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Loan Apps That Give 100k In Nigeria

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This article will help you find the most reliable and instant company and Loan apps that give 100k in Nigeria

Today, many loan apps work well in Nigeria. They provide small-scale loans to customers who require them. For a time, however, it is difficult to find Loan apps that give 100k in Nigeria

Loan apps that give 100k in Nigeria

What loan apps can you use to lend more than 100k in Nigeria?

These are the tested and reliable applications that can give you more than 100k in Nigeria:

Carbon (formerly Paylater).

Carbon is a mobile loan service that you can access via your phone. They offer two packages that are only available to salaried workers, and one for everyone else. You can also use the app to pay other bills, such as recharge cards or PHCN.

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The branch offers you a loan without collateral. You only need to register and provide your personal information. You can borrow as little as N1,000 and as much as N200,000, with very high interest.

You can read more about Branch: Eligibility, loan amount, and more details

Aella credit:

The app makes it easy for people who need quick cash access to this money. It is also affiliated with various credit bureaus in Nigeria and focuses on employees who have a steady income. They use an algorithm to assess your creditworthiness before approving loans. Read more about Aella Credit and their loan details


It is quick, simple, and easy to use. The loan app can offer you a loan amount of up to N200,000, with different interest rates depending on what type of loan it is. The term can be extended from 7 to 30 calendar days. Kiakia has some friendly details and requirement

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credit, although not very well-known, is one of Nigeria’s top loan apps that offers a great loan package to customers. They currently offer a minimum loan amount of N2,000 and maximum loan amounts of N500,000. Their loan term is approximately 5 months, and they don’t require collateral. You will need to provide details about your bank account.

9ja cash:

9ja Cash is a similar application to credit. However, it is not widely known but works very well. You can borrow as much as N300,000 for a term of 180 days. Their interest rate is between 1% to 34%, which can be quite high.

Palmcredit, 9credit, and lend me are honorary mentions. We did not include them in our list as they only offer loans up to 100K at the time this article was written. They are not required to meet this requirement, although things may change. They are reliable and safe to use.

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This loan comparison platform allows you to quickly weigh the pros and cons of each app offer before making a decision. This allows you to choose the best offer for you.

How can I apply for a loan

All these apps have an easy application process. Start by downloading the official app from the Google Play Store and then registering. After registering successfully, you will be able to apply for a loan. Note that certain apps have a limit on how much a user can borrow, and may increase it over time.

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