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Kredi Bank App Download

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The Kredi Bank app download can be easily obtained here with all the information that you will need after installing the Kredi Bank app.

Kredi Bank is a microfinance app that is offered through Kredimoney MFB Limited. The app was created to serve as a one-stop shop for all your financial requirements. The application also lets you transfer money to bank accounts of other banks as well as pay for bills and purchase airtime.

Kredi can meet your banking needs including loans and savings anytime, anywhere.

As an individual or an enterprise, kredi offers the appropriate solutions to save you money as well as obtain loans at affordable interest rates.

The application also provides you with an account in a virtual bank that you can use to store cash and also to pay off loans.

Kredi Bank app download


  • Account Opening The process of opening an account with a Kredi account is easy anywhere and at any time you’d like. Simply choose the type of account you want to open and enter your personal information. It’s simple!
  • Make Money Save: Saving money just got easier. Log into your Kredi account, then click”start saving” and then click the “start savings “button to begin saving right away to meet all your needs and objectives.
  • Credit: Kredi provides small, short-term nano SME, SME, salary-backed and collateral-backed loans to help cushion your financial needs when you require it.
  • Fund Account: Pay money and direct deposits to bank accounts of other banks. Through Kredi, your Kredi accounts, you can make safe transactions with only one click.
  • Transfer: Enjoy reliable fast, easy, and convenient transfers. Transfers can be made to third parties quickly and with no time. Begin making transfers!
  • Bill Payment: A reliable and secure method of paying your bills quickly and paying them promptly. You just need to create an account to pay and manage your bills online through Kredi.
  • Airtime Top-up: Our data and data top-up services allow users to transfer credits to mobile phones on any. You can instantly purchase airtime for your family and friends at any time you’d like.
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Kredi Bank Interest RATES AND FEES

The amount of the loan can vary between N5,000 and N500,000. But, you must have at least 21 years of age when you turn 21 to qualify to be eligible for the loan. The loan term can range between 60 and 180 days. The interest rates vary from 4.5 percent to 35%, with equivalent monthly rates of between 5% and 29 percent. An APR of 29% to 120%.

A common example is:
If you opt to take an N10,000 loan for 6 months, Kredi Bank charges an interest rate of 5 per month, which would be equivalent to 30% on the term. We will charge you N3,000 as a rate of interest for the six months. This means that the total amount you pay is N13,000.

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This rate of interest and duration is just an example. you can expect your loan to be much shorter in duration. You can however extend your loan’s duration and amount by making full due payments in time. In default, it will impact your credit score adversely.

Kredi Bank usually requires no collateral, guarantors, or other documentation. For loans that exceed certain limits, they might require additional documents.

Kredi Bank app download

Download the Kredi bank app on Google Play Store or you download it by clicking here

Is Kredi Bank legit or a scam?

Kredi Bank is legit and can provide loans. It’s still relatively brand new, having only 10k downloads in the first few days However, the majority of those who have tried the app are raving about it.


What are the ways that Kredi Bank can improve

The application still has some bugs that hinder users’ registration. For instance, the date of birth field in registration isn’t working for certain users.

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The rejection rate for loans is also very high. You may work hard and provide all of your information and then be refused the loan. To increase your chance of getting a loan keep using the app to pay your bills and save.


In evaluating your loan application for eligibility, they will look at a variety of indicators like your credit score and your past loan performance, etc. They demand that applications for loans be completed with accurate information since any mistake could delay your loan application or result in your profile being removed from the blacklist. If you are caught with fraud, you could be taken to the authorities.

Kredi Bank customer service CONTACT

If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, please contact info@thekredibank.com or call +234 1 888 5557.


I hope you have been able to download the Kredi bank app on your phone and if you have any other questions concerning the download or the app, you drop a comment below.

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