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Home Loan To U Loan: How To Apply Faster

To U Loan: How To Apply Faster

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There’s a loan app available on Google Playstore named To U Loan. This app is fake and you should steer clear of it.

We have reviewed a wide range of loan applications and financial products on this site every now and then, from time to every now and then we find an app available on the Playstore that was designed by scammers in order to extract money from uninformed borrowers.

To U Loan
To U Loan

This is a scam, they may offer you a huge amount of loan, like 300k. This can induce you to make an early payment of a token such as 4k in order to pay for the loan. Once you have made the payment, the app will send you to ads of loan companies.

to U Loan can be referred to as a fraud They don’t have a functioning phone number to contact. The address for their office in their app and their playstore is fake. Their email address is an espionage scam since it will not even respond when you attempt to contact them.

How do you spot a fake loan application

  1. Loan apps that require KYC details like your BVN, and asking you to connect to your ATM account to the bank account is common, however, if an app asks for upfront payments or pay processing fees this application is probably an ad hominem.
  2. Always read reviews from other customers on the Play Store or look up reviews on sites like this prior to downloading any loan application.
  3. If the app does not include the number for a contact number, or the number is not working it is a red flag.
  4. Beware of fake reviews On Google Playstore. The majority of these apps hire people to compose reviews on their behalf. A majority of reviews will come from accounts that are not in the US and will generally give the app five stars without any reason to comment.
  5. Don’t make a deal with your cash for any reason prior to obtaining your loan.
  6. There are many loan sharks operating in the absence of regulation in Nigeria Be aware that Playstore does not thoroughly verify the legitimacy of these applications, so it’s your responsibility to do your research before making a deal with them.
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A lot of people have asked whether the To U app is legitimate or if it’s an rip-off and that’s the topic of this post.

To U loan application is a legitimate and trustworthy app that loans money to individuals. To obtain a loan, you only need to download the app, sign up by submitting the required information, and then request a loan from 2000 naira to a higher amount.


To U loan application To U loan app is extremely secure and legitimate in the event that you’ve met the essential requirements required to get a loan, The loan is made to you. Be sure to provide the correct information when applying for the loan.

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It is important to note that the To U loan app is not a fraud. It is essential to adhere to the instructions on the app to avoid any difficulties in paying back loans.

If you discover any fraudulent debits when using To U Report it to your bank as soon as possible to have it reviewed.

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