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Buy Now Pay Later Akure

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You might be able to buy now and pay later if you are in Akure with the necessary documents and procedures.

These platforms enable you to Buy Now Pay Later in Akure and then pay it back in installments.

For a while, Buy Now Pay Later has been a popular trend in Nigeria. It’s a financial option that allows people to purchase phones and other electronics and then pay them off in installments and Akure residents are not exempted.

Buy Now Pay Later Akure

You may be able to pay them off at a discount and they will be yours once you have made all of your payments. Buy Now Pay Later is similar to taking out a loan without interest rates. There are many platforms, fintech solutions, and stores that offer the opportunity to buy now and pay later.

You might be interested in the top Nigerian Buy Now Pay Later stores. These stores sell electronics such as the most recent Inverter AC and even some affordable Infinix smartphones in Akure.


Requirements to Buy Now and Pay Later in Nigeria

You must have the documents necessary to purchase now and pay it later in Nigeria. But how can you tell if you can qualify for this credit opportunity? These are the documents you need to apply for buy now and pay later in Nigeria.

  • 6 months of your SALARY bank statements
  • Bank Identification Number (BVN),.
  • Work ID CARD/Employment letter.
  • Valid Government Issued ID Card (either driver’s license, national identity card, voter card, or Nigeria passport).
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Check out this list of the Best Buy Now, Pay Later Stores in Akure

Once you’ve confirmed that you have all the necessary documents for buy now, and pay later, you can start to look at or do some research about the following buy-now-pay later stores. These stores are the best, and you can buy on credit at their store.

1. Spredda

Spredda, an e-commerce website in Nigeria, allows you to buy electronics, home appliances, mobile phones, and furniture at affordable prices. They also offer two payment options: Lay-by and PayQart.

PayQart allows you to buy now and pay later. You’ll have a six-month payback period and may be charged interest if the payment isn’t made within six months. Lay-by, on the other hand, doesn’t attract any interest and allows you to reserve your item for three to four months with an advance payment of 20%. Spredda is a Best Buy Now, Pay Later Store in Akure. They have a great customer relationship.

2. Easybuy

Easybuy, a mobile-based loan application in Nigeria, is one of the most popular. You can borrow any amount between 10,000 and 50,000 Naira, with a 6% rate. You can pay it back in 91 days to 180. Easybuy lets you borrow money but you can also purchase smartphones from any brand on Easybuy. You’ll pay in installments. Easybuy makes it easy to buy now and pay later.

You will need to pay a 30% minimum on the purchase price of the device. Additionally, you’ll be asked to choose the payment terms. Once you have linked your bank account, the monthly amount you agree to pay will be taken from your account until all payments are completed. Easybuy is one of the Best Buy Now, Pay Later Stores in Nigeria. This platform is operated by Palmcredit.

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3. CDcare

CDcare is a large marketplace in Nigeria. It operates on Android, iOS, and the internet. It allows Nigerians to purchase any household appliances or gadgets they desire using the Buy Now, Pay Later method. This website is not popular. This website allows you to buy any gadget or phone you like, as well as kitchen appliances such as microwaves, freezers, and more.

CDcare offers buyers a payment plan that will allow them to pay the same amount each week or month when they purchase an item. A customer who makes a 50% installment will receive the item and the remainder of the payment will continue. Buyers can choose how they want to pay and everything will be reviewed. CDcare is easy to use, and it’s one of the Best Buy Now/Pay Later Stores in Nigeria.

4. Alternative Mall

You can shop at The Alternative Mall, an e-commerce website in Nigeria, to buy electronics, home appliances, mobile phones, and furniture. This website is owned by Sterling Alternative Finance. It makes it easy for non-salary earners to purchase things. Because it does not charge any fees, the Alternative Mall seems to be the best.

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The Alternative Mall makes shopping easy. You can shop now and pay it off later. There is no need to make a deposit and your annual income will be charged. This only attracts 33.3%. You will need to set up a SAF account if you meet certain requirements. This account can be used as a repayment bank. Alternative Mall is one of the Best Buy Now Pay Later Stores In Nigeria.

5. Zoomba

Zoomba, another e-commerce platform that makes it easy to buy things in Nigeria, offers a pay-small policy. This will allow you to lock down an item and make regular payments until the balance is paid. This website sells a variety of products, including phones, laptops, and home appliances. You can also buy items on Zoomba. Layaway on Zoomba allows you to mark a product.

They have policies that they apply to Layaway customers. Zoomba is friendly, but they are strict about their policies. They don’t allow customers to use their Layaway policies for any reason. You can trust Zoomba to save you if you need a store in Nigeria to purchase now and pay later.


You can buy now and pay later to get the things you want, even in difficult circumstances. These online stores have been able to deliver so well for Nigerians. These are the best buy-now-pay-later stores in Nigeria, and you only need to qualify.

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