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How to start a consulting business in Nigeria

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A consulting company is a professional service company that offers experts and specialized labor at a cost, via the recourse to consultants. In this article you will find out how to set up a consultancy firm in Nigeria.

A business that provides consulting services in Nigeria could employ one or more people in accordance with its size.

Consultants are available to provide advice in various sectors, including engineering, management digital marketing as well as law, information technology and many more.

What’s the fastest method of starting consulting businesses? Here’s how to begin a consulting business in Nigeria in just seven steps.

How to start a consulting business in Nigeria
How to start a consulting business in Nigeria

How to begin a consultation business in Nigeria

These steps will help you begin an online business of consultation in Nigeria:

1. Choose a specialization area

A specialization area is a specific area in the field you wish to concentrate your efforts. If you aren’t sure what subject to concentrate on it is best to decide according to the following elements.

  • Your experiences
  • Certifications
  • Professional competencies
  • Connections
  • Knowledge

Before you can start a consulting company in Nigeria it is necessary to have a solid understanding of at minimum one specific field, as well as possessing some experience and knowledge in related areas.

This is one of the main reasons that the majority of consulting firms in Nigeria were started by retired individuals or professionals who lost their jobs.

If you’re not familiar with much about a particular field or you’ve just looked at a couple of YouTube video clips and read some blog articles it is advised to avoid starting your own consulting company in Nigeria.

Your clients won’t be able to solve their issues in the end, and you’ll give poor or wrong advice that could harm businesses. And, most importantly you could be accused of a crime and be required to appear before a judge.

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2. Start your own consulting business, and be sure to follow all rules

It is the next stage to start your branding and getting your company legally registered. You will need to be attentive.

A consulting company is very risky. Anyone of your clients whose businesses fail could wake up one day and decide to bring your business to the court.

If you do it is recommended to safeguard your business from the beginning by not REGISTERING AS A SOLE PRIZER!

Instead, you should sign up as an Limited Liability Partnership (if more than one owner is involved) or you can register as a Limited Liability Company.

This way, you’ll be safeguarding your personal assets in the event that your consulting company suffers unavoidable losses or financial burden.

In addition to registering your business and registering your business, you must also follow the specific rules applicable to your field of expertise.

For example, starting an advisory business in the medical or banking sector will require very strict rules that you must comply with.

You should investigate them all prior to begin the consulting company in Nigeria.

3. Write a business strategy

Making an effective company plan is as essential as having a compass to guide your boat trip. If you’re planning to start an advisory business in Nigeria You should write down everything you require.

Also, establish objectives for your business and outline your goals and goals. Investors and clients may require the business plan prior to working with specific consulting firms.

Also, be realist. Do not create goals that are out of reach or beyond what you are able to accomplish in the current stage and size of your company.

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Aiming for ambitious goals but with realistic targets will help you understand possibilities for your business, even in times when things seem to make no sense.

4. Make sure you have a web presence!

There is no longer a time when meeting in person was the sole method to collaborate with other companies. The internet and the digital marketing are making it much easier for B2B firms to grow.

If you have an online website that is present on the search engines (and additionally on a handful of social media platforms) You will be more likely to get more customers.

You can also connect with potential customers at the time of need using online marketing tools. The digital marketing services that you require for this include:

  • Website development
  • Copywriting
  • PPC advertisement (Google Ads)
  • Marketing through social media

You might need additional ones however, the four previously mentioned (especially the web-based development) are essential to begin with.

5. Create an office with a physical location

Next step would be to obtain an office. This is a crucial decision to make whenever you’re beginning a consulting business in Nigeria. Be aware that you’re working alongside other businesses (and not consumers).

In order to be successful it is important to appear professional to your clients and prove that you have met (or surpass) their expectations. One method to show that (aside of having a quality consultant) is to possess an office that is well-furnished.

Additionally, your office must be located in a strategic area. Strategically, we refer to an area where potential clients (business owners or entrepreneurs as well as top executives of large corporations) traverse through every day.

If you’re on a limited budget and are looking to begin from scratch it is possible to change one room inside your home to be the working space.

In that space you are able to work from home while running a an online consulting business on the internet.

6. Make your charges

Unless you’re a casual employee who simply collects tips they can manage and feel satisfied and set a price for your business consulting services.

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Be aware that your expenses do not have to be excessively low or high. It shouldn’t even be a set amount.

It will vary depending the level of your knowledge, the reputation that you attach to your brand of consulting as well as your location and the size of your business that you’re consulting.

In other words, you cannot be able to charge Access Bank PLC the same amount you would charge a local company in your city even though the jobs could be the same.

7. Make sure you spread the word!

Let the world be aware of your consulting business and what it’s worth. Contact prospective clients. For this take a look at the following suggestions.

  • Create an Google business profile
  • Create an LinkedIn company page
  • Register your business on a variety of listings for businesses
  • Create a Facebook or Twitter account across several platforms
  • Check out local radio and TV stations within your area and make an advertisement


Anyone with the right quantity of skills, knowledge and experience is able to start a business of consulting in Nigeria.

While your credentials and experiences are important however, they’re just meant to enhance your name and to help you get acquainted with a variety of clients’ issues.

Your success as an expert in business will depend on the extent to which you’re able to generate results.

It’s not an ideal idea to promise clients any kind of outcome. Keep in mind that anything could be wrong with a company that is that are beyond your control.

Set up a website or office space, determine a price that is flexible and market your services. This is how you can start your own consulting business in Nigeria.

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