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Home Loan Review Kudi Loan: Download App, Login, Wallet, Customer Care Number

Kudi Loan: Download App, Login, Wallet, Customer Care Number

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Kudi Loan is a branch of Kudi Bank that gives you access to get over 100k personal loans, instantly and quickly directly to your bank account.



Kudi is a digital banking platform for merchants and business owners. It provides simplified tools for businesses to accept payments, manage their operations and make payments.


Kudi loan empowers business owners with the ability to make extra cash by offering basic financial services to their community, such as bill payment and cash withdrawals via POS.


Kudi Loan


Traditional banks only offer you a bank account for your money. Kudi offers you tools to grow and manage your business, and even a machine that allows you to make extra cash by offering financial services in your area.


The Kudi loan app also provides personal payment portals and savings features.




Kudi Bank Services


Payments – Kudi offers a POS terminal that allows you to receive payments for your company. You can accept all bank card payments instantly at your shop. Business Tools: Kudi also offers different tools to help you plan and grow the business. Spreadsheets are available to track inventory and loan interest calculations.
Bills Help other people pay their bills at your store and earn extra cash by collecting commissions for each bill they process.
Loans Get low-interest loans to help your Kudi business grow
Savings – The in-app savings feature lets you save money and earn interest on your savings.

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How can I get a Kudi POS machine?


POS terminals are one of Nigeria’s fastest-growing businesses. Kudi POS can be used to accept card payments on behalf of your business. You can also use it for helping other members of your community make payments and earn a commission.


These steps will help you request a POS terminal for your business.




Log in to accept payments


Sign in to the Nomba website or Mobile app using your email address and password. Next, go to the “Accept Payments” section of your dashboard.




Click on “Terminals” and then “Request new terminal”


If you are a new user, select “Request a new outlet” or “Request an existing outlet” to request a NombaPOS. Select a terminal type.




Confirm your request and make the payment


You will need to specify the address where you want your request delivered. Once you have reviewed your delivery status, wait for your terminal(s), which should arrive within 2 days.

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How to activate your Nomba POS machine


These steps will allow you to activate your POS terminal upon request




Log in to accept payments


To check the status of your terminal(s), click “Terminals”.




Click “Activate Now”.


Enter the serial number for your terminal(s), which is located behind the terminal machine, to activate it.




To activate a terminal, click “Confirm”.


This is easy to do in under a minute. Your terminal is now ready for use




  • This site offers tools for growing your business and an opportunity to make extra income.
  • A good loan product with attractive rates.
  • You can access and control your account via the mobile app.
  • Provides an account that allows you to receive and make payments easily




  • There are no branches that offer in-person services
  • Recent customer complaints about unauthorized withdrawals from Nomba accounts or funds.


What are other users saying about Nomba?


Nomba is a top-notch service provider, whether it’s for personal or business use.


Lambert Oju wrote. The App is fantastic and they have customer service friendly. However, the one area that Lambert Oju needs to work on is “after funding your wallet,” which doesn’t reflect immediately. It can take between 20 and 30 minutes for the wallet to reflect.

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Kudi customer care number


If you have any questions, please contact the following support numbers: 0188888661, 015200061, or 018885008.


office address; 19b Bosun Adekoya Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, Nigeria


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs


Is Nomba/Kudi legit?


Nomba has been registered by the Central Bank Of Nigeria CBN and is regulated as a fintech financial service. They currently process over $500 million in monthly payments. What is the cost of Nomba POS?


You can choose from different types and sizes of POS depending on your needs. Nomba POS’s minimum price is N20,000, and they will deliver it to you within two days. Who is Kudi’s owner?


Yinka Adewale (co-founder and CEO) and Pelumi Aboliwarin (co-founder and CTO) founded Nomba. Yinka graduated from Obafemi Awolowo University. Why did Kudi change its name from Kudi to Nomba?


Kuda Bank is another fintech digital bank in Nigeria. The name change from Kudi Bank to Nomba was likely to avoid trademark and copyright confusion with Kuda digital banking.

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