How to get a loan from EasyCredit

EasyCredit loan is an online financial service that permits Nigerians to take out loans via the internet with no documentation or collateral. 

This article will explain how to take a loan with EasyCredit and how to pay back their customer support hotlines, and much more.

easycredit loan

Easycredit Loan Review

EasyCredit is a safe and reliable loan provider in Nigeria. It lets people get immediate loans that can be as high as N100,000. The money can be used to pay for personal and business expenses.

If you own an Android device, you are able to take advantage of EasyCredit loans. If you’ve installed the EasyCredit application installed on your smartphone it is possible to request a loan and be able to receive it on the bank account of your choice.

Loan requirements of EasyCredit Loan App

To be qualified for a loan through the EasyCredit credit service, you must satisfy certain requirements. The requirements are as follows.

  • The person you are looking for must be Nigerian citizens of Nigeria and resident of Nigeria
  • Your age must fall within the 20-to- 60 years.
  • The applicant must also be able to show an income that is stable and steady
  • It is necessary to have a Nigerian banking account in a bank is required
  • Your Bank Verification Number
  • A Android phone (EasyCredit isn’t available on iOS devices)
  • A valid number of a phone which will be used to get confirmation codes
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If you meet the eligibility requirements then you’re eligible to receive loans through the EasyCredit platform.

Download EasyCredit loan app apk

EasyCredit isn’t available on iOS as well as Windows devices. It is necessary to install the EasyCredit App prior to being able to benefit from EasyCredit services for loans.

It is possible to get it downloaded and installed on Google Play Store. Google Play Store. It is small in size of 10MB and has more than one million downloads. The app currently has a score of 4.2 from more than 56,000 users.

How do I obtain a loan from EasyCredit

  • Open the EasyCredit application after installing
  • There will be login and sign-up options.
  • Click sign up to create your EasyCredit account.
  • You’ll need to supply your mobile number.
  • Input the necessary information and then submit
  • You will be taken to the home page

On your homepage you will be able to get access to a variety of options. Follow the steps below to make an application for loans through the EasyCredit application.

  • Find the section for loan applications
  • Select the amount of loan (not more than 3,000 NGN, but not over 100,000 NGN) and then proceed
  • Choose a repayment period (91 day to 365)
  • Other necessary information include your bank account number.
  • Submit your application
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After filling in all the required information and submitting the application, wait a bit. The loan application will be evaluated with EasyCredit staff. EasyCredit staff. After it is approved, you will be able to receive the money in the bank account of your choice.

Be aware that the review and approval of loan applications may be anywhere from 10-minutes to several hours.

Easycredit loan app for iphone

Easycredit loan do not have an app for iphone users, all loan application can only be done through an android phone.

How much money is available from EasyCredit?

Another question people have regarding the EasyCredit loan service.

If you fulfill the requirements and you fill in all the required details, you’ll be in a position to get between N3,000 and N100,000.

Loan Repayment Terms

The repayment process on the EasyCredit loan platform is completed with a period of 3 months (91 days) up to 12-month (365) (365) days.

EasyCredit rate of interest and fee for loan processing

A one-time processing charge is required for EasyCredit customers. The cost ranges from 1,256 NGN up to 6,500 NGN.

Additionally, a monthly interest rate of 3.1 percent is applicable for the 3-month term of repayment.

Let’s say, for example, you are granted an N3,000 loan for three months. EasyCredit will charge you an APR of 3.1 percent, and a processing cost of 9.1 percent.

This means that you have to have to pay back:

  • (the principal amount): N3,000 (the main amount)
  • N273 (one-time processing fee)
  • N93 (interest)

When the day the total amount to be paid out would be N3,366.

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Repayment of the loan

You could also pay back your loan using the EasyCredit application on your smartphone. To complete this process follow the steps listed in the following steps.

  • Start the EasyCredit application on your Android device.
  • Click on “My Loan”
  • Choose the loan that you would like to pay off at the moment.
  • Hit”Repay In Advance” and then the “Repay In Advance” button
  • Check the information on the screen. Then click on “Repay now”
  • Select the payment method you prefer and then click “Repay now”
  • Pay off the loan process

EasyCredit Head Office

For the most efficient customer service You can go to EasyCredit headquarters. The office is located in Opebi road no. 20, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

EasyCredit customer support and email address

If you have any questions or complaints For questions or complaints, you can talk to EasyCredit the loan service. They have customer service representatives who will assist your needs.

You can reach EasyCredit customer support by using an email, their phone number, or WhatsApp account.

Easy Credit Nigeria Customer Care Number

WhatsApp: +2349121807745

Number of phone 09087614188

Email Address: help.a1******[email protected]***

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