Zedvance Interest Rate: Requirements

It isn’t always easy to get a instant loan online in Nigeria. It can be a full-time job to get loans. There are many requirements that must be met. You will need to complete forms and run cross-checks. No one wants to find themselves in a position where they have to lend money and not get it back. It is tedious and necessary for security.

However, it’s not always easy.

This article will discuss how to obtain loans from a specific type of loan provider. This is the Zedvance scoop.

About Zedvance

There are many loan providers out there, but it is difficult to distinguish between them all. Many claim to offer the exact same service. Zedvance stands out. Zedvance offers excellent loan services with low interest rates and no collateral.

Both pros and cons

There are always advantages and disadvantages to every thing. There are always side effects to any effect. This does not apply to Zedvance. These are the pros and con’s:


  • You can get loans with a high limit. You could receive a substantial amount of money from them. Zedvance makes it much easier to obtain a large loan amount from other credit facilities. It’s almost natural.
  • You can get your loan approved quickly, which is faster than usual. This means that you can receive your loan as quickly as possible.
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  • The Zedvance’s nationwide operations are very limited. It is currently only available in Lagos. Therefore, any applicants or their applications from other states are null.
  • It is too complicated. The application process is lengthy and requires a lot of paperwork. It can become frustrating.
  • You will need to provide proof of employment.

Zedvance Interest Rate

Zedvance interest rate from loans start from 12 to 45 percent.

Zedvance Loan Requirement

These are the requirements to obtain a loan from Zedvance.

  1. Bank Verification number (BVN)
  2. You must have a job that is paid
  3. Your age should range between 22-55 years
  4. An active salary account is required
  5. 1 Passport Photograph
  6. An identification document that can be used to identify yourself, such as an International Passport or Driver’s Licence.
  7. 6-months up-to-date salary statements of account
  8. Employee ID Card
  9. Employment Letter
  10. NUBAN Cheques and Direct Debit Mandate
  11. You may need a guarantor if you are a freelancer, unconfirmed employee, or a contractor.

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