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Specta loan app is powered by Sterling Bank which gives access to salary earners and business owners, Specta Loan Download App is here

The Specta loan in Nigeria is the most renowned lending institution, which allows you to access up to N5 million in one transaction in just 24 hours from making an application.

It aims to offer an easier way to receive a quick loan as well as credit, through standard methods of processing data and analytics to analyze loans and remove the problems associated from the traditional lending system.

specta loan

For a Specta loan You don’t need collateral, guarantors or even a trip at any branches. By sitting in at the convenience of own home you can submit your application and be approval without any paper documents and all for no cost!

Specta Loan gives you access to loans that go up to N5,000,000 without collateral or paperwork, and you’ll receive the money within 5 minutes. This makes it the top product for loans in Nigeria.

In this article I’ll walk you through a step by step procedure for applying for an Specta loan and get it approved effortlessly. In this regard, it is recommended not to miss a step so that you don’t miss any crucial details about the process of applying and getting an approval from the Specta company.

The platform is accessible across the country and provides loans to all salaried workers, regardless of their profession. It offers salary advances along with asset acquisition, as well as personal loans (rent education, wedding medical, etc.). A crucial thing to keep in mind when applying in the application process for an Specta loan i that it have to be a part of an organisation.

Specta Loan Requirements

The Specta loan option you select will determine the conditions, but generallyspeaking, you’ll require

  1. The bank’s account number(sometimes they only accept sterling accounts)
  2. Bank Verification Number
  3. A valid method for identification
  4. valid email address

How to Apply for a Specta Loan

For an application to get a Specta loan Follow these steps

Request to be profiled in the person of an individual or company via email at Specta

  1. Choose the loan option that you feel is the best fit for your needs.
  2. Start the fill-in process by selecting the loan’s offer
  3. Complete the application form and send it in
  4. If you’re eligible and your application is approved the bank will debit your account immediately.

Spectra Loan Interest Rate and Repayment Procedures

The interest rate of Spectra Loan depends mostly on the loan amount you want to apply for. The interest rate for loans is 25.5%-28.5percent . One-time payment for insurance: 2.5%. One-off payment for Management fees 1.5 percent. Repayment Period: 1-12months. Penalty fee – 1%.

The repayment of the loan also depends upon the terms of loan. The time frame for repayment can be anywhere from 1 to 12 months without any moratorium. The Specta Loan financial institution has set up the monthly installment plan and encourages you to adhere to the schedule. You can however, make payments up to two or three months in advance but not the earlier.

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How to apply for Specta loan application

To apply to apply for Specta Loan, kindly follow the instructions in the following steps:

  • Select the loan option that you think is suitable
  • Begin by clicking on the “Loan Offer” Button
  • Complete the application form and click Submit.

If your application is approved after which you will be credited with the loan you requested.

What Spectra Loan Offers

  1. Spectrum Xtreme: The program does not require profiling , and is accessible to salaried workers as well as business proprietors. It is available for two million dollars in an maximum tenor of 1 year.
  2. Standard The package is only available to entrepreneurs with an account with a Sterling bank and employed employees (regardless of the bank they use). It is available the possibility of up to five million in funds with a the maximum tenor of four years, and has a variety of rates of interest.
  3. The Specta prime The package lets you make money from investments , while lending for urgent requirements. You can borrow money in the following currencies: Euro, Naira, Dollars and Pounds.
  4. Aspecta Allawee:  Youth corp members aren’t excluded as this package lets corporators access to funding to help them expand and pursue their entrepreneurial goals.
  5. The Specta Quick Cash The loan program is available to all, regardless of bank. It can provide up to N20,000 in quick cash to those who meet their past transactions and their online reputation.

Download Specta Loan App

To get the Specta Loan Download App in order to enjoy all the benefits that comes with the loan app, you can download Specta Loan Download App

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The specta loan application is a sophisticated mobile financial app created by the firm to facilitate applicants person or company who wishes to apply for the specta debenture. The app for mobile is accessible in the Google Play Store with a score at 2.6/5.0 at the date of this article. However, you should be aware that 2.6/5.0 is an acceptable score on Google Play Store. It indicates that the users aren’t completely satisfied with the app for mobile therefore, you should think about using the official site as mentioned above.

Specta loan provides loans to 2 kinds of organizations. The two types are listed below.

  • Individual
  • Business


With Specta, you can get access to personal loans of up to N5Million with no collateral in just 5 minutes.


Get more sales through Specta by joining to begin receiving payment from customers who have Specta spending limit. You can also receive up to N2M to help you start or expand your company.

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