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Home Loan Review Jumaipay Loan: App Download, Interest Rate, USSD Code

Jumaipay Loan: App Download, Interest Rate, USSD Code

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Jumaipay Loan previously was known as Jumia One is a platform which allows you to pay bills at the lowest costs and get loans.

The Jumaipay Loan is one of the fast-growing loan apps in Nigeria with a very good repayment plan

The platform is operated by Jumia. Jumia is among the largest online marketplaces in Africa.

The Jumaipay Loan app lets you achieve a variety of tasks. You can pay for TV subscriptions electricity bills, and internet service without additional charges. It is also possible to pay the gates when you’re located in Lagos through the Jumaipay Loan app. If you utilize the app to make specific transactions, you can earn some money back. If you require a loan you can obtain it through the app. Are you looking to earn some cash? You can help your friends to earn money.

jumaipay loan

What is the Jumaipay Loan function?

JumiaPay loan operates in this manner The way it works is as follows: The users download the application from Google Play stores or the Apple App Store. Sign up and verify their mobile number. After signing up the users can access numerous services. They can obtain fast credit with a very low cost of interest. They can pay the cost of DSTV, GOTV, and other Pay TV subscriptions without any costs. Payment for electricity and internet is free. Payment for toll gates Airtime recharge is among the many services offered. Users are also able to earn cashback for many transactions, which means they receive a percentage of the money they spent back. To make it even more exciting users can invite friends to join the site and earn cash!

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How can you earn money with the JumiaPay loan app

Use these tips to make money using the application.

1. Jumaipay loan app download

It is the first thing to do to download and install the application on your phone. The app is compatible with both Android as well as iOS devices. You can visit this link to download the app and install it for your smartphone right now.

2. Register and confirm your phone number.

Once you’ve downloaded the application to your device then click it. Follow the steps on the screen, and then register. It will ask you to confirm that your number is correct. An authorization code is sent out to the phone. Just enter the code into the app to confirm.

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3. Invite your friends to join you and earn

There will be an inviting friends button on the lower right of your screen. Click it. Invite your friends. You’ll earn N1000 per friend who signs up and then use your app to purchase a purchase.

4. Pay for purchases or make payments using the app

It is crucial to also make use of the app to pay payments to not be flagged as spammers. You can buy airtime, pay TV subscriptions, purchase event tickets purchase data, place a place order for food, and more.

How do I get the loan you need from JumiaPay

Follow these steps to obtain credit from JumiaPay

1. Install and download the app

To obtain a loan, you need the app installed on your mobile. Click here to download and install the application for your mobile.

2. Verify and register the phone number

Be sure to register and verify your mobile number. Simply launch the app and follow the instructions on the screen to sign up. You will receive a code on your mobile, you can enter it in the app to verify your phone number.

3. Go to the loan.

After you have registered, you can scroll through the app, and you’ll see loans in the category of financial services. Click it.

4. Provide accurate details

Follow the instructions on the screen and provide complete details.

5. Fill out the form and then attend

Once you’ve provided all the necessary information, you can submit a request for a loan and sit back and wait for loan approval.

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You can borrow up to N100 1,000.

How can you invest in a JumiaPay loan

For investing, follow these steps

1. Sign in to the app

Log into the application. If you don’t possess it yet, you may always download and install it at any time.

2. Go towards AXA money fund

Explore the app, and then under financial services, there is an AXA Money Fund. Click it.

3. Follow the instructions and make sure you invest.

Follow the instructions on the screen to make your investment.

How do I buy airtime or data using a JumiaPay loan

You will receive as much as 4% instant cash in cashback on all of the Airtime or Mobile Data recharges; up to N2500 cashback per purchase!

Follow these steps to obtain airtime as well as data

1. Sign in to the app.

Sign in to the app. If you don’t have the application installed then you could download it.

2. Find the information or airtime

One of the first things that you will see upon launching the app is airtime or data. Click on any of the.

Things you can do using JumiaPay Loan app

Here are other features you can do using the app.

  • Rewarding of airtime
  • Data subscription
  • You can get credit
  • Invest
  • Subscription to TV (DSTV, GOTV, and others)
  • Top up your international card
  • Payment of the electric bill
  • Betting
  • Payment for tickets to events
  • Payment at the toll gate
  • Food items to buy
  • Get cheap flights
  • Get groceries
  • Pay for bus
  • Taxi fare is paid for by Uber
  • Access to films
  • MTN music access
  • Games
  • Many vouchers
  • Shopping
  • Deals

JumiaPay loan app

The JumiaPay application is available to both Android phone users as well as iOS customers (iPhone). You can visit this link for downloading and installing the application on your mobile.

JumiaPay loan interest rate

The precise interest rates for the loan are not disclosed however, based on research, they range at or above 3.

JumiaPay loan customer care phone number

The customer care number is +23412772366.

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