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List of Money lenders in Lagos Nigeria

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Although there are a variety of online loan applications that offer short-term loans, it is secure and beneficial to get the loan from a business that isn’t too far from where you live. If you fail to pay and you are unable to stay clear of the illegal activities of online loan applications, like the invasion of privacy of users or sending out a bad messages to those who default.

With money lenders, you won’t be subjected to this cruel treatment and close proximity will eliminate default incentive.

Who are these lenders and what do they do?

They are a loan businesses as is their online counterparts, they also provide loans to people who reside in Nigeria and the norm is that they conduct its KYC (Know Your Customer) physically and most of the time they pay out in cash, usually between 5,000 and $100,000.

Money lenders vs. bank loans

The difference between bank and money lender loan is vast; banks offer loans with a low rate of interest since they also have other customers, which means they make money, however money lenders have only one model of business, which means they are always looking to suck their customers dry and thus have a higher interest rates, but they’re quick and easy to access , unlike loans from banks, which require documentation , and sometimes collateral before they can give out a loans.

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List of Money Loans in Lagos Nigeria

GTHomes Limited

The first one on the list of lenders for money within Lagos is GTHomes As their name suggests they typically provide loans to construct houses, however they also offer personal loans.

Nigeria If the person meets their criteria, which are

  • You must be working an occupation or earn a sources of income
  • You will be required to supply your personal details for your formation
  • You will need to provide a guarantee

Location The address is: You can locate the HTML0’s at Saka Tinubu Street, Victoria Island

Direct briged Nigeria limited

Direct Bridge focuses on personal loans. They also offer loans to businesses in Nigeria. As with the others above, they have their own requirements that you have to be able to meet prior to accessing their money. They are

  • Have a source of income
  • It is necessary to be the ages of 22-25 years old
  • You will be asked to provide your personal details
  • You must provide a your utility bill
  • You will need to provide a the statement of account for six months

Location: 703A1, Thomas Adeboye Drive.

Wema home ltd

Wema home is a real estate company which deals in selling and buying houses, and they also offer a home loan for those who wish to purchase a home but do not have the funds to do so.

Before visiting them, ensure that you’ve got these

  • Have a bank account
  • You will need to provide a the statement of account for three months
  • You will need a an income source

Location: Ikeja, 65A Opebi Road

Quick credit

Quick loans are another type of loan provider in Lagos They have their offices at 47 Obafemi Awolowo Way, Allen, Ikeja. Before you visit them, you must meet with their requirements. are

  • Do you have an ID card?
  • It is necessary to be a Nigeria and live in Nigeria
    Make sure you have a monthly account statement
  • Are bvn holders and have an income source that is stable.
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Independent communication network Lt

If you’re an entrepreneur looking for loans, the independent communications network is the best option they offer loans that is up to 100,000. The loan process is quick and simple once you meet their requirements, such as

  • Do you have a business?
  • Affida a statement of accounts for six months
  • Reside in Nigeria
  • Have bvn
  • You might need to present a an assurance.

Jubilee-life Savings and Loans

You could also avail a loan from Jubilee lifesaving, which is located an office at Ikorodu Road, Ketu Lagos. Before you visit them, make sure you’ve got the below

  • You need to have an income source
  • Have bvn
  • Provide personal details
  • You should have an account at a bank

CRC credit bureau

CRC is among the most reliable money lenders who offers loans that are quick in Nigeria It is fast and easy , but you’ll need to present a guarantor as well as the documents given below. CRC does not hound their customers, but make sure you have a repayment plan.

You must provide the following documentation

  • Bvn
  • Statement of bank account
  • ID card

Location: 26 McCarthy Street, Lagos

Alliance Consulting

Alliance consulting’s main goal is to provide business advice however they also provide loans to small businesses in Nigeria Their loan is swift but difficult to get. Similar to the other lenders, you’ll must provide your bank statement as well as a bvn number and a form of identification.

Location: UBA House, 5th Floor

Trinity credit and savings limit
Trinity loan and Saving Another money-lender in Lagos that focuses on loan for salary. The loan is fast, after you have met their requirements that are

  • You should have an account with a bank
  • Give a statement of account for three months
  • are able to identify themselves (government Issue ID Card)
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Location: 79 Allen Avenue, Ikeja

Supreme Loan and Savings Limit

This company focuses on two goals at a time: they offer loans to people and also assist people in saving. Before you apply to them, you have to comply with their standards which are

  • Have a bvn
  • You should have an ID card
  • You must have a source of income.
  • Have an account statement that covers six months

Location: Falomo Shopping Centre, Ikoyi

Savings and loans from TMC

Tmc is akin to the best loan available. They also assist people to save and provide loans. Here are their criteria.

  • ID card issued by the government
  • Have a bank account
  • You must provide a the statement of account

Location: 187 Ajose Adeogun Street, Victoria Island

Partnership credit and saving Lt

They offer loans and also assist people in saving their money. Here are their criteria

  • Have a bvn
  • Statement of account
  • Government issue I’d credit card
  • Find a source of income
  • Have I’d like to be a cardholder for staff.

Location: 150 Awolowo Way, Ikeja

A City code Mortgage bank Limited

They provide loans to those who are looking to buy a home or build a home in Nigeria Below is their criteria

  • Find a source of income
  • Have I got a card?
  • You can be a Nigeria and live in Nigeria
  • Have a statement of account that spans three months

Adims Credit and Investment Ltd

Adims credit offers loans to companies in Nigeria in addition, they offer consulting, asset management and offer financial solutions.

Location: 9, Okaka Plaza


The above are the money lending institutions that are located in Lagos, Nigeria, though they do not require a the guarantor. You should have these ready prior to going to the lender.

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