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Facebook Lite App Not Working In Nigeria

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Are you wondering why Facebook Lite App Not Working In Nigeria then you are on the right page to solve it for you.

Facebook is the most widely used social media platform in the world. Since its inception many millions of users have become accustomed to using Facebook on a regular basis for a variety of reasons.

Facebook has a variety of features that can be used for entertainment and personal use and also for students or professionals.

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For instance, they can set up private groups to receive information about school or work assignments. You can also make group chats which work with the majority of multimedia files as well as video-based meetings.

However, over time, the platform has added numerous features, making the mobile application more heavy. This made it more difficult for users with mobile devices that have limitations in hardware.

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The company then launched Facebook Lite as a lighter version of the application. Lite provides access to several of the most popular features on the platform, but using less space and using less power hardware in order to function smoothly.

However, at present several Facebook Lite users are unable access the app because the application is either down or is not functioning.

Facebook Lite app down or not working

According to various sources, Facebook Lite users cannot access their accounts because they’re receiving an error message saying “You’re using an unsupported version’ upon opening the application.

FB Lite has stopped working. It is asking to update when it has already been upgraded. It appears to be a glitch that makes it impossible to load anything else and then redirects you to the download page. @MetaforDevs @facebook.

The day’s stupidity from Facebook. Tap to start the Facebook Lite app and it prompts you to update. You are then taken to a webpage that looks very suspiciously like an infection. If you decide to visit the Google Play Store, you will can see that your app is updated!

Hello Facebook! I am receiving the below pop-up when I open Facebook Lite App, i have tried uninstalling and reinstalling using the Play Store but still getting the same error. Could you please confirm if there is any interruption to service.

There’s no official acknowledgment of this problem by Facebook. Facebook team. Therefore, it’s not certain if they’re currently working to fix the Lite application.

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The story is being updated. article as new developments are made.

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