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Low Interest Loan In Nigeria

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Are you looking for Low interest loan in Nigeria then this article is for you with all the information about Low interest loan in Nigeria.

Quick loans that have low interest rates and no collateral is not an issue nowadays. Thanks to loan apps, you can get money with just a couple of clicks from your home. But it is not the case that all loan apps provide loans at low interest rates. Therefore, you’ll be learning about a handful of loan applications that are available in Nigeria that have lower interest charges. This can be used as an aid those who are looking for loans.

What is a loan application?

The loans application is an app that allows borrowers to get loans in a flash. In essence, a loan application is an application that allows you can obtain quick loans. The only thing you have to do is install the app on your phone and request an loan using the application. In a short period of time the lender will approve the loan in accordance with the conditions and terms for the loan.

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Low Interest Loan In Nigeria
Low Interest Loan In Nigeria

Top 5 Loan Apps available in Nigeria which have low-interest

In no specific order, here is an overview of the 5 best loan applications that are available in Nigeria which have lower interest:

1. Carbon Loan App

In recent times, Carbon has become a well-known digital platform online retailer in Nigeria. It is a simple app that does not just provide access to loans, it also offers options for investment and permits you to transfer funds as well as bill payment and airtime purchases.

All you need be doing is to download the application via the Play store. After that, enter your biodata complete all of the vital details, and finally apply for the loan.

2. Fairmoney Loan App

By using the FairMoney loan application you can avail quick loans to purchase airtime, pay off your debts all on one location. Additionally, the app is known for offering low interest rates for customers. For a start, you must download the app and sign up to it.

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3. P2Vest

P2Vest is another well-known loan application in Nigeria offering Nigerians loan with low rates of interest. It basically connects borrowers with legitimate lenders that need to earn a return in their money. Additionally, the app offers an online loan platform called P2VFB.

The P2VFB platform lets businesses manage and operate their lending operations. You can download P2Vest to your mobile device via using the Play Store as well as the App Store. The loan platform provides loans that range from N5,000 to N2,000,000, with a term that is 12 months.

4. Aella Credit

Aella Credit is another reputable loan app that promises rapid loans. The platform offers loans up to 1 million dollars, and the interest rate ranging from between 6% and 20 percent. They also have the option of extending loans for 1 to 3 months, with no fees for late/rollover. All you need do is to download their application via Playstore for Android smartphones , or from use the App Store to iOS phones.

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5. Branch Loan App

Branch is another great loan application in Nigeria. It offers loans ranging from N1,000 to N200,000. The loans offered by this lending platform do not charge late or rollover fees and have a monthly annual interest of between 3% to 21% with a rate of 15% to 34% annual rate of interest.


It is simple these days due to loans apps. However, you’ll still require details about the loan application in Nigeria that has lower interest charges. In the following, you can discover everything you require to know about the top loan apps in Nigeria which offer loans at low interest rates.

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