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Loan Companies In Lagos

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If you are looking for Loan Companies In Lagos, you are on the right web page; we will provide the list of all loan companies in Lagos and their addresses.

Although it is one of the most developed states of Nigeria, Lagos is arguably the most expanded state of Nigeria. While there are lenders that offer quick loans located in Nigeria, Lagos is the capital of finance, and that is the reason that most businesses have their headquarters there since the state is an industry that attracts everyone. 

Loan Companies In Lagos

Another area where Lagos excels is its presence in loan firms and fintech companies that seek to help small-scale entrepreneurs. So, if you’re a small business owner, knowing where to obtain the loans you need in Lagos is crucial because it can be the difference between success and failure for your business.

Where can I get an installment cash loan from Lagos?

You have many choices when choosing which Loan to take in Lagos. The first option is to go first to the bank. But, as commercial banks are everywhere in Nigeria, We’d recommend leaving them out of this post. In Lagos, many financial institutions provide loans in addition to commercial banks.

The institutions that provide loans in Lagos

The best Loan Companies In Lagos are:

  1. Rosabon Financial Services

Rosabon, the Financial Services, can be summarized into four parts: partnership, personal loan lease for vehicles, teamwork, and investments. They are among the biggest lenders in Lagos. They also help you reach your financial goals with millions of Nigerian loans. One of their advantages is their quick payout time. Apply and receive a loan as fast as you can.

  1. Skystone capital

Personal finance, SME financing and funds management, lease credit factoring, debtor financing, and Financial Advisory are some high-quality services that Sykstone Capital offers. They also provide innovative financial solutions that include excellent customer service and quick payment of loans.

  1. Monday
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Lmoney is a company that provides an outstanding loan calculator that lets you test and begin your journey to obtaining a loan. Amazingly, you can have the N2 million Loan in only 24 hours. Furthermore, with LMoney getting loans couldn’t be simpler.

  1. Migo

Migo is more than the name suggests. It is a service for loans. It also offers Fintechs, merchants, banking, and telecoms financial services. As a fintech, y can perform credit card payments and overdraft services anywhere you carry the digital transaction. Additionally, they provide fantastic loans at competitive rates and flexibility that will meet your requirements.

  1. Advanced Limited

The Advance platform allows you to borrow via their website, the money pal app, or through chatting via Zee through WhatsApp. Thus, it tailors your application to suit your needs and allows you access to N5 million. Furthermore, it is simple to access and takes only a few minutes to pay, and there are no hidden fees or fees.

  1. Easy loans Nigeria

Easy Loan is a website in Lagos, Nigeria, where you can get loans without hidden fees. Additionally, they have experts on staff that offer loan advisory services to assist you in making the best choice and the most efficient repayment plan. In addition, perhaps the most beneficial is that you don’t need any collateral.

  1. Credit Kwickpay

Situated on an Island in Lagos, quickplay credit is a credit institution that can give loans between N2 and N2 million within 24 hours of disbursement time. They also do not need collateral, so they meet the minimum requirements, conditions, and terms.

  1. Creditville:

creditville offers loans with quick terms for customers with immediate needs or those who want to invest in upscale. Additionally, they provide corporate, auto, and even cab-leasing for those planning to buy a car. With Creditville, you can get a maximum of N4 million in loans.

  1. ASO Savings & Loans

18 Construction House, Adeyemo Alakija Street, Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria

0704 163 1121

ASO Savings & Loans Plc is the mortgage bank of choice in Nigeria regarding client services on housing provision and loans.

  1. CityCode Savings & Loans

21/25, Broad Street, 1st Floor Investment House, Marina Lagos Island, Lagos Nigeria

01 270 5316, 01 270 8301

CityCode Mortgage Bank Limited provides mortgage loans and numerous financial services in Nigeria.

  1. Easyloan NG

23 Opebi Road, Ikeja, Lagos

0909 666 5661

Easyloan NG is an innovative personal loans platform that provides easily accessible and affordable online loans.

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12 Initiative Finance Limited

21B, Engr. George Ememoh Crescent, Road 69, Off Freedom Way, Lekki Phase 1 Lekki, Lagos Nigeria

0802 317 7670, 0706 046 0686, 01 277 1501

01 277 1502

Initiative Finance Limited (IFL) is the preferred financial service provider for business, personal and social loans, with other services in loans and advances, loan syndication, debt management, and fund and portfolio management.

  1. Motion Yield Limited

17 Olaleye Street, off Oguntolu Street, Shomolu, Lagos Nigeria

0704 649 2282, 0704 649 2281, 0704 649 2283

Motion Yield Limited is a financial services provider of quick loan access to customers within Lagos and is based in Shomolu, Lagos.

  1. RenMoney

23, Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos Nigeria

0700 5000 500

RenMoney is an international consumer finance bank established under a conglomerate—Renaissance Group, to primarily focus on developing consumer finance credit in Nigeria by providing simple money solutions targeted at the low-middle class.

  1. Arvo Finance

Bethel House, 1A, Akin Osiyemi Street, off Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos

0907 138 0694

Arvo, a trading name of Oliver Mead Investment Ltd, is a fintech solution that provides fast unsecured loans with a simple application process; Arvo aims to bridge the gap between commercial banks and under-banked Nigerians.

  1. Bengerard Credit

90 Norman Williams off Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos Nigeria

0813 433 1589, 0802 577 0896

01 454 4315

Bengerard Credit is a loan services company in Lagos providing short-term loans to consumers in quick loans, individuals, and group loans.

  1. Jailex Loans

76 Ikotun-Idimu Road, Idimu, Lagos0904 734 2123, 0806 294 3810

JAILEX LOANS is a trading name for Jide Adeyanju Investments Ltd. It is a local community empowerment firm granting financial support to small/medium scale businesses that fail to secure needed loans or financial support to grow or expand their business.

  1. Loan35

8, Jubilee, CMD Road, Magodo, Lagos

0909 013 4748

Loan35 helps you keep your valuables rather than sell them cheaply. With loan 35, you can access cash in 35 minutes. Loan35 is a product of x3 leasing, a consumer-finance company.

  1. MyX3

8, Jubilee, CMD Road, Magodo, Lagos

0909 013 4748

Get instant salary advance loans and quick business loans in Nigeria from a leading money lender in Lagos.

  1. NOLT Finance

11 Awolowo Road, Suite 4, Ikoyi, Lagos

+234 1 227 5076

NOLT is a new-age Fintech that helps individuals, small businesses, and SMEs in Nigeria meet their working capital needs by providing lending products and financial services.

  1. PeeCredit
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Block 11, Suite 1, Sura Shopping Complex, Lagos Island, Lagos Nigeria

0818 476 9847

PeeCredit is a loan services provider in Nigeria with interest in personal loans, school loans, individual and car loans, and lots more.

  1. QC Advance

2, Irewole Avenue, Opebi Ikeja, Lagos

0909 463 1810

We provide quick access to loans at competitive interest rates for individuals and businesses to meet their urgent financial needs without collateral.

  1. UT Nigeria Limited

3/5, Regina Omolara Street, Opebi Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria

01 295 9878, 01 290 9565, 01 290 5183

UT Nigeria Limited is a financial services provider in Lagos with Loan and investment services and products in personal and business loans, asset & equipment leasing, school fees and travel loans, capital financing, growth investment plan, and more.

How can I get as much as 500K from Nigeria?

Paylater is a simple web-based loan platform that offers short-term loans to individuals and small-sized companies in Nigeria to cover emergency expenses or cash requirements. With Paylater, you can access up to 500 000 Naira loans without collateral.

Which is the most reliable loan website in Nigeria?

ALAT. The first bank in Nigeria that is entirely digital is the very first one on this list of top loan applications in Nigeria. It is a straightforward and utterly digital system that provides fast, instant loans without documentation.

What can I do to receive a loan within five minutes?

The online platform Specta can give you loans reaching 5 million in one transaction in just five minutes! There is no collateral, no paperwork, and no need to visit any office. With Specta, you can handle the most urgent needs of your business or personal life anytime, anywhere.

Can the loan app block my BVN?

A loan app cannot block your BVN, but it will stop you from obtaining more loans from their platform or any other loan apps.

Which bank can grant loans quickly in Nigeria?

Zenith is among Zenith is one of the Nigerian banks that offer many readily accessible loans for their customers. It comprises SME loans, Import Finance Facility, Overdrafts, Term Loans, and others.

Conclusion On Loan Companies In Lagos

We hope you have found one worthy to get a loan from; if you have any issues, kindly comment.


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