Baxi pos & mPOS machine, price, charges, daily target – how to get it

Have you heard about Baxi Pos and would like to learn the details about this company? Here is all that you should know, including their customer service number.

What is Baxi POS and MPOS?

Baxi Box as it is known is an POS machine which is managed and owned by Capricorn Digitas Limited(CDL). As with PalmPay the POS The company also has two types of POS devices that are Android POS and the MPOS machine.

Baxi pos & mPOS machine, price, charges, daily target – how to get it
Baxi pos & mPOS machine, price, charges, daily target – how to get it

The first model, Baxi is a sleek and robust Android POS machine.

Baxi POS price

Baxi Android POS price is 80,000 Nigerians. This is the only time cost to purchase outright of the device. After you have paid 80,000 naira, you own the device for life.

The Baxi MPOS cost for a full purchase is 30,000 Naira. Additionally, you will become the owner for life of the mPOS device after you have paid this one time cost.

Baxi POS Cautionary fee

If you’re not confident enough to commit to the total acquisition for Baxi POS, you can still purchase it. Baxi POS, you have another option to hire it. You’ll have to pay the cautionary fee and then pick up the device.


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Baxi’s mPOS’s cautionary cost is 5,000 Naira and the fee for cautionary for Android POS will be 15,000 Naira.

Take note that when you buy this product you’re not the actual owner of the device. You’re therefore using it with extreme care and caution.

What does Baxi POS and mPOS looks like?

MPOS is a mobile MPOS is a mobile POS. Thus, it is the Baxi Mpos device is mobile one. It has the look of an calculator, but has a different functions. To use this device you’ll require an android standby phone as well as an additional Bluetooth printer.

How to get Baxi POS

  • Install the app first from the Playstore
  • Launch the app, and then sign up as an agent
  • Change your account’s settings into Baxi Flex or Pro by sending your Baxi BVN
  • Request for the Baxi Mpos and Android POS through the app.
  • You will be contact by a customer care agents.

Daily targets

The best aspect of Baxi POS is that there is no daily goal. Other POS companies may secure your device and then retrieve the device from you, however Baxi will not.

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Because of this, I personally believe that Baxi is superior to a lot of the POS products available on the market, especially those that have a soaring daily goals.

How do I fund my Baxi account

You can make a deposit to your Baxi account using two ways:

By the bank transfer

If you sign up with Baxi you’re given an individual bank account (with the wema bank or Rolez banking). You’ll find your account’s number on in the upper right corner of the Baxi dashboard.

Copy the acc number and then send any money you want to pay for it into it.

Via Baxi Ussd code

To fund your Baxi account via USSD code

  • Log into your application
  • Click on the FUND ACCOUNT button
  • select the USSD FUNDING option
  • Choose the bank that you want to send money to.
  • Input the amount that you’re funding your wallet by.
  • Click on NEXT
  • A shortcode will be generated to you
  • Dial and copy the USSD code.
  • This must be done on the number associated with the bank which you’re sending the money to.
  • Verify that the transaction was successful by verifying your Baxi application.

Baxi Box POS Charges

Baxi POS charges on withdrawal of 20,000 or less are 0.55 percent, and for withdrawals of between 20001 and 100,000, it is 100 naira. Charges for withdrawals of 100,001 or more is only 150 naira.

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Charges for transfer or the deposit of any amount for any banking institution within Nigeria is just 30 Naira. The same amount applies whether the transfer is processed through the Baxi application or POS.

Charges break down

  • N1000 – 5 naira 50 kobo
  • N2000 – 11 naira
  • N3000 – 16 naira 50 kobo
  • N4000 – #22
  • N5000 – 27 naira 50 kobo
  • The N6000 charge is 33 naira.
  • N7000 – #38.5
  • The charge is N8000. N44.
  • 9000 naira – N49.5
  • The 10k Naira charge is #55.5
  • #11k – 60 naira 50 kobo
  • N12k charges are the equivalent of 66 Nigerians
  • N13k – N71.5
  • N14,000 – 77 naira
  • The N15,000 charge is N82.5
  • The N16k charge is N88.
  • The N17,000 charge is N93.5
  • The cost of N18k is N99.
  • N19,000 – N104.5
  • The cost of 20,000 to 100,000 naira are 100 naira.
  • For N100,000 or more, the charge is 150 naira .


  • A valid ID card (eg International Passport, Voters Card etc.))
  • Recent Utility Bill
  • Your BVN
  • Passport photo
  • Address and location
  • Bank Acc Number
  • Valid email address and telephone number.

Contact for customer service at Baxi

Baxi offers dedicated customer support who are available to your needs all day, every day of the week. Contact them on

Phone call: 01-700 8571



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