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Home Loan Easybuy Vip: Cash Loans, Loan App, Download

Easybuy Vip: Cash Loans, Loan App, Download

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The loan offered by EasyBuy Vip Cash Loan could be a solution to the need for cash in an emergency. In this article we will guide you in obtaining a loans from EasyBuy vip Cash Loan. This guide will let you learn all the ways you can do with the EasyBuy vip Cash Loan’s cash lending platform.

There are numerous advantages that you can enjoy from EasyBuy. If you’re unaware, EasyBuy is an online platform that allows you to purchase the phone you want even without having all the money needed to purchase the phone. Yes, it is true!

What this means is that you are able to go to a reputable phone dealer’s store, purchase the phone, and pay an installment payment for the phone and then take it to your home.

This is the way to go about it Mr. A would like to purchase an N85,000 phone, however, he only has N50,000 this point and is in need of the phone immediately. What Mr. A has to do other than taking the phone back home after making an amount of N50,000 in part is to present his ID card that is valid as well as BVN and ATM card information.

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Yes, you’ll have provide these details, and don’t worry about getting scammed since the platform is licensed within Nigeria and you are able to be sued if your personal information is compromised.

When you’ve provided these details You will also provide the contact information of your close relatives or friends to let them know about the purchase. EasyBuy vip will check your data to ensure that they are accurate. Once your request has been approved, Mr . A will be required to make a an N50,000 deposit that he has on the phone dealer.

Please note that this is not subject to interest. EasyBuy vip costs 15% over the amount for the purchase. This implies that Mr. A would like to purchase is valued at N85,000, and he paid the deposit of N50,000 with a remaining balance of N35,000. If EasyBuy will pay the balance to the buyer, you’ll be charged EasyBuy vip 15 percent of the N35,000 which amounts to N5,250. Instead of purchasing the phone for N85 ,000, you will pay N90,250.

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Another thing to be aware of is that you can repay the loan in 3,4 and 6 months in installments. In addition, you must know that EasyBuy vip collaborates with phone companies. If you make a purchase but do not pay at the time you should the phone will be blocked. I am sure that you would not be happy with this.

How do you become a VIP loan on Easybuy?

  1. Find an Easybuy Agent.
  2. Provide necessary details.
  3. Select the Mobile Phone you wish to buy.
  4. Sign up for your Easybuy loan.
  5. Make an initial payment of 30%
  6. Set a convenient repayment term.
  7. Final verification.

EasyBuy VIP Cash Loan

EasyBuy vip is not just help you purchase the desired phone easily. They also provide fast cash loans for VIPs. The EasyBuy vip cash loan is available to customers who have successfully purchased a cell phone through EasyBuy vip and also paid off the loan in date.

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EasyBuy vip has no website. Instead, they utilize their mobile application which will find on the app store. Through the app, users will be able to apply for a cash loan ranging from up to N10 ,000 to N100,000. This EasyBuy vip cash loan VIP can be repayable in 3, 4 , and six month installments.

If you’re looking for fast cash for an immediate need do not fret because EasyBuy Vip Cash Loan has you covered. All you need to do is visit any dealer’s outlet for phones and purchase the phone you want, and make payment of 50% to purchase the phone and select the the payback plan that works the best for you.

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