Is Satoshi BTCs Mining Legit – Get Answers

Are you looking for is satoshi btcs mining legit then this article is for you with all details about Satoshi BTCs mining.

I exposed BTCs Mining or Satoshi Chain, a fraud business that masquerades as a cryptocurrency mining app, in today’s post.

This application guarantees to give users BTCs as rewards that they can later trade for Bitcoin (BTC).

Given that Bitcoin continues to be the most valuable cryptocurrency, it is tempting to seize any opportunity to obtain it for nothing.

On Google Playstore, it has already received over a million downloads.

But is the stress worth it to use the BTC mining app? Or will a different Pi burn your data for nothing?


Find out by reading on!

What Is BTCs Mining?

This mining program purports to give users bitcoin as a reward for mining BTCs.

Unknown team published it in February 2022.

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BTCs are the native coin of the Satoshi public chain, which is utilized for transaction fees, according to its white paper.

The term “BTCs” was created by fusing the “S” in Satoshi with the ticker for Bitcoin, BTC.

Additionally, it asserts the existence of a community devoted to the expansion of the Satoshi public chain.

Additionally, there are 2.1 billion coins overall in the BTC supply.

It is intended to first make them available through mobile mining and then subsequently through on-chain decentralized node mining.

It’s interesting to note that the mainnet will debut in the third quarter of 2022.

In the section after this, let’s discuss how this platform functions.

How Does BTCs Mining Work?

BTC mining functions similarly to the mobile mining applications we previously mentioned.

To mine the coin, interested users must first download the app and then log in every day.

You need to set up a password and submit an email address in order to register on the app.

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Users must press on the mining button twice everyday in order to earn Bitcoins.

I was disappointed to discover that there was no information available on how much BTCs individuals might earn each day or how they could obtain their bitcoin rewards.

On the mainnet, there will be two different sorts of validator nodes, though, according to the whitepaper: Bitcoin computing power nodes and BTCs pledged spare nodes.

Additionally, the spare nodes are only required when the nodes’ computing capacity is insufficient.

And this is meant to persuade us that the system will supply primarily Bitcoin, right? absurdly ridiculous

In addition, the team intends to provide 525.6 million free BTCs by December 2022, when app mining will come to an end.

In the section that follows, let’s talk about what makes this app a hoax.

Is Satoshi BTCs Mining Legit

Satoshi BTCs mining app is fake and it is scam kindly stay away from it for you own good.

Is Satoshi BTCs Mining Legit

The anonymous crew, who identify themselves as “committed fans of Satoshi Nakamoto,” believes that calling the public blockchain “Satoshi” is the ideal approach to honor Satoshi Nakamoto. Let’s start with them.

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How do we know they have what it takes to scale the platform if we don’t know them?

Second, despite the fact that everyone is aware that new bitcoins are only released when miners are compensated for processing transactions, BTCs Mining asserts that it would reward customers with bitcoin.

And as a result, you cannot receive bitcoin by pressing a button on an errant app.

In addition, it is unknown how users would receive bitcoin.

All we come across is a white paper that attempts to replicate a decentralized network using verbiage and diagrams.

We aren’t doing anything with that.


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