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Home Loan Chacha Loan App: Nigeria, Login, How To Apply

Chacha Loan App: Nigeria, Login, How To Apply

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Are you looking for Chacha loan app, we have all the information about the loan app and how best to apply for a loan faster.

Chacha Loan App Review

This Chacha App review, we’ll go over different features about Chacha which will help you determine whether this brand new website to make money is reliable or a scam.

Please note:This loan App review does not verify everything and in the near future, things could change. If something goes wrong, we will not be held accountable regardless of the reason.

About Chacha Loan App

As per ChaCha “is an all-in-one, one-stop financial and social life platform. We offer users safer and more efficient, as well as more efficient social networks as well as financial and life services. On ChaCha you can chat with your pals without doubts, transfer money or recharge your phone, and pay bills anywhere and anytime without waiting. We also provide a range of loans that will help you avoid the stress that are caused by financial problems”.

  • Chacha URL of the website is available on Google:Yes Chacha Loan App is available on Google and this helps new visitors to be found via the search engines.
  • Chacha website security:Yes Chacha loan app is secured site. They have the extended SSL certificate to safeguard their site from spammers so that users can keep their’ information safe.
  • Chacha Loan Application Design and Performance:The Chacha App design is excellent, the it’s performance is excellent as well.
  • Chacha Application for Loan contact Us as well as About Us Pages:Yes, Chacha Loan App comes with the Contact Us as well as About Us pages.
  • Chacha Loan App Social Media Accounts: These are Chacha Loan App social media accounts: Chacha Loan App Facebook: None, Chacha Loan App Twitter: None, Chacha Loan App Instagram: None.
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Which country is eligible to borrow or loan money from the Chacha App

Only if you reside in Nigeria allows you possibility of borrowing via the Chacha App. The other countries, aren’t currently supported.

Chacha Loan App: Nigeria, Login, How To Apply
Chacha Loan App: Nigeria, Login, How To Apply

Who is the Owner of Chacha Loan

The owner of the app chacha is still to be identified at the moment!

How to Download Chacha Loan App

If you’ve downloaded Google Play store on your smartphone, you can search for for the app Chachaon Play store and install.

What is Chacha Loan?

With the brand new chacha loans App you can borrow up to N8,000 to N100,000. However, there are certain details you should be aware of prior to borrowing through this App.

1. You need to be over 20 years of age or more

2.With regular source of income.

How do I apply for a loan through ChaCha App

1.Download ChaCha App from the Google Play Store and install.

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2.Register an account with your mobile number.

3.Fill in your personal details.

4.Submit loan application, the final outcome will be published in the app.

5.Confirm the loan and send bank information after it has been was approved. The amount of the loan will be deposited into your bank account.

How to create an account on the Chacha Loan

Follow the steps listed above to find out how to set up an account on the Chacha Loan App.

Chacha Loan Interest Rate

The interest rate for loans ranges between 8% and 25% per year.

In this case, for example If you are applying for a loan amounting to N10,000, the loan term is 91 days, and the annual rate of interest is 10 percent. Thus, the daily rate of rate of interest rate=10%/365=0.027 percent. The interest rate for 91 days is 10,000×10%/365×91= 250. The total amount to be repaid is 10,000 plus 250= 10,250.

That means you’ll receive N10,000 and must repay N10,250 by the 91st day. in the event that the loan is approved.

How to refer and earn money on Chacha Application

Unfortunately, Chacha doesn’t offer affiliate program at the moment. the moment.

Chacha App Customer Service

  • Customer Service Email: Customer service hotline: 08129857030, 09155053675
  • Customer Service Email: hello@chacha.ng
  • Address: 1 Abiodun Sobajo St, Agidingbi , ikeja, lagos.

Is Chacha App Legit?

Chacha appears to be genuine at the moment. The reason for this is because the app is rated highly (4.7) on the Play store and, as you’ll have guessed that ratings on the Play store is the best way to tell whether an app is trustworthy or not.

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Chacha is a fantastic loan app to assist you with your financial requirements.

Is Chacha App Scam?

Definitely a NO! Chacha app is genuine and not a fraud. Therefore, you are free to download this App.

We’re sure that you’ve made a sound decision about whether Chacha App is legitimate, safe or fraudulent, or false, because we can assure you that each and every detail we provide is true and authentic.

So, without further delay Let’s begin in the review of Chacha App reviews.

Reviews On Chacha

First, majority of the reviews on Google Play Store page of Chacha loans are fake, so there’s that red flag. The genuine review from actual users are poor with multiple complain.

Loan tenure is extremely small, and loan amount is also small starting from N4000, you typically get just 8 days to payback your loan plus interest. Although the app promises to give higher loan amounts with longer tenure for repeat customers, there is no guarantee you’ll get longer tenure on your subsequent loans.

Interest rate is also very high, and not well explained to customers. One customer was approved to get a loan of N5,000 only for N3,000 to be disbursed to their account with the rest calculated as interest and service fee.

Several customers complain of not getting funds disbursed to their account despite their dashboards already counting when they are supposed to repay.

Chacha is full of red flags and it’s best to stay away from this app. The few applicants that eventually got a loan complained of getting labelled a fraudster when they defaulted.

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