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List of Nigeria Loan Apps For iPhone Users

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Are you looking for the Best Online Loan Apps On iPhone – List of Nigeria Loan Apps For iPhone Users? Then this article is for iPhone users based on loan applications so that they can get fast money.

Due to strict privacy violations by loan applications on the App store, the list of loan apps on iPhones is limited. Many of our readers have asked us if there are any legit Nigeria loan apps for iPhones that can be downloaded on the App store. It’s strange that most of these loan applications only exist for Android users, and very few are made for iPhone users.

The reason for not having most loan applications on the app store platform for iPhone users is that majority of the loan application are good at sending embarrassing and criminal messages to all contacts of the loan applicant when they fail to pay back, even if it is just a day. When you apply for a loan, these loan apps will ask for your permission to access your contacts, messages, and call history. That is how they get all the contact details of the loan applicant.

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It is either you do not accept the access to the permission and immediately get rejected for the desired loan application, or you accept to grant the loan company all your data to them while they grant you your desired loan in less than 24 hours why they need access to your call and message history that it would help their algorithms to calculate your credit score and also have information of family and friends to call when you refuse to pay back the loan even if you default for a day.

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If you fail to pay back your loan with interest, then all your WhatsApp contact will receive a message saying you are a criminal or other embarrassing messages and so even go to the extent of calling contacts to tell them about your failure to pay back your loan, the loan company agent will even lie that the contact on your phone was used as guarantor.

However, in this article on iPhone loan applications, we will discuss the top 5 most trusted loan applications for iPhone, which include RenmoneyCarbon LoanFairmoney, and others.

iPhone, just like Android, protects customers’ privacy. Because Android is an open-source operating system, any developer or organization may obtain a license and alter it as they see fit. These are some of the reasons why loan applications for rapid emergency loans aren’t always available on iPhones.

List of Nigeria Loan Apps For iPhone Users

  1. Carbon
  2. Fairmoney
  3. Renmoney
  4. Aella Credit
  5. Palm Credit
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