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Home Business How to start a recharge card printing business in Nigeria

How to start a recharge card printing business in Nigeria

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The majority of people charge their phones each day for calls and messages, especially if don’t use Virtual topping-up (VTU) solutions.

In this article you will be taught how to start a charge printer business for cards in Nigeria.

How to start a recharge card printing business in Nigeria
How to start a recharge card printing business in Nigeria

What is your profit margin for the printing of recharge cards company in Nigeria?

If users don’t charge their mobiles, they aren’t able to make calls and send SMS messages. They also can’t sign up for data.

Although a small portion of young and computer-literate individuals use websites to charge their phones, more of people rely on physically rechargeable cards.

The business of printing recharge cards is extremely lucrative in Nigeria. But your profit depends on the degree that you run your business. We’ll go into more detail about this in the next article.

Make sure you read the entire article through to the very end.

Which network is ideal to print a refill card firm in Nigeria?

Four network providers are operating in Nigeria at the date of this article’s writing.

  • GLO
  • MTN
  • Airtel
  • 9 Mobile

It really is contingent on your location. In some areas of Nigeria there are only 1 or two or 3 of the networks accessible and only the accessible networks will be utilized by those who live in these areas.

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Find out which service provider is the most suitable for your location. If all are used it is possible to print on all networks, or choose to focus on the entire network. However, this is contingent on the capital you’ll need to begin your business of printing recharge cards.

What are the prerequisites for starting an enterprise that prints recharge cards?

Here are some of the things you’ll need to purchase or plan for prior to going into a printing business.

1. A laptop or desktop PC

2. An internet connection

3. A printer software

4. Printing machine

5. Recharge pins

6. Papers

Levels of operation of recharge card printing business

There are three kinds of levels that you can work in any time you’d like to begin an airtime or recharge card printing company in this country.

1. Recharge card mega dealer

Hello to the head of one of the biggest guys. Mega dealers from Airtime are among the most significant players within the supply chain of recharge cards. They are present across several states of Nigeria and earn huge earnings every day.

Mega dealers purchase recharge cards pins massive quantities directly from the network service suppliers (MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9 Mobile). They will then sell the pins wholesalers at their own prices which are a less than the price of purchase.

They will earn a substantial money.

2. Wholesalers of credit cards

Wholesalers purchase airtime from a large dealer and then sell it for retail outlets at a greater cost. What’s the difference in purchase price and selling price is the wholesaler’s profit.

Wholesalers can be extremely lucrative, but you must to locate an dependable and reliable mega dealer who will offer recharge card pins to you at a reasonable price.

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Then, you need to establish an alliance of retailers who will purchase recharge cards from you at reduced prices. You are able to work on as numerous retailers you want.

3. Recharge card merchants

Retailers are the last of the suppliers of recharge card printing chain. They are the retailers and small shop owners who purchase wholesalers’ products and sell the product to customers, while making small profits from every sale.

Most retailers who sell recharge cards offer other products in addition. This way, they can make a modest income from recharge cards, as well as other items.

What is the cost to start a charge print business for cards in Nigeria?

The amount of capital you need to start with varies according to the level you’d like to be operating at. It is recommended to invest around N10 million to become a mega-dealer in recharge cards. The greater the amount you invest, greater your profits.

If you wish to earn significant profits as a wholesaler of recharge cards and wholesaler, you’ll need approximately N100,000 or N150,000 in order to begin your business.

If you are a retailer you could have an enviable provision store, and also sell recharge cards as one of your products. It is possible to start selling recharge cards for less than N5,000. Actually, you can begin with less than this amount if you intend to sell N100 or 200 recharge card.

How do you start your own business of printing recharge cards in Nigeria

As a mega dealer

If you own up to N10 million in cash, you can purchase recharge card E-pins in massive quantity directly through MTN, Airtel, Glo or 9 Mobile. After purchasing you can sell the E-pins wholesalers and turn some money.

Wholesalers can be wholesalers.

To offer recharge cards for sale as wholesalers, you will need to purchase between N100,000 and N150,000 from a major dealer.

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Also, you should get an printer and laptop. With your laptop, you can purchase software that allows your to decrypt E-pins the mega dealer sends directly to you via your email. Once you have that software, you are able to reformat, print and transfer your cards’ recharge to stores.

You must be able to identify merchants who are willing to purchase from you. Start by talking to the owners of shops in your area then convince them join your services as an supplier.

As an online retailer

If you’d like to sell airtime to retailers it’s simple. You can purchase wholesalers within your region and purchase as much as you need. You can begin starting with just the N5,000 mark or even less.

You can also purchase E-pins from a large dealer if you own more than N100,000. This way, you could make recharge cards yourself or sell directly to consumers and earn more money without having to work with wholesalers.


The printing of recharge cards is extremely profitable in Nigeria. While a lot of young people utilize VTU and other methods on the internet to charge their phones, others of a different age group rely on physical recharge cards.

These kinds of people are likely to be your ideal clients. But only the case if you plan to sell through retailer. If you have the capital, you could offer airtime to a wholesaler or dealer.

Disclaimer Although this article might provide you with an insight into the way a business that uses recharge cards operates however, it is to provide general information only and does not provide specific particular situations.

It’s not a substitute for expert guidance and shouldn’t be regarded as such. If you have questions or want to know more you can contact the recharge card companies and wholesalers within your area.

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