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Download 9credit Loan App Apk For Free

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9Credit loan app allows users to borrow money and then pay it back. It is the most popular digital lending platform in Nigeria. It aims to make it easy for users to buy items and pay bills on time.

This online loan service is owned by OTP Internet Technology. It allows you to obtain loans quickly and without any stress. 9Credit loan app is a reliable source of loans for Nigerians. They can borrow money quickly and pay it back later.

9credit loan app

9Credit loan app allows you to borrow money quickly and is also easy to access. All you need to do to use 9Credit is to download the mobile app for your phone. Registration is quick and easy.

Requirements for 9Credit loans

9 Credit loan requirements can be very simple and are quite a few. These are the ones you will find below.

  • A bank account
  • Bank Verification Number (BVN).
  • An active phone number.
  • You must live in Nigeria.
  • You must be between the ages of 18 and 56.
  • You need to have a source for your monthly income.
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How to get a loan with 9Credit

Follow these steps to get a loan from 9Credit.

1. Download the 9Credit App via the Google Play Store

You must download the mobile app to borrow loans from 9Credit. 9Credit is currently not available on iOS devices. Only Android users can access it.

Visit the Google Play Store to download the 9Credit app.

2. Register with 9Credit

After the app has been installed on your device launch it. Fill out the required information to register an account at 9Credit. You will need to provide your BVN number and other bank details.

3. Select the amount that you would like to borrow

Click on Next to select the amount you wish to borrow from 9Credit.

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4. Complete the content and submit your application

You may be asked to fill out some entries. Complete all required content and click submit.

5. Wait for verification

You may be contacted for verification after you submit your application. If approved, the APP will display your final application results. You will also be notified by SMS.

6. Accept these terms

You will receive the loan agreement. The agreement will include information about interest and repayment. To confirm your acceptance, click the “Accept” button.

7. Receive your loan

The approved loan amount will be credited to your account after the loan agreement has been confirmed. A SMS notification will also be sent to your mobile number.

What is the maximum loan you can get from 9Credit

The range of loans you can get from 9Credit generally falls between N3,000 and N100,000. There might be a limit on how much you can borrow from 9Credit during your first request.

You must repay the first loan that you take out on time to be eligible to borrow higher amounts (up to #100,000.

The interest rate for 9Credit

9Credit charges an interest of 0.077% per day on each amount you borrow. This is 25.55% per annum.

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9Credit loan term

The 9Credit loan term is between 62 and 120 days (2 months)

Repayment of the loan

9Credit has a rule that loans must be repaid within 62 to 120 days from the date they were borrowed.

Other than the interest, there are other fees associated with the 9Credit app. A one-time processing fee is required. This fee varies depending on how much you want to borrow.

The processing fee is N90 up to N2,000.

GST fees are also available. The GST fee of 18% is the Processing Fee according to the policy and laws under 9Credit.

Now, the total amount to be repaid will be the Borrowed amount + Interest + Processing fee + GST.

9Credit Head Office Address

9Credit’s head office is located in Lawal Street, Oregon, Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria.

9Credit customer service number and email address

09019310402 is the 9Credit customer service number. If you have any questions, they can be reached at strong>09019310402/strong>.

9Credit’s email is.

9Credit website

9Credit also owns a website. 9credit.co is the web address. The website does not allow you to borrow loans. To borrow loans from 9Credit, you will need to download the Google Play Store mobile app.

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