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Stop Loan Apps From Calling Your Contacts

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Are you looking for the best way to Stop Loan Apps From Calling from contacts just in case you could not pay back the loan on your due date?

A large number of users have asked, and remain to ask if it’s possible for anyone or an individual who is a borrower or customer to prevent loan applications from accessing your contact information after you’ve installed their application and accessed their services. 

I’ve received numerous messages and queries both on and offline, with many asking whether you can stop Loan apps from accessing your Phone Contacts in Nigeria. After doing a lot of studies and reading through a variety of sources I’ve decided to address this issue in this article.

Stop Loan Apps From Calling

We’ve heard and witnessed many people complain about the Loan Lending Apps that allow access to your Phone Contacts which have led to image tarnishing it’s frustrating, but you needn’t worry about it since we’ve just discovered an online video that has been helpful to a number of our customers, so read below and I’ll share the information this with you.

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The possibility of obtaining instant credit in just a few minutes with a couple of clicks on the loan app or electronic lending system, but not requiring collateral nor any type of proof has made lending apps and online banks the fav of many.

 It’s not only an exciting experience, but also an innovative concept to know that you can have instant access to cash, say N50,000 or N100,000.00 at just the corners of your bedroom in just a few clicks of your mobile phone, without having to visit any bank or submitting any physical letters.

VIDEO: Stop Loan Apps From Calling Your Contacts

Stop Loan Apps From Accessing Your Phone Contacts

Many Nigerians did not realize they did not know was that the thousands or hundreds of contact numbers (as the situation may be) kept on their phones, mobiles, or smartphones, be it Android or Apple was the most important collateral in the event of a default on the loans they’ve accessed.

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The numbers that were stored on their mobiles and accessed by loan apps in Nigeria are the lender’s insurance, guarantees, and even collateral against failure to pay or default on repayments of any type. In essence, the borrower’s image and reputation, or the rest of it, was utilized to guarantee and secure quick repayment of loans in the event of default.


How to stop loan companies calling in Nigeria

The reality is that the phone numbers “safely stored in your mobile phone” that you utilized when downloading the loan app and securing your loan through the app platform, is in fact “your collateral and guarantee for loan repayment.”

If you’re looking to get a loan and don’t have a contact within the phone you have, then we guarantee you that none of the lending apps in Nigeria will accept your application.

In essence, and as an easy answer to the question posed within this post, you can’t prevent loans from accessing phone numbers when you’ve taken funds from them. Your phone contacts will be saved on the external database of the loan application with the name of your profile, BVN, and other profile information. Even if you later uninstall or delete the loan application there is no difference. Your fate is in their hands.

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However, you can block the loan apps from accessing further your phone’s contacts and other information you’ve permitted for. To accomplish that, simply scroll down to app permissions, and stop loan applications from accessing your contacts, sms messages, photos gallery, and phone storage They won’t be able to send messages to your contacts any longer or share your pictures. They would only have your contact number and only you to handle it.

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