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XtraCash Loan App: USSD Code, How To Apply, How To Pay

Xtracash loan app is a platform for money lending that offers financial inclusion through technological advancements – providing financial assistance to business as well as individuals, by providing short-term loans.

Xtracash is an online money lending platform which provides quick and easy small-term loans to consumers.

Xtracash Loan is made available through Quickteller (subsidiary of Interswitch) that acts as a third-party financial platform powered by technology. The loan is available only to citizens in Nigeria, Ghana and Zambia at the time of writing.

The money lending business was created by young minds with a goal that is to facilitate financial inclusion by leveraging technology.

The loan is only available accessible via Quickteller which is a subsidiary of Interswitch which is a third party technologically driven company that provides financial services. The loan is only available to citizens of Nigeria, Ghana and Zambia.

XtraCash Loan App

How to Apply for XtraCash Loan App Process

Potential applicants can swiftly finish the application process for loans on the Xtracash platform in just three steps:

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1. Create a Quickteller account

2. You can add a debit card to your Quickteller account

3. Request a loan.

Let’s take a look at how to set up an account with a Quickteller Bank Account…

How to Create a Quickteller Account

Here are the steps for making the steps to open a Quickteller account:

  • Click this link to get to Quickteller the official website Click here, and then sign up.
  • Fill in your details in the fields that correspond to them, like your name, your last name email address and the number of your cell phone;
  • Make sure you enter a password that you are able to easily remember.
  • It is suggested to input your email address and telephone number for the individual who recommended you to Quickteller however this is not required;
  • Quickteller will send an email with confirmation for the registered email address you have provided. In the email you’ll find the 7 number activation code that you copy and paste it onto the Quickteller sign-up page. Or click on the activation link within the email.
  • Then, click on continue to confirm your phone number. An OTP can be created and will be sent to your mobile number Enter this number to confirm your phone number.
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You have now successfully set up your Quickteller account.

The next step is to add debit card details into the Quickteller account. Let’s go through that…

How to Add Debit Card to Your Quickteller Account

  • Log into your QuicktellerClick account and click “payment method” on your Quickteller dashboard.
  • Click on “Cards”;
  • Click “Add”;
  • Enter your card details;
  • Input your card’s pin
  • Then, click continue.

How To Get A Loan From Xtracash Loan App

Follow the steps given below to obtain the loan you need from Xtracash:

1. Please click this link to go to Quickteller login page.

2. Input your password and email address, and click on login

3. Find “Loan” on your dashboard and click it.

4. Then click “Request Loan”

5. You will be able to see a listing of loan offers. Locate the name Xtracash and select the specific amount of loan you and the the tenor you are going for.

6. After making your decision, click on your choice

7. Select the account that you would like to be credited

8. Use your password to verify the transaction

If you have applied successfully for an Xtracash loan. The amount of the loan will be transferred to your account within less than three minutes.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing Loan Apps

The following aspects must be taken into account when evaluating payday loan applicants in deciding on the best payday loan online lender. This is vital to decrease the possibility of failing and fraudulent transactions:

  • The name of the company.
  • The time to finance is crucial for an emergency fund
  • These are the terms and conditions of the lending institution concerning the interest rate, monthly payments Terms, conditions, and other specifics.
  • Security and confidentiality such as ensures the security of your personal data. Many companies include these details in the privacy policies declarations that deal with the the process of oan.
  • Transparency. Are there hidden costs? Do they say that they don’t need to divulge your personal details butin reality, they do not actually follow it?

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