Kudi POS: Cost, Agent, App, Charges And Customer Care

This article is about Kudi POS on how much is the cost, their charges, the app and their customer care in case of more information.

Kudi, a global fintech company based in Nigeria, has many outlets in Kenya and Ghana as well as rapidly expanding across Africa. Kudi is a leading digital bank service provider in Nigeria thanks to its innovative ideas and creating jobs and making payments easy by merchants.

Kudi agents have been authorized by the fintech giant for transactions on behalf of their customers.

Trust is not an issue because Kudi is registered with CAC

Kudi terminals come free of charge. To get one, however, you will need to pay N20,000 security deposit/caution charge. To prove you are able to meet the transaction target at the POS terminal, you must provide a statement of account or an end-of the-day transaction report.

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How to get Kudi POS Machine

The Kudi system was created with the vision of developing and supporting Africa’s small business. It has evolved into a network that provides easy access to banking services via POS agents in Nigeria, Ghana and other African countries.

Kudin applications are free if the applicant meets the minimum requirements. Kudi charges 0.7% per transaction to withdraw money as an agent. You can also set the amount you wish to charge your customers for withdrawals made at your POS terminal point.

Kudi machines agents are able to enjoy one of the highest rates in the market, which makes it extremely profitable.

Kudi POS Machine Benefits

Agents receive a 10% discount on each transaction with Kudi .

As you make transactions on the POS system, points are accumulated. These points can then be converted into cash. The following transactions can be done with or without a Kudi card:

  • Cash withdrawals from cards
  • Subscriptions to TV
  • Payments for electricity
  • Purchase of data
  • Purchase of airtime
  • A code allows you to sell airtime directly via the Kudi platform.

How to become a Kudi POS agent

These steps will show you how to become an Kudi POS agent.

1. It is possible to become a Kudi Point-of-Sales agent through merit

  • Get the Kudi app on the Google Play Store
  • Launch the app on your Android phone.
  • Register using your phone number to connect the app to your bank account
  • Use the Kudi app to transact
  • You should ensure that you use your card consistently for basic bills such as electricity, airtime recharge and TV subscriptions.
  • Kudi will message you after two weeks to let you know if your eligibility for a free POS.
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2. You can become a Kudi Point-of-Sale agent by making a payment

It can be time-consuming to find the first method, and not everyone can do it. Kudi  lets potential customers make payments. Follow the steps below to obtain your POS machine.

  • Find the closest Kudi office near you
  • Get the form from your agent and fill it out.
  • Pay N20,000 to the office. This money is non-refundable.
  • Kudi team will review and issue a POS immediately after approval.

Notification: Approval can be made within 24 hours, if not immediately.

How can I get in touch with Kudi POS

Kudi POS Contact Address (Nigeria): 19b Bosun Adekoya Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, Nigeria.

Kudi POS Contact Address(United States): 1776 Sacramento St Apt 311 SAN Francisco CA 94109

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Kudi POS Contact Number: 01 888 5008

Kudi POS Email: S[email protected]
Follow this link to learn more about the Kudi POS terminal:

Bonus: How do Kudi POS agents make money?

The POS business in Nigeria is a way to make money. It is one of the ideas that can provide a steady stream of income, even hourly. POS agents make their living through:

Commission POS agents can earn a commission based upon the volume of transactions. It can be between N50 to N100 for transactions between N1,000, N5,000 and N1,000. The volume (or amount) of transactions increases, and the commission can increase accordingly.

Service Fees POS agents may also charge customers a set amount for bills, taxes, or subscriptions.

Float POS agents may also use cash deposits, net withdrawals for their primary business.

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