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Verity Bonus Chapter Read Online (2022) PDF, Summary & Twitter

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Read the Verity Bonus Chapter online: Many people, including myself, prefer romantic suspense novels. Are you looking for a book like that? I have one for you if that’s the case.

It is a bestseller on the New York Times list. Who can guess? It’s Colleen Hoover’s Verity. Anyone who reads it is just left reeling for days in a plot twist, wondering what the outcome will be.

Are you on this page to read the Verity bonus chapter online in PDF? If so, this essay was created especially for you. I’m going to offer you bonus chapter spoilers so you can see exactly what you’re getting into.

Some things about the Verity by Colleen Hoover

It was originally released in 2018, but it has since been re-issued. A bonus chapter in the re-released version of the book is drawing more attention. Novel readers anticipate that this bonus chapter will provide them with some resolution to the previous ending.

The main question on readers’ thoughts at the book’s conclusion is whether the information contained in the document that the protagonist discovers is true or not. There is some manipulation going on, which muddles the story’s facts. Finding the truth is difficult because of this distortion.

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The bonus chapter’s indication that the letter must be true is, nonetheless, one of its positive aspects. You should read the “verity bonus chapter read online” if you are that keen in learning the truth. You’ll be quite interested in this.

How can you get the Verity bonus chapter pdf?

Do you desire the “verity bonus chapter pdf”? It’s simple as pie.

Enter “verity bonus chapter pdf” or “verity bonus chapter read online” into Google.
Locate the website that offers the PDF for the Verity Bonus Chapter. (You might have trouble obtaining the pdf because just a few websites were hosting it; they have since been removed. The pdf has not yet been made available on any websites. However, you can attempt as there’s a potential that your search will turn up the PDF.

What is Verity about? 

Lowen Ashleigh, a struggling author, is the subject. A bestselling author offers him the chance of a lifetime to finish a series. Lowen is granted the opportunity to finish it because the original author was injured in a vehicle accident and is unable to do so.

Verity’s notes and draughts are organised by Lowen at her house. Lowen discovers a manuscript for Verity’s autobiography while organising this material. Because Verity admits that she killed one of her daughters, this text is somewhat unsettling.

After reading this, Lowen makes the decision to tell Jeremy this information. When Verity gives Jeremy this manuscript, he confronts her and assaults her. Months after killing Verity, Lowen discovers a letter she left behind in which she describes the novel as nothing more than a writing exercise.

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The spectator is merely left to speculate as to what the truth is after reading all of these things.

What’s in the bonus chapter? 

Many people correctly assessed the novel and came to the conclusion that the letter was real. Verity’s justification is reasonable.

She performed this writing exercise to enhance her abilities to write from the viewpoint of a villain. She kept writing after her child passed away because it helped her avoid reality.

Verity described in great detail how she murdered one of her twin daughters in the manuscript. She did, however, tell the truth about not killing her daughter in the letter.

The fact that Jeremy had discovered the document before Lowen presented it to him is the letter’s most important disclosure. Additionally, he attempted to kill Verity but pretended it was an accident.

Although Jeremy’s defects aren’t stated in the text, according to Lowen’s statement, he was gone for a short while after giving the manuscript to Jeremy.

He didn’t stay gone long enough for Jeremy to finish reading it. Another point is that Jeremy faced Verity directly and shot her without first alerting the police.

It seems likely that Jeremy was only attempting to hide his prior murderous attempt. The bonus chapter supported this hypothesis and demonstrated how much more competent Jeremy was of carrying out a murder.

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Many readers would also ponder Verity’s motives for making up her illness. The assumed cause is that Verity may have been scared of Jeremy because it has been revealed that he attempted to kill her.

Verity also said in the letter that he was prepared to kill her when he saw her eyes open in the hospital. So her only alternative in such situation was to pretend to be unconscious.

Why did she keep pretending to be sick? There are actually two key reasons for this. She first needed time to get rid of the manuscript Jeremy might use against her.

The second is monetary; she needed money to flee the area and take Crew with her. She was awaiting the ideal opportunity to get away.


You have been exposed to extra chapter spoilers. However, reading the entire chapter can pique your curiosity more, in which case you should choose to read the “verity bonus chapter read online.” You can use the comment area to ask any inquiries or express any doubts.

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