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Page Financials Loan Requirements

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Are you looking for Page Financials loan requirements then this article is for you which consists of all the necessary information on Page Financials.

Page Financials, a top financial services provider in Nigeria, has offices in Lagos and Ibadan. Other states will be added soon.

Page Financials Loan Requirements
Page Financials Loan Requirements

Page is well-known for offering loans and highly competitive ROI investments products as well as fast digital payments solutions that enable customers to pay their bills and transfer funds with absolutely no service charges.

Page makes it easy for individuals and businesses to get loans of different amounts. You can get loans of varying amounts if you’re a Nigerian resident or a Lagosian working expatriate. Established businesses can access up to 20M.

This article will discuss Page Financials loan requirements

Page Financials promises that funds will be released in less than three hours if you meet all requirements and apply.

Get a Page Loan in Less Than Three Hours.

Step 1 – Get the Requirements Ready

It is crucial to understand and have the requirements for loan applications handy in order to ensure your application succeeds.

Simple items, even those that are not necessary for the project, can lead to setbacks in your brand’s perception and delay in materializing your plans.

Page Financials Loan Requirements

To be eligible for a Page loan, you must:

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1) You are paid a minimum of 100k per month in a salary

2) You can have up to 6 months’ salary account statement

3) You reside/work in Lagos/Ibadan (bankers across the country can apply).

4) You have a passport photo

5) A work ID is required from the place you work, or evidence of promotion or employment.

6) Your BVN is active and connected to your mobile number

Some of the above items will automatically be retrieved when you start the application. Customers usually complete the application in less than three minutes if they have all the required information.

Step 2 – Go to the application portal to submit

Simply go to the website and complete the application form. Each stage of the application process has its own stages. At each stage you will need to provide relevant information to help make a loan approval decision.

Upload all documents online and complete the form. This eliminates the need to carry files around from one office to the next.

The BVN phase is the first step in filling out the application form. Your BVN will be used for verification of your identity and financial standing.

To be able to move on to the next section, you must complete this BVN step. You are 90% done once you have completed the application and clicked submit.

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Step 3 – Get Approval and an Offer (via Email/Phone).

Once you have submitted your application successfully, the hard work is over. It is as simple as it seems.

You can see that getting a loan used be difficult. It took days to review your application, pass files from one office to the next, and check records manually.

It might take several days but technology makes it possible.

Page Financials will accept your application if you meet all requirements and send you an offer by email.

You will receive an email with instructions on how to proceed and your approval status.

If your request is approved, the offer will appear on the attached offer letter.

The offer letter includes the amount approved, your monthly payments, and other terms.

Either sign the offer letter and scan it back or reply to the email to accept it.

This is it. Your funds will be credited within the hour. Then it’s time to have some fun.

Step 4 – Withdraw your money and live

Page Financials can perform financial transactions at a higher level than smaller microfinance institutions.

We release money immediately to your Page account after approval. This is done in order to ensure that customers have quick access to their money and avoid any third-party delays.

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You can spend the money right away if you have the Page card. Or you can download the mobile application (download if you don’t have it) to transfer it to any other account number you choose.

The best thing about doing business with Page is the fact that there are no transfer fees. Transfers to other accounts, friends, relatives, business partners, or colleagues are possible without incurring any fees.

Do you need a quick loan to get your finances in order? Are you behind on your flight bookings? Is your salary taking longer than you expected? You might have received your house rent a little earlier than you expected.

You now know that Page can provide a loan for as little as N5 million in just 3 hours.

Visit www.pagefinancials.com to apply or call 016317243 to get more info, you can also send an email to to get started.

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