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Car Loan Companies In Lagos

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For the majority of Lagosians purchasing a car used and/or Tokunbo is a major financial investment that usually requires loans. This is due to the fact that only a handful of Lagosians are able to purchase cars without the need to get the loan. If you’re among the millions of Lagosians who need money to finance the purchase of your dream car If so, you’re on the right track. This article we’ve studied carefully a number of Car Loan Companies In Lagos.

Car Loan Companies In Lagos
Car Loan Companies In Lagos

List of Car Loan Companies In Lagos

There are numerous Car Loan Companies In Lagos. Most of these lending institutions are either self-governing or associated with banks with significant reputations in Lagos. Here is an inventory of the best Car Loan Companies In Lagos

1. First Bank of Nigeria Auto Loan:

It is the First Bank of Nigeria (FBN) has created this loan to assist you to purchase the vehicle you’ve always wanted. Additionally, businesses who are registered in Lagos may also avail this loan option to purchase vehicles to carry out their daily routine. It is a loan that can be used for everyday activities. FBN Auto loan is available with an amount that is up to $15 million and a maximum term of 48 months and an annual interest of percent. To find out about this loan option, visit their official website at www.firstbanknigeria.com

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2. Access Bank Group (Vehicle Finance)

The car finance is a service of Access Bank Group. Access Bank Group. The company has designed this service to allow customers to purchase their dream car economically convenient manner. To apply for this loan, all you have to do is visit their official website at www.accessbankplc.com. The maximum loan term is 48 months. Additionally, they will only finance vehicles purchased through their accredited dealers.

3. First City Monument Bank ( FCMB Auto Loan)

It is the FCMB Auto Loan is an type of credit for consumers scheme. It allows clients of the FCMB to purchase the automobile of their choice, and spread the cost over time. Through this FCMB Auto Loan, customers can borrow up to between #500,000 and #3 million. The tenor or repayment period ranges from 12 and 60 months, depending on the kind of vehicle and the amount of money they loan you. To learn more about this loan option, visit www.fcmb.com/auto-loan

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4. Cars45

It is an online marketplace for those looking to sell their used vehicles. Apart from that they also provide loans for cars to aid customers with financing to purchase their car of preference. They have specifically designed this loan option to help income earners who have an established basis of earning. Their interest rates range between 28% and 48%, based on the car you’re buying and offer the loan for a maximum for 18 months. For more information, go to www.cars45.com.

5. Creditville

Creditville is among the leading online lending services in Lagos. They offer low-cost loans for their clients to meet their diverse requirements. In addition they also offer car loans to clients. They designed this service to facilitate the purchase of their car that they want to purchase easily. If you want to apply for Creditville’s Creditville vehicle loan, the only thing you have to do is go to the official site at www.creditville.com. Complete the online form for a car loan and their representative will get in touch with you once they have approved the application.

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Be aware you should know that Creditville auto loan isn’t accessible for commercial use. As with other lending companies this loan option is only to individuals for private use.

6. United Bank of Africa (UBA Auto loan)

UBA is among the most reputable companies within the Lagos Banking Industry. Through their superior service and customer experience they have made it to the top of the ranks. They have developed their UBA auto loan to assist customers in upgrading their vehicle to a better model or purchase the new model. This loan option offers customers a an amount that is up to $15 million, and a maximum term that is 48-months. To learn more, visit www.ubagroup.com.

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