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How To Download Easybuy Repayment App

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Are you looking for Easybuy Repayment App then this article is for you with all the necessary information on how to repay your easybuy loan.

Easybuy, which is a part of Palmcredit is a financial mobile service that provides loan options. The service is called Easybuy Service, you can purchase a mobile phone using loans and repay through installments.

It’s an established fact to everyone that smartphones have become expensive. While some phones with low-end specs are inexpensive, the majority of phones that have top-quality features are typically costly.

The Easybuy loan allows you to buy an expensive phone in Nigeria for just 30percent of cost. You can repay the rest of 70% in a time of either 3 or 6 months.

Interest rate for Easybuy

The interest rate for the Easybuy loan differs based on the repayment period you choose in your application. The 3 month (91 days) repayment period has an interest rate per month of 9.9%.

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The six-month (180 days) payment term comes with the monthly rate of interest of 6percent.

How To Download Easybuy Repayment App
How To Download Easybuy Repayment App

Easybuy Repayment of the loan

You are able to repay your Easybuy credit in the following methods:

  1. Utilizing the Easybuy app
  2. By using mobile apps, you can transfer funds
  3. Going to a branch of a bank and making a cash payment
  4. RAVE by Flutterwave

How To Repay Loans Through The Easybuy Repayment App

If you wish to use an official Easybuy app then follow these steps:

  • Start the Easybuy application and sign in.
  • Click on “l oan history” and click ” Pay now
  • Click ” Repay with Bank card” and enter the details of your card.
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It is recommended that users take a screenshot of their payment process every time they make a payment using their official payment app. This could be useful in the event of an payment errors, overpayments, and other errors.

If you require help or encounter any error when you are making the loan repayment process If you have any questions, contact Easybuy through their customer service contact number and email.

Easybuy App Download

To take advantage of Easy Buy loan services and track your repayment period you can download the official version of Easybuy application from Google’s Google Play Store.

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We hope the above information about Easybuy Repayment App have been useful on your repayment process and if not kindly drop a comment.

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