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How To Use FINT Loan USSD code

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Are you looking for FINT loan USSD code which will give you a direct access to borrow money without the issue of downloading the app.

What is USSD?

USSD is an abbreviation for U.S. Supplementary Service Data. It’s also referred to as quick code.

Like the name suggests, they’re codes that allow you to gain access to options via your mobile telecommunications service. USSD is used for various things like callback service as well as mobile money, information and content or for providing the network with configuration options. In this instance we will look at the usage of USSD for banking.

FINT loan USSD code
FINT loan USSD code

What is FINT loan USSD code?

FINT loan USSD code Banking is a type of banking which allows you to perform payments on your mobile by using quick or short codes. Simply, you require a cellular network. No internet connection is needed. With USSD banking, you are able to complete almost any financial transaction, from purchases to making transfers. In addition, you could make use of USSD codes to obtain loans.

PlatformUSSD Code for Loans
AB Microfinance Bank*389*755#
Access Bank Payday Loan*901*11#
Accion Microfinance Bank*572*6#
Airtel Quick Cash*561#
ALAT Loan By Wema Bank*945*100
Aledin Nano*903#
Carbon Loan*1303#
Ecobank Xpress*326#
Fairmoney Loan*322*2#
First Bank First Advance*894*11# or *894#
Glo Cash*322*1*04225701*Amount#
GTBank Soft Loan (QuickCredit)*737*51*51#
Migo Loan*561#
MTN Cash*606*4#
Trader Moni*540#
Paylater USSD Code*1303#
Quickteller Loan (Airtel, MTN & 9mobile)*322#
Quickteller – Glo Users*805#
UBA Loan Code*919#
Unity Bank Loan Code*7799#
Zenith Bank Loan*966#
FINT loan USSD code

How to Apply for FINT loan USSD code

The steps for applying for FINT loan USSD code is simple. All you need to do is:

  • Find out which lender you’re borrowing money from.
  • Find the functional USSD code.
  • Meet all the specified specifications
  • Enter the code
  • Follow the instructions.
  • Get your loan
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Fint loan is an original loan product that lends money. It connects borrowers with lenders. The loan website lets investors can register as lenders and then they connect to borrowers in need of loans. The loans are accompanied by an interest rate pre-negotiated and is based on the term that the loans are for.

Fint loan services are available to those who require loans as well as investors who wish to increase their wealth by lending money to other people.

Individuals are able to borrow as just N20,000, with the limit of one million. Businesses are able to borrow up to 20 million. You can get the loan by requesting your business to enroll for an cash advance or look through the businesses who are partners that have Fint loans. These partners include First Registrars, Thrive Agric, Old Mutual, Farm Forte, Vetiva, and Paystack.

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At the moment, Fint has no mobile application, therefore all services are accessible through Fint’s website.

Fint’s Fint loan calculator will help you determine the amount of your loan and repayment plan. To calculate, pick the section that is applicable to you, as well as the amount of credit you’re taking and the amount and it will calculate the amount you’ll need to repay each month.•

Fint Loan Requirements

Certain of the requirements for Fint loans are

  • The minimum age for you to apply is 21 years old or above.
  • Valid Nigerian bank account
  • Bank Verification Number
  • Statement of Account
  • Photocopy of an original Nigerian identity card

How to Apply for a Fint Loan

To request a loan from Fint Follow these steps

  • Go to Fint’s site Click on “Borrow” tab.
  • Certain information must be provided to create an account. This includes your name and date of birth as well as email address, your employment status, and the name of your organization in order to establish an account.
  • After you input the information and entering it, you will be presented with an estimation of the amount you could take out.
  • Accept the terms and conditions, as well as the interest rate for the loan.
  • You will have to pay cash for verification of your profile and credit history checks.
  • If it’s successful After it has been successful, upload all the required documents you requested.
  • Once you have been verified the loan request will be visible in the system.
  • When an investor pays an application for funding, cash will be deposited into your account.
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How to Pay Back the Fint Loan

The details of your account are stored within the system, which means they’ll automatically deduct funds from the account once the time comes to pay. Prior to the date you have agreed you will receive reminders to make sure you pay the loan prior to expiry date. The platform will send your money to the lender whom you borrowed the money from. And should you not pay the loan back they may send the loan to an debt collection company who will attempt to recover the loan.

Before you can take out a loan with Fint it is necessary to have an insurance policy to protect yourself from unexpected events which may make it impossible to pay back the loan. Additionally, you must have to pay a commitment cost (8 percent) after the repayment on the loan. Rates of interest also differ in accordance with the sector and lender, however it’s typically 39% over the course of a year.

Is FINT Loan Legit

Yes FINT loan is legit and registered in Nigeria, the FINT loan company is one of the very few authentic loan companies in Nigeria.

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