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Instant Loan USSD Code In Nigeria

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Get all Instant Loan USSD Code In Nigeria that will enable you to get the very best personal and professional business loans according to your credit score.



The usual method to obtain a loan is opening an account at a bank, then going into the branch, chatting with the account manager and the lender of the bank agent to fill out an application for a loan, and then, hopefully, waiting for the loan to be granted. In addition, there is lots of paperwork and, at times you’ll require an attorney.


instant loan ussd code in nigeria
instant loan used code in Nigeria


Nowadays you can apply for an advance from your home and wait under 20 minutes to get approval. Numerous financial institutions and banks provide their customers with a range of choices to apply for the loan. Most commonly, they can be obtained through mobile loans as well as offices, websites, and USSD codes. Of all the choices, the most efficient way I like is using USSD codes.


This article provides the complete list of Instant Loan USSD Code In Nigeria for Banks and Microfinance as well as Financial institutions. Signing up with this website is straightforward and applying for loans using USSD codes is also easy.


Before you decide to take out the loan, it’s recommended to research the interest rate as well as terms and conditions and then compare various loan options to find the most suitable one for your needs.


Before we go into what are the USSD numbers for lending in Nigeria we will quickly look into the basics of what USSD as well as USSD Banking are all about. If you’re needing to get your money fast then you can quickly access the information you’re looking for.

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What is USSD?


USSD can be described as an acronym that stands for unstructured supplementary data. It might seem difficult and could quickly become complicated however there are two key aspects to be aware of for financial inclusion. If you dial a number that begins with * and ends with #, you’re using USSD. The second reason is that USSD is currently the most efficient technology available for providing financial services that are mobile to low-income customers.


You can make use of USSD for a variety of reasons such as callbacks, content, mobile money information, and the configuration of networks. In this case, we’ll explore how you can make use of USSD to the bank.


What is USSD Banking?


USSD Banking allows users to conduct transactions using their mobile phones, without having to connect to the internet. Customers who don’t have a smartphone, data, or internet connection can make use of online banking via *99# number. Transfers of funds, checking accounts balances, and generating bank statements are just a few possibilities for USSD-based mobile banking.

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The primary objective of the revolutionary *99# payment service is to allow financial inclusion and integrate the economically depressed and unbanked segments of the population into banking.


How do you apply for Instant Loan USSD Code


Getting Instant Loan USSD Code In Nigeria is easy however you have to take steps to begin enjoying the benefits.


  • The first step is to be aware of the loan company as well as their rate of interest, time of repayment, loan limit as well as terms and conditions.
  • Sign up with the loan company. If you are with a Network or bank it is unlikely that you require registration about microfinance and different loan companies, you may require registration. Based on the lender the registration process could be completed by using USSD codes, as well.
  • Find your Functional USSD code needed to make a loan request.
  • Enter the code
  • Follow the instructions on the screen
  • Wait for approval
  • Get your loan from the bank of your choice.


Instant USSD code to get loans in Nigeria


The following list contains the entire Instant Loan USSD Codes In Nigeria. The list is split into three categories: Bank USSD codes, Telecommunication USSD codes, and various financial institutions’ USSD codes.


Instant Bank Loan USSD Code In Nigeria


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Network Providers Codes for Loans in Nigeria


  • MTN Cash (*606*4#)
  • Glo Cash (*322*1*04225701*Amount#)
  • Airtel Quick Cash (*561#)
  • 9mobile (*561#)


Other Microfinance and Organization USSD codes for loans


  • Quickteller Loan (Airtel, MTN & 9mobile) (*322#)
  • Quickteller – Glo Users (*805#)
  • Paga (*242#)
  • Fair money Loan (*322*2#)
  • Trader Moni (*540#)
  • Aledin Nano (*903#)
  • Carbon Loan (*1303#)
  • Payattitude (*569#)
  • Kwikcash (*561#)
  • Migo Loan (*561#)
  • Pay later USSD Code (*1303#)


Requirements for Getting Loans Using a USSD Code


As I said in the past, you’ll have to sign up with one platform for loans before beginning to lend money. The registration process can be completed via your mobile phone, however, there are a few requirements you must provide before granting the loan.


For network providers or banks that which you have already accounts, there is no need to open an account. However, for certain financial institutions that don’t hold any information regarding the customer, registration is required. The majority of these financial institutions will require the following information:


  • Your Name
  • BVN
  • Account Details
  • Address, and other details.


Don’t forget that you must verify each loan company’s interest rates and stay away from those who charge you a high rate of interest.

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