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Loan App Without BVN

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Are you looking for how to get loan without BVN in Nigeria the this article is for you that need loan apps without BVN.

To obtain loans with no BVN is an additional challenge to those who are trying to figure out how to apply for a loan without BVN in Nigeria but you need to look for loans that do not require BVN.

Bvn is a vital requirement from an fintech platform in Nigeria which offers Online Loans, which makes it difficult for anyone to obtain loans without one.

This article provides the most effective Loan applications that do not require Bvn or collateral in Nigeria, as well as instructions about how one can get loans without Bvn, or any collateral.

Finding fast loan approval to finance your business in Nigeria with no BVN was not easy prior to the advent and growth of the FinTech sector, where companies that offer financial services make use of technology to meet the daily financial requirements of individuals as well as small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

loan without bvn

The Bank Verification Number (BVN) is a biometric identifier system that is used by the Central Bank of Nigeria to stop or reduce illicit financial transactions in Nigeria.

It is a new security device designed to prevent fraud in the banking sector according to the Central Bank of Nigeria Act of 1958.

The BVN or bank verification number is an 11-digit number uniquely unique for every individual, yet it is the same across all banks and financial institutions for the same person.

Which loan app in Nigeria provides loan without BVN?

None. In Nigeria, there isn’t a reliable loan app that disburses money without BVN. Unfortunately, loan application fraud is more common than you might think, which is why identity verification is required for Nigerian loan applications.
All legitimate lending applications in Nigeria would refuse to provide you with service if you did not present your BVN. For any purpose that does not conflict with federal or state law, loan applicants may request and use your BVN.

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Where can I get a loan without BVN?

Without BVN, getting a loan in Nigeria is practically impossible. In order to receive a loan from a lending institution that does not require a BVN, a borrower must provide guarantees or collateral.
The borrower’s profile, income, and solvency are still taken into account when approving an unsecured loan. The lender must, in fact, confirm your ability to borrow and repay.
Sadly, all lending institutions that provide loans without BVN are offline, and the bulk of them employ harassment to demand repayment.

Can I obtain a Loan with no BVN Verification?

Yes, you are able to apply for a quick cash loan. The money will be transferred directly to your bank account within less than 24 hours.

There are websites and lending apps that provide online loans Bvn simply requesting your ID account number, Account Number, Telephone Number and address.

Get a Loan without BVN through Loan Apps

Fintech loans in Nigeria are the most popular alternative for getting loans without the requirement of Bvn. Certain loan applications need only your passport as well as the details of your bank account before they can approve an loan. Here are the top platforms for obtaining loans without BVN.

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Top Loan Apps with no BVN in Nigeria

1. Branch Loan

Branch is the top mobile personal finance and banking lending application, providing fast loans that do not require Bvn or any physical or collateral documents using the Branch loan application.

Branch Loan Requirements are easy All you have to fill out is your telephone # or account on Facebook as well as your bank account details.

Branch Loan will also ask for access to your phone’s details in order to determine the credit scores of your customers.

Branch uses information from your mobile, such as your phone’s details as well as SMS messages to determine loan options on a regular basis. This is then combined with your Branch payment history.

2. Renmoney Loan

Renmoney is an Fintech lending company located in Lagos, Nigeria that operates under a microfinance bank license.

They provide loans to small and large businesses and small businesses that do not require Bvn or collateral through their site Renmoney.com and are monitored through the CBN and backed through the NDIC.

3. Zedvance Loan

Zedvance is a Nigeria-based CBN-licensed financial services company. They offer fast loan to salaried persons or self-employed persons, SMEs and entrepreneurs in Nigeria who wish to propel their company to the forefront of the market with the most efficient and simple way possible.

4. Xcredit Loan

Xcredit is a mobile app platform developed by a Fintech startup based in Lagos.

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Although they have a location located in Lagos, Nigeria, the platform is primarily an online loan application. It is not necessary to visit their office in order to benefit from their services.

A Nigeria application for loan is an easy loan that doesn’t require Bvn or any other collateral. The necessary documents required to be submitted for an Xcredit loan:

  1. Your Contact Information
  2. Your Electronic Mail Address
  3. Your Complete Name
  4. The bank account number that you have on your account
  5. At least the age of 18.
  6. The most recent three-month bank account statement, etc.

5. Lcredit Loan

LCredit is an original Fintech system in Nigeria which offers a 24/7 loan with its loan request.

You must be an Nigerian to be eligible Lcredit to provide you the financial freedom you need and wherever you require it.

What are the basic prerequisites to apply for an loan using LCredit?

  1. It is essential to be a Nigerian citizen that lives and is employed in Nigeria.
  2. The age range must fall between 18 to 55.
  3. The bank accounts are needed.


The list above of lending apps and platforms that provide quick loans without BVN is legitimate and trustworthy. This will allow you to be able to access money in time, without having to worry about BVN problems. Also, look into the top loan apps that have low rates of interest in Nigeria.

But, be aware that while there are legitimate loan applications in Nigeria however, there are also fraudulent loan applications that are available in Nigeria. Make sure you make an informed choice and keep doing your study.

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