How To Apply For Alat Loan Using USSD Codes

Get all Wema Bank, Alat USSD Codes for loan, any form of payment, how to activate alat account and many more here.

For your information, USSD stands to unstructured supplementary service data. It is very useful and we will explain what USSD codes are. We will also discuss the unique features of the ALAT By WEMA bank’s *945# USSD Code and all you need to know about Alat USSD Codes .

Alat USSD Codes

What’s the USSD Code?

USSD Code is required if you’ve ever checked your mobile network balance, or the balance of your account on your phone. GSM phone users use a USSD code to communicate with their mobile network operators. It can contain up to 182 characters and can be combined with any number of characters found on a mobile phone. It is used by mobile phone owners to send various types of requests. These include requests for financial transactions, customer service, and mobile network requests.

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The Benefits of USSD codes

  1. They work without the Internet. USSD codes are advantageous because they don’t require an internet connection or mobile data. You can dial in on your phone to get the required results. It is used by many industries, including the banking and telecommunications.
  2. Easier Bank transactions – Most banks have standard USSD codes that allow users to request specific information from the bank. ALAT does not differ. This means that customers can complete most of their financial transactions online without having to visit the bank, making them more efficient and convenient.

What is ALAT USSD code?

It is available for everyone. To make use of the code, you will need an account with ALAT

How to activate ALAT USSD codes

This code can be activated by following the instructions:

  1. Dial *945# from any mobile phone that is connected to your bank accounts. You will need to contact the bank to change your details if the number you are currently using is not connected to your account.
  2. Follow the prompts to select the option that suits you best after dialing.
  3. Select the account that you wish to make transactions.
  4. Enter a secret PIN and confirm it.
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While most functions are completely free, there are some transactions that may require you to pay a fee. You can use the ALAT By Wema USSD Code to perform many functions, including;

  • Management of accounts
  • Cardless transactions
  • State collections
  • For school and exam purposes
  • Payments for electricity and internet services
  • Transfer transactions, data, airtime
  • Application for a loan

List of ALAT’s USSD codes

Below is a complete list of all these functions:

Account Management USSD codes

Account management is all about managing your bank account. This includes opening a new account, checking the balance, and updating any information necessary for unrestricted access. Below are the USSD codes that will make it easier.

Balance in your account*945*0#
Modify your PIN*945*00#
Change your primary account*945*2*oldacctno*newacctno#
Account opening*945*1#
Register an account on 945*945*01#
Management of BVN*945*4#
Account restrictions*945*911#

Data, Airtime, and Transfers USSD codes

You can recharge your data and airtime from the comfort of your own home. Also, you can make transfers using these USSD codes.

Airtime (self).*945*amount#
Airtime (others).*945*phoneNo*amount#
Transfers (Wema accounts and other banks)*945*accountNo*amount#

Loan USSD Code

You can also request loans by calling *945*100#

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Cable TV USSD code

Any type of cable TV can be paid directly from your smartphone. These codes are available from the USSD:

Cable TV Menu*945*10#
DSTV*945*11# & *945*11*smartcardNO
GOTV*945*12# & *945*12*smartcardNO#

Internet Service USSD codes

These USSD codes allow you to pay for Internet services in different networks.

Internet service menu*945*15#

Electricity Bill USSD codes

Customers can pay their electricity bills from any state without having to go to the office. Below are the USSD codes for each state.

Electricity bill*945*24#

Schools and Exams

Students can also use the USSD codes to check the results of external examinations.

WAEC (result checking)*945*70#
JAMB (result checking)*945*71#

State Collections USSD code

Lagos state collection*945*40#

Bank Cardless Transactions USSD codes

You can conduct cardless transactions via various platforms by using the following USSD codes

Mcash*945*57# and *945*57*merchantcode*amount#
Coralpay*945*58#, *945*000*REFno#

These are just a few of the amazing functions you can perform with the Wema USSD code. Instead of rushing to the bank and feeling stressed, dial *945# for faster and more convenient banking services. Click here to join the bank that allows you to do more.

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