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How To Join MTN Cash Token And Get N10,000 For Free

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Are you looking for how to redeem your MTN cash token or you are looking for information about MTN cash token then you are on the right page.

Similar to Glo, Airtel, MTN Nigeria is also a part of an award-winning reward scheme, Cash Token. It is an online reward or gift product which gives MTN customers the possibility to take home cash prizes of N5,000 and N100million every week and with a guaranteed cashback.

MTN Cash Token
MTN Cash Token

How To Participate In MTN Cash Token

To be qualified for Cash Token’s weekly draw CashToken drawing, each week you must have been given CashToken by you or a loved one at least once in the week of calendar.

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Participation is as simple as calling the code short *6700#, and then selecting an option. You can choose to purchase and give CashToken to themselves or a third person (someone who is not).

A Gifted Cash Token serves as the ticket to draw CashToken Draw.

The CashToken fee for membership amounts to $50 for one CashToken.

The customer can decide to purchase as many CashTokens as they want using the on-demand system. But, they are able to only purchase one CashToken per day or per week through the subscription model.

To make use of the cash-on-demand CashToken to use the CashToken on-demand, select “Buy Cash Tokens” from *6700# in the USSD Menu. enter the amount of CashTokens they would like to purchase and then gift to themselves or to a an external third party.

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Here are Questions and Answers for more details as well as a quick information.

What is Cash Token?

A CashToken, an online reward and gift item that gives customers the opportunity to win cash prizes of between N5,000 and N100million per week, with guaranteed cashback

Who can participate in the MTN Cash Token the weekly draw?

For you to qualify to participate in drawing the CashToken Weekly draw you must be gifted CashToken from yourself or a person you know at least once in the week of the calendar.

How can I participate/ subscribe to MTN Cash Token

Dialing #6700 as a shortcode, and choosing the plan. You can opt to purchase and present CashToken to you or a third person (someone other than yourself). This Gifted Cash Token acts as a virtual ticket to the CashToken Draws

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What is the MTN CashToken subscription cost?

The price is N50 per CashToken

How much is the MTN Cash Token subscription fee?

A – If you don’t have enough airtime available in your account, you’ll be notified as follows:

Your balance is not enough to buy CashToken daily plan. CashToken day-to-day plan. You can recharge your balance or dial *606# for airtime to borrow.

Q What is the frequency at which I will be charged? Do I have a one-off or monthly subscription?

A CashToken service CashToken service is currently available on daily, weekly charge and an on-demand fee. Each charge is equivalent to one CashToken that is drawn in the draw. The more CashT okens you have are, the greater your chances of winning

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