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Home Business Kudi POS – Withdrawal Charges, Machine Price & Daily Target

Kudi POS – Withdrawal Charges, Machine Price & Daily Target

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Kudi POS – How to get Kudi POS, Charges, offices, price, and more

Kudi pos

Read all about the Kudi POS.

Kudi is one of the most popular fintech startup companies in Nigeria that makes online banking transactions more easily accessible in both rural and urban areas.

A free mobile P.O.S. (point-of-sale) system that is seamlessly integrated into the First Kudi App and empowers merchants and consumers alike is one of the many unique features of the Kudi Exchange platform.

Kudi Business enables merchants and sellers of all kinds to accept payments for goods and services by using their phone numbers or a QR code included in the app.

Retailers no longer have to pay exorbitant bank fees for P.O.S. systems that are barely functional. Simultaneously, buyers now have a tool that includes all of the benefits of mobile money. Furthermore, Kudi Business keeps a secure record of all purchases and allows customers to reject any charges that are disputed or unrecognized.

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In this Kudi pos guide, we will go through how to become a Kudi agent, Kudi transaction fees, and the cost to obtain a Kudi pos.

How to become a Kudi agent

It is not difficult to become a kudi Agent because the entire process follows a simple step-by-step guide, as shown in this post. You must have a fully functional Android phone that is connected to the internet and capable of accessing this app.

To become an agent with Kudi, fill out the web application and follow the instructions below.

  • Download the Kudi app on Google or IOS play store
  • On your mobile device, launch and open the app
  • Sign up with your phone number and link your bank account to the Kudi app
  • Use the Kudi application to carry out transactions
  • Continue to use the app for recharges, TV subscriptions, and electric bill payments
  • Check your inbox for a message from Kudi about your eligibility for a free POS after using the platform for about two weeks.

How to become a Kudi POS agent by payment

Rather than waiting to be eligible after making numerous transactions on the app, which could take a long time, please check out the steps below to learn how to become a Kudi Agent.

  • Visit any of their locations or call their customer service number
  • Visit 19b Bosun Adekoya Street in Lekki Phase 1 if you’re in Lagos
  • Get the agent’s form, fill it out, and send it in
  • Make a nonrefundable N20,000 payment to the Office
  • Your application will be considered, and your POS will be delivered immediately.
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Requirement for Kudi agent registration

A valid identity card


Utility Bills


Read my post on how to apply for an Opay POS machine

What you can do with the Kudi App as an agent

Money transfers: By assisting people in your area with money transfers to their families, and friends, you will also be earning passive income on the low

Withdraw money: You can help people withdraw cash from their bank account without them going to queue at the bank ATM center

Airtime & Data purchase: You can buy airtime & data for yourself or customers

Pay bills: You can help people pay bills such as Nepa bills, Cable TV subscriptions, and others

Both professionals and beginners will find the Kudi money platform’s transaction process to be very simple.

They also collaborate with commercial banks to provide their customers with other beneficial financial products. Products such as:

  • Savings
  • Apply for loans
  • Insurance

Kudi transaction charges

Their transaction charges for POS withdrawals are:

100 – 4,500 (N25)

4,501 – 25,000 (0.6%)

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25,001 – 500,000 (N150)

Kudi money support address

How do I get a problem or resolution settled?

Login to the Kudi APP, click TRANSACTIONS, click on the specific pending transaction, click NEED HELP, select the issue relating to your complaints, and click SUBMIT. Add a comment, upload an image, or take a photo, then SUBMIT to receive updates until the resolution is complete.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How much is the Kudi POS terminal?

Kudi’s POS price is around 25 to 30k. We don’t know the actual amount of their POS machine

Do they offer free POS terminals?

Yes, the POS terminals are free. However, you will be required to pay a security deposit/caution fee of N20,000 and also provide an end-of-day transaction report or statement of account to prove that you can meet the transaction target on the POS terminal


I hope this guide on Kudi POS and how to become a Kudi Money POS agent will help you to achieve your aim of becoming an agent for Kudi Money, if you found the pieces of information on this page helpful, kindly share it with friends and family and whoever might need them.



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