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Loan App That Works On iphone

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If are you looking for an instant and quick online loan app that works perfectly on all iPhones then you are in the right place.

If you visit the Android app store, there are a variety of loan applications specifically for Nigerians However, when it comes to Loan App Thworkrks OniPhonese in Nigeria the options are limited, and a few.

If you’re in search of an exhaustive list of Loan App That Works On iPhones located in Nigeria. You’re in the right spot. Take a look below.


Carbon formerly also known by the name of Paylater is an app that is great to get money from Nigeria and is a trusted loan provider that offers soft loans to individuals and business owners to help with the demands in times of need. Carbon has now become a licensed financial institution that is digital in Nigeria which deals with investments, transfer of funds and airtime purchases, bill payment, and many more.

You can earn around 500,000 Nigerians after you’ve completed the registration procedure. To register, each applicant is to supply all the information necessary, such as their name, number, and email address. The applicant needs to upload their photo and request the loan sum, then add an automated machine to transfer (ATM ) card.

Carbon also offers loans to people from students, employed or self-employed, salaried earners, and entrepreneurs.

The approval process takes between 1 to 3 days before you be able to see the effects on your account. the Paylater loan application requires no guaranteeing partiesNo need to provide collateral for you to make an application for loans 24/7 and receive money into your account within moments. 

The more frequently you utilize the Carbon application for all of your business transactions like investments, transfers of funds or airtime ppurchasingpaymentsntst, and so on, the more loans you’ll be able to access, and repaying on time will surely increase your credit limit. Carbon is a top Loan App That Works On iPhone

Carbon Loan Requirement

  • You must download and install the Carbon app
  • They will request your basic information like your name, contact numbers, and much more.
  • You have to snap a picture of yourself. You could be required to take real-time on your phone using the app
  • You need Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  • You need bank account details
  • You require an ATM card to be used to repay the loan.
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Carbon was among the many winners of the title of the most reliable loan application in Nigeria 2022 due to their reliable customer service and their security policy that is in the best interest of their customers.

Carbon is available for download as an app through the Google Play Store visit the Official website to learn more about Carbon (PayLater)


P2vest is the most viewed P2P loan application in Nigeria that provides immediate loans in Nigeria that require a guarantor. It’s also one of the top applications to lend money in Nigeria

P2Vest peer-to-peer is a reliable lending platform that connects both the loaner and lender. Lenders are also known as investors, and they can choose to who they would like to lend their loan. P2vest made the list of Loan App That Works On iPhone

P2vest offers a variety of financial services they offer to their cherished customers, including P2VFB to business proprietors. P2Vest is accessible on the Play Store and App Store. P2vest is among the few loan applications available in the App Store.

P2Vest Loan Requirement

  • Your Details
  • Your Employment Details
  • Functional Debit Card
  • Name And Details Of Guarantor
Loan App That Works On iphone

Aella Credit

Another legitimate application for borrowing Money In Nigeria is Aella Credit, Aella Credit guarantee guarantees a response to loan applications and repayment plans through their outstanding customer service to assist applicants to borrow money with every issue they may encounter during the application process and repayment.

Install the Aella Credit app from the Google Play Store and provide truthful details about yourself and you’ll be granted free access to around 200 000 dollars.

Check Aella Credit’s official website for more information.

Aella Credit Loan Requirement

  • Download the loan application on Playstore or the app store based on the model of the phone you have.
  • Get Aella Credit’s Aella Credit loan application on your smartphone and begin the registration process.
  • Select the Check Eligibility button to find out the amount that’s most likely to allow you to borrow.
  • BVN
  • ATM
  • Nigeria Bank Account Number
  • You must give Aella Credit app permission to your phone’s information applications, messages, and contacts

Blocka Cash

Blocka Cash is one of the few applications to lend money in Nigeria which users can download from the Google Play store or app store for both Android as well as iPhone users. Blocka Cash is owned by James Crown Credit Limited with full registration with the Ogun state government. Ogun state government. It can provide any loan applicant between 500 nairas to 50 million Naira, depending on the loan credit score of the borrower. Blocka cash users’ experience on iPhone has made it to make the list of Loan App That Works On iPhone

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Blocka Cash Loan Requirement

  • It is necessary to be the bare minimum of 21 years old.
  • You may be required to show the Government a valid ID
  • Platform: iOS, Android,
  • Loan Amounts: N5,000 – N50,000
  • Rate of interest st 3 peris  month, of 10 percent per month
  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR): 36% to 120%.
  • A loan’s term: is 60-180 days
  • Payment channels: Debit Card, Quickteller Direct transfer, and Debit Card

So Kash

Then Kash is an application that lets you get money from Nigeria without hidden costs Also, Kash which is operated by EMA finance could pay out 2 million nairas to any borrower within two hours of making an application.

So Kash is a specialist in personal and business loan facilities They make use of credit bureaus to determine if an applicant is qualified to receive any loan facility or not.

So Kash Loan Requirement

  • Platform: iOS, Android,
  • Loan Amounts: N3,000 – N1,000,000
  • Interest rate: 2% – 10% per month
  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR): NIL.
  • Period: from 14 to 15 months.
  • Payment channels The SoftKash app/web dashboard, direct payment stack direct debit card, and USSD.

Yescredit Loan

YesCredit is among the loan applications to get money from Nigeria that provides a modest cost of borrowing, so if you’re looking for an extremely small amount of money, Yescredit is the app you should use to borrow money. It is available to iPhone users. It grants immediate loans ranging from the N5,000-N50,000 range. Once you have completed your loan request, the loan will be transferred into your Yescredit wallet. However, it can be transferred into your banking account in Nigeria.

YesCredit Limited, which is a money lender licensed by the Lagos State Government of Nigeria. Lagos State Government of Nigeria.

Yescredit Loan Requirement

  • Platform: iOS
  • Loan Amounts: N5,000 to N50,000
  • Rate of interest: 4.5% – 35 percent with an equivalent monthly interest rate of 5%- 29 percent
  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR): 29% – 120%
  • Loan tenure: 60 – 180 days.
  • Repayment channels include debit/ATM cards and direct transfer
  • The applicant must be at least 21 years old or older.


Irorun which means easy to use in the Yoruba language is one of the latest apps that allow you to lend money in Nigeria through their instant payment system. The iPhone loan application offers an extremely low rate of interest on all loans issued.

Irorun is more focused on small amounts of loans like 5000 nairas, and you can only get over 40000 when you have a great credit score.

Irorun Loan Requirement

  • Platform: iOS
  • Loan Amounts: N2,500 – N50,000
  • Rate of interest: 4.5% – 35 percent monthly interest of 5 to 29 percent
  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR): 29% – 120%
  • Loan tenure: 60 – 180 days.
  • Repayment methods Methods: Manually or through Auto-debit.
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Page Financials

Central Bank of Nigeria recently granted Page Financials the right to develop an app to lend funds in Nigeria. Page Financials provides personal loans to individuals with a flexible process of documentation to alleviate the burden of applicants to obtain their loans as swiftly as possible.

Page Financials Loan Requirement

  • Platform: iOS
  • Loan Amounts: N100,000 – N5,000,000
  • Rate of interest: (3.76%) – Fixed Monthly Charge
  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR): 29% – 120%
  • Loan tenure: 60 – 180 days.
  • Payment methods Methods: Manually or through Auto-debit.

KiaKia Loan

KiaKia is also a web-based mobile application that allows you to lend funds within Nigeria, Kiakia in Yoruba means fast speed this is true since the Kiakia platform is considered to be one of the most efficient loan apps that can instantly disburse cash to personal accounts. If you own a business and looking for the best platform for loan help loans, Kiakia is the one to look at.

KiaKia uses psychometry, big-data machine learning, as well as digital forensics, to calculate its credit score for loan applicants.

Sterling Bank is the bank that owns of Kiakia loan. You have access to Kiakia credit by calling *822# from any mobile.

Click here to go to the Kiakia Mobile web application.

Kiakia Loan Requirement

  • Valid methods of identification
  • A bank account that has a Bank Verification Number
  • Income proof from the workplace or business
  • Email address
  • reside in Nigeria
  • You must have a minimum age of 21 years old or over

Hometown App

Hometown is among the latest loan applications that are available for iPhones in Nigeria that offer instant loans to those who need them. The Hometown app allows users to save or invest in, as well as share and spend.

The Hometown app provides an initial maximum loan amount of N5,000 to each first-time customer. This is set at N5,000. After the repayment of the one-time loan, users will be eligible for an instant 100% increment on the next loan they take. This helps Hometown users to build their creditworthiness while repaying their loans.

The Hometown App part is the product of Hometown Fintech Limited, a licensed financial services business registered in the CAC.

Hometown App Requirement

  • Platform: iOS
  • Loan Amounts: 15,000 – 2,000,000
  • The rate of interest is between 6% and 22 percent
  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR) APR is a maximum of 256 percent
  • Loan tenure: 15 – 6 months
  • Repayment channels: auto debit
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