Unequal Codes (2022 November) XP boosts and Free cash!

Looking for Roblox incompatible codes? You can stop looking now because I’ll list all the valid unequal codes, how to redeem them, and other pertinent details. Thrilled to learn everything? Let’s start

What are Unequal codes?

These coupons offer gamers totally free rewards, which further enables them to dominate the game.

Active codes

MANAWORLDRELEASEIn the game, you can exchange it for 15,000 cash. 
TIERINCREASEIt provides users with a tier increase (free of charge). 
MANAUODATEIt provides players with two things: 10k cash and half an hour of double XP.
GROUP30k cash and tier increase is what players can get after redeeming it. 
NOMOREALPHA30k cash and half an hour of double XP.
FREECASHIt provides users with 50k cash. 

Redemption process of unequal codes

The procedure is easy and straightforward.

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Launch the unfair Roblox game.
Tap the relevant menu item.
The twitter codes option in the menu should now be selected.
Hit the redeem button after entering the code you want to use.

Important information regarding the unequal codes. 

Hold on, there are still a few more things that every player who uses codes should be aware of. (However, it is not required.)

Correct Spelling

Make sure your spelling is accurate when you enter it. Punctuation and every other element of the code must be exactly as they are described because even a minor spelling error can render the code useless. Therefore, be sure to enter everything exactly as is.

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Make sure to use the codes before they expire because they include a date. Additionally, the expiration date isn’t stated, so try to use them right away. Simply forget about receiving the free goodies if you don’t utilise the codes while they are still valid.

One time use

You may only use a code once, let me be clear. Multiple attempts to use the same code won’t help you and will only make you frustrated.

More codes

Discord is one of the best platforms if you want to keep up with the game’s codes and other information.

Every time a new code is released, it is announced by the devs on Discord.

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You can follow the discord servers of the game; there, you can interact with fellow players. 

The code isn’t working

Sometimes the code is broken. Reopen the game and try to redeem the code if you are certain it is valid.

(The code might also have run out, so don’t worry if it doesn’t work.)


In the Roblox Unequal game, hopefully you can now earn free rewards without putting in a lot of effort. Do you have any reservations about unfair codes? If so, post them in the comments section to get rid of them.

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