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How To Check Loan Balance On Airtel

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Are you looking for how to check loan balance on airtel then this article is for you with all the necessary information that you need.

Airtel Nigeria is the third largest telecommunications provider in the country , having more than 46.8 million subscribers, which is equivalent to 26.8 percent of the mobile phone market share.

The telecom provider has released USSD code and an online platform customers can access their balance of data, loan data and airtime, and cancel data auto renewal.

They also revealed a universal single digital code that will allow you to perform your everyday tasks, which helps to complete all tasks that let you select the right data plan.

We will review the Airtel code to address your urgent requirements.

How do I choose Airtel Data Plan?

To select an Airtel data plan, simply dial *141# to select daily, weekly or monthly Mega Plans and Facebook Bundles, Social Plans, Instagram Bundles, Facebook and Whatsapp Bundles. Opera Bundles. SmartTRYBE plan and router Plans

How To Check Airtel Data Balance

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The process of checking your data balance on Airtel is simple. Just dial *140# from your Airtel number and then wait for an SMS message confirming the balance of your data.

How do you look up Airtel credit or airtime balance

To determine you Airtel credit balance, just dial *123# from your mobile device and then expect an instant response from Airtel to reveal your airtime balance.

How do you check the bonus airtime on Airtel

To find out if you have Airtel credit bonuses to the Airtel line, just connect to *123*1# and wait for an instant response from the provider of your network.

How to find Airtel Balance of Voice Bundle

To determine voice bundle balance , dial *123*2# or *140# to check the balance of your data bundle.

How to Purchase Airtel Credit/Data at any Bank in Nigeria

To purchase recharge cards and data using your account account on your Airtel line, dial 444# and then purchase it through your account at the Bank.

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What is HTML0? Share the data from Airtel with your family and friends Data Me2U (aka Data Share)

To transfer data or share it from your airtel line , simply call *141# and choose the option Me2U or Gifting.

If you purchase 1.5GB monthly, you could transfer 100MB to family or friends members.

Airtel Data Gifting

To purchase a data bundle plan for a different customer, using your own airtime , simply dial *141#, and then select the option to gift or Me2U.


To switch to airtel Moretalk simply dial *234#.

What do you mean by Airtel TalkMore Bundles:

TalkMore Bundles are fantastic bargain bundles that offer 500% of the value of airtime for making phone calls as well as send text messages to ALL NETWORKS across Nigeria with no restrictions.

Talkmore Bundles may also be used for International calls from USA, Canada, UK landlines, China and India as well as surf the web.

TalkMore Bundles are offered for all Airtel users (Prepaid as well as Postpaid) and are available in a variety of pricing options that will fit any budget size.

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How to Check Your Airtel Number

To find your Airtel number, dial *121# on your Airtel SIM card . press 3 to manage your account details and press 4 to obtain your Phone Number.

How do I deactivate my data Bundle On Airtel?

To cancel or stop the Airtel data bundles on Android Bundles, dial *438*100#.

To deactivate Airtel data bundle Mega bundles: *408*100#

BB Bundle: Text STOP AUTO RENEW to 440

Daily/Weekly bundles Send STOP text to 141

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