into cash 25% for credit at 9Mobile, and 35 percent in exchange for Airtel as well as Glo airtime

Is Recharge2Cash safe to use Is the service legitimate?

Yes, Recharge2cash works and more than 100k Nigerians have utilized their services up to now with not a single complaint.

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Many Nigerians claim to have been scammed by several airtime converters. Certain converters will take the airtime but only send half-payments or none even.

What can recharge2cash do to improve?

The service does not come instantaneously Customers have complained about sending airtime to the number they were given, and then processing the transaction took some time.

The customer service of this application is also inadequate, several users have complained that their issues are not answered or support contact doesn’t always respond in all cases.

Requirements to establish Recharge2Cash accounts

To be able to use Recharge2Cash, you must satisfy certain requirements. In the process of registering you’ll need to submit the following information.

  • Your Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  • Email address
  • A valid phone number is required (It must be the phone number that has the airtime you’d like to convert)
  • Your full name as well as the date of birth
  • You will also have to supply your address for home
  • A Method for National Identification
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Note the following:

  • Your BVN and personal information may not be required at the time of registration.
  • After you have created your account, head over to your profile
  • Click on Account Verification and then update your BVN as well as identity documents
  • Even if you open your account with no BVN and ID, you won’t be able to convert your airtime into cash unless you supply the required information.

This is an emergency measure to ensure that people who are selling stolen airtime are identified and tracked.

How do you set up your Recharge2Cash account?

To create an account Recharge2Cash account, visit the official website to sign up

Visit Recharge2cash.com.ng to sign up and begin

You can also get the Recharge2Cash mobile application.

Recharge2Cash mobile app download

It is possible to download the Recharge2Cash mobile app through Google Play Store. Google Play Store.

It’s a modest size of only 12MB and has more than 100,000 downloads. It has a current review score of 4.0 from more than 1,900 users.

How do you convert your airtime into cash with the app Recharge2Cash

Use the following steps to change your airtime.

  • Go to”Airtime to Cash” on the “Airtime to Cash” page
  • Select the network you would like to convert
  • Enter the amount of airtime you’d like to convert as well as the number that the airtime is being converted to.
  • On the next screen, you’ll find a number. The next page will instruct you to transfer the airtime to the number.
  • Be sure to send the airtime to the correct number within the timeframe of 6 minutes. After you have sent it you will need to go back to the app Recharge2Cash and click “Convert Airtime”

To avoid any complications ensure that:

The number you typed on your form corresponds to the one which sends the airtime
The airtime value you provide on the form should be consistent with the amount you pay on the specified number. Not more, not less

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How do you withdraw funds via Recharge2Cash in your banking account

If your conversion to airtime is successful, you can transfer the funds to the bank account of your choice. To accomplish this follow these steps:

  • You can go to the page to withdraw your funds.
  • Add your account details. This includes your account’s name, the number, and the bank’s name.
  • Set the security code for Recharge2Cash. This will prevent others from withdrawing funds without your permission.
  • The bank will credit your account in between 5 and 15 mins
  • Other points to be noted in the Recharge2Cash Cash application
  • You can have the same bank account on your Recharge2Cash account. it isn’t able to be altered.
  • To modify it, you’ll need to contact the customer support service and provide the reason for the change.
  • It is essential to include your profile picture, your home address, as well as your telephone number before withdrawing the cash
  • Virtual Top-up (VTU) is not recognized as a method of converting airtime into cash
  • The use of stolen or fraudulent airtime is not permitted and could be a cause for arrest if it is discovered.
  • If you have lots of airtime, you’re only permitted to convert N20,000 of airtime into cash per hour.

Service fees for Recharge2Cash

  • 20% for MTN
  • 25% discount on 9Mobile credit
  • 35% for Airtel
  • 35% for Glo

For the transfer to a bank account, Recharge2Cash charges:

N100 for MTN
Zero Naira for Airtel, 9Mobile, and Glo

Customer service at Recharge2Cash, as well as an email address

Email address: support@recharge2cash.com
Website: recharge2cash.com.ng

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