UBA Loan For Self-employed

UBA loan for Self-employed is for self employed customers that their have active with high credit score which the loan will be granted.

We have listed the kind of loan that you can apply for even if you are not working under anyone, it is also open to artisans that are not registered with Corporate Affairs Commission.

The loan will be pay directly to your savings or current UBA account .

UBA Loan For Non Salary Earners

Similar to every other financial service firm like every other, like all other financial service companies, the United Bank of Africa (UBA) gives the loans for Individuals, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) as well as corporate entities that require financial aid.

UBA loans include:

1. Click to make a credit

2. Personal loan

3. Asset finance

4. Auto loan

5. Credit for insurance premiums

7. FX Cashed Back Loan

8. Personal loan direct

Each of these loans differ in terms of features the benefits, eligibility criteria and the application process.

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Of the 8 loan deals that were mentioned earlier One of them is intended for people who earn less than a salary and that’s the “Insurance Premium Financing”.

What Is The Insurance Premium Financing Loan Offer About?

Insurance Premium Financing insurance premium financing is an insurance premium financing loan program created through UBA. United Bank of Africa (UBA) for individuals, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and corporate entities.

This loan program lets individuals, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and corporate entities to safeguard everything they own in high regard by insuring their assets against losses.

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Features & Benefits Of UBA Insurance Premium Financing Loan Offer

1. A convenient repayment time of 12 months

2. Competitive interest rates

3. Maximum loan amount is N5million for registered businesses , and N1million for individuals.

4. A minimum amount of loan of N50,000

5. The minimum contribution to equity is 2 month in instalments

Requirements Of UBA Insurance Premium Financing Loan Offer

For people:

1. Functional account

2. Completed loan application form

3. The evidence to prove ownership that is to be to be

For SMEs and Corporate Organizations:

1. Business account with a functional function

2. Completed loan application form

3. Board Resolution

4. Director(s) and Director(s) details

5. A list of asset(s) to be the subject of financing

How To Apply For UBA Insurance Premium Financing Loan

Step 1: Visit one of the insurance companies that are participating to receive the invoice of premium payments

Step 2: Next go to a UBA branch to fill out an application for a loan and submit the necessary documents.

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Step 3: Pay off your account by making an equity investment of two months’ worth of instalments.

Step 4. The loan will be debited from your account, and transferred into the account of the insurance company along alongside the equity investment. your insurance provider will provide the proof of payments to


With the above information listed, i hope we have been able to answer all your question concerning UBA Loan For Self-employed and if you have any questions you can drop them.

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