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How To Remove Easybuy Security Plugin on Android Phones

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 You are here because you bought an Android phone from Easybuy on a flexible payment plan, and they are restricting your access to important parts of the phone because you could not pay up the balance.

To begin with, Easybuy is one of the many companies that sprang up due to the ever-decreasing buying power of the average Nigerian and the rising cost of flagship smartphones.

They offer you the option to acquire your desired smartphone by paying a fraction of the price while the balance is spread out over three to six months. 

That means you will be required to pay a fixed amount every month until you complete the payment for the phone.

To protect their investment, Easybuy installs a device lock controller known as Security Plugin on your phone.

The Security Plugin is normally installed under the settings and security part of your phone.

The device lock controller allows Easybuy to remotely access and restricts your use of important features of your phone if you default on payment.

Once your phone is locked with the Security Plugin, you will no longer be able to do anything with it except emergency calls. Simple functions such as playing music and videos, accessing the internet, and making calls are disabled.

What to do when Easybuy blocks your phone with their Security Plugin or any other device lock controller.

If your phone is blocked by Easybuy with a device lock controller, it simply means you have refused to pay the remaining balance or fulfill any other terms and conditions agreed upon on the day of purchase.

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To get rid of Easybuy’s device lock controller on your phone, you have two options which are going to discuss below.

1. Take the phone to any standard phone repair shop near you and ask the engineer to flash the device.

We have seen instances of criminals buying phones from Easybuy and selling them to unsuspecting members of the public without completing the payment. The new owner is left in limbo when the company blocks the phone with a Security Plugin after the next payment due date.

You should not worry too much if this happens to you, as a lot of top phone engineers In the country have figured out a way to flash a smartphone and get rid of the kind of Security Plugins normally used by Easybuy. 

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There is always a warranty that the Security Plugin will never return to your phone after the whole flashing process.

I know of someone who was in a similar situation a couple of months ago after buying a secondhand phone from Facebook.

Unknown to him, the previous buyer bought the phone from Easybuy and he is yet to complete the payment. The phone was locked with a Security Plugin after the previous owner defaulted on payment.

He was forced to take the phone to an engineer who charged him ₦5000 for the whole flashing process after numerous visits to Easybuy’s offices failed to yield any fruit.

The engineer was able to get rid of the device lock controller in less than an hour, and I can confirm that the phone is still in perfect condition.

Note: The above option is only for those who were deceived into buying Easybuy’s phone in the secondhand market.



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2. Visit any Easybuy office in your area to sort it out.

This second option is for those who bought a phone directly from Easybuy, and it was locked after they defaulted on payment. 

You can also take the option of sorting out the due payment by contacting the number provided on the screen of your blocked phone.

Running away from paying the debt will always come back to haunt you if you are the original buyer of the phone.

Remember that you submitted a lot of your important details to Easybuy when buying the phone, and they can always track you and your finance.

But you can try the number one option mentioned above if you think you can hide with Easybuy forever.

Note: This article is not encouraging you to abandon your debts. We are only here to help out those who unknowingly bought a phone that is blocked with a security device lock controller in the secondhand market.



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