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27 ways to make money as a girl in Nigeria

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Are you looking for how to make money as a girl in Nigeria then you are in the right place as we will help you with all business opportunities as a girl.

You can learn how to make money as a girl in Nigeria easily, especially with the tons of digital opportunities available around you. Gone are the days when a lady looks to others to take care of her needs, as there are a ton of equal opportunities out there.

Earning money is the next most important thing after living a healthy lifestyle In fact, money is a part of what can give you a healthy lifestyle particularly in Nigeria.

How to make money as a girl in Nigeria
How to make money as a girl in Nigeria

There is a bias in the matter of making money it is more geared towards males more than females and it’s easy for men to earn quick money and that’s why women have no option other than to utilize their body and their brain to extort money from men.

We were thinking about this trough and appearance or business (both offline and online) that girls can also make money in Nigeria put them on the same financial situation as their male counterparts.

The goal for this post is to demonstrate how to make money as a girl in Nigeria .Since the question you have is what you can do to earn money, I would want you to be aware from the information below.

Making money isn’t easy.

Online and offline, it’s hard to make money. Therefore, you must take a decision to not be able to quit any business that you decide to venture into, because you’ll surely become annoyed, Nigeria will make it difficult.


Sure, you can earn money without knowing anything, but it’s only just a small amount should you be able to acquire knowledge or acquire a new skill. fact , the majority of ways to make money mentioned here require a certain level of skill.


There is a way to earn money in Nigeria with no mentorship, however it’s not easy, in Nigeria and around the world, to earn quick money, you’ll need someone who will guide you how to make money.

Two trees are available that can be used for making money and they are

A mentor and a skill are the best combination. can make money fast

Experience and skill means it can take time, but it is possible to quit.

In the end It is determination and perseverance that count.

Select the one that best complements your skills
Start by choosing a the business you are familiar with and you are passionate for. The beginning phase is the toughest, however once you’ve made the money, you are able to move to a different line of enterprise and recruit employees to assist.

How to make money as a girl in Nigeria

1. Podcasting

Podcasting can be a lucrative venture that needs little capital with a microphone and well-designed spaces to record you’re in good shape. Podcasting is a part of radio broadcasting that is currently gaining popularity in America.

If you’ve chosen it, your task is to create an audio recordings of what people want to hear, such as political analysis, love, and tips for health and post it on popular platforms for podcasting like Apple podcast or Google podcast (they are numerous of them in Nigeria).

Podcasting is only just beginning to take off in Nigeria this means that there is a low level of competition.

If you want to make your audio be a viral hit, share it via social media. Also, ask your friends to assist If your content is of high quality, you’ll earn money quickly.

2. Blogging

Blogging still generates cash for those who want it and don’t believe in the myth saying that blogs are dead. to tell you that it’s extremely difficult, indeed it is very difficult and will take long before you start to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Blogging is one of the best ways to make money as a girl in Nigeria

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For a beginner, it can take anywhere from 1 to two years before you begin earning profits from it.

Your job is writing about something you love and that people are looking for. I’m sure that as a girl , you’d be at a crossroads in life. Turn that experience into the form of a blog and help others who are searching for solutions.

It is just like any other type of business. To succeed , you need to find solutions easy.

3. Freelancing

Remember in the introduction that the majority of methods to make money as a girl in Nigeria require a certain level of skill. It is necessary to learn the ability to work as a freelancer, such as writer, designer, programmers, and many more.

Luckily, the majority of the knowledge isn’t going to take longer than six months if you’re committed after you have it. go to a freelance website like Freelancer, Upwork and Fiver to sign up and upload your portfolio. The proof that you’ve created will allow people to believe in you.

It is important to note that the beginning of your journey will be difficult, the first 3 months you may not be able to find a clients, but keep working and you’ll eventually succeed.

4. Proofreading

If you’re good in identifying errors in your novels or any writing, you should take a course to further enhance your ability, make contact with people and do work at no cost, after you’ve done that, you can begin advertising your company or heading to a freelancing website.

The people who you work for for free will begin referring you to their colleague , and others begin calling you.

5. Marketing through affiliates

Affiliate marketing as a simple concept refers to promoting the product to customers. It’s easy to do once you understand the product that you’re selling well. In fact, I’d suggest you be able to touch or use the product you wish to market in case people begin to ask questions, which they are likely to ask.

For a start, head to affiliate marketing platforms such as konga, jumia, deal day, Amazon Click bank, Alibaba, e.tc

Don’t participate with the Affiliate program that requires money, as in the majority of cases they are lions searching for a prey to devour.

6. App and Web development

Haaa, I can hear you screaming
This is for boys , right ?
Programming is not for anyone who is willing to get started.

The industry of programming in Nigeria isn’t as competitive. both institutions and businesses are constantly searching for a programmer, believe me when I say that if you’re good in programming, people will approach them and offer to hire you however, there is a catch it’s not easy to say the least. You will have to spend one year looking at code before you can start earning money (huge amount of money).

7. EBooks

Writing an eBook is another option to make money as a girl in Nigeria Like podcasts, you must be aware and be familiar with the topic you’re planning to write about. choose a topic you are very familiar with. how to make Google ads. Write it down, then move to a self-publishing service such as Amazon KDP to publish and sell your ebook.

Another method to approach it is to start your own blog which will focused on selling your ebook.

8. Selling photos on the internet

As a woman I’m certain you’ll enjoy taking pictures If you do, it is not worth keeping them. Create an account with Shutterstock and sell your image.

For a successful sale, your picture must be of the highest quality and worth is the best price, but since any image is able to be sold on Shutterstock I would suggest you go with a photos of nature.

9. Online teaching

If you are skilled in a field that people want to master, like blogging or video editing skills You can use Udemy or Coursera to help people learn how to use it. And If you wish to have control over the lesson, you could create your own course website or even use WhatsApp. In the end, make sure you’re aware of your onion.

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10. Vlogging

We’ve talked about podcasting and bogging. A third option to make money from videos in Nigeria is Vloging In fact, you can combine everything when you earn money through one.

To begin your vlogging journey, you need a the best microphone and video camera and log on to YouTube.

Registration and deloading are free . Once there are 1,000 users and 4000 watching hours, you can submit the account to monetization.

If you don’t own a camera or microphone, you can use an iPhone or any other phone that has a good cameras and microphones.

11. Create your own online store

Shopping online has become the norm. You could also benefit from the growing e-commerce market in Nigeria and look for items that are most popular. I suggest you look for female-oriented products because women be aware of what they are looking for.

Create an online store and sell your product on it. One of the things I love about e-commerce is that you don’t need the item in stock, you are able to offer products that you don’t own and once your customer makes an order, you will quickly receive it and then send it to the personwho placed the order. isn’t that awesome.

12. Dropshiping

Instead of dealing with the process of shipping product to the client, you could look to Dropshipping.

Dropshipping is a different kind of affiliate that is more sophisticated by using the help of a plugin or program, you can link your shop to a well-known online store. Once customers place an order on your website it will be transferred to the major ecommerce site which will then be the ones to deliver the order.

You shouldn’t be touching the good. perform your task, which is to get visitors to your site and then get paid.

13. Article writing

If you’re good at writing, then article writing is another way you can make money as a girl in Nigeria. You could start a an agency for writing where you create a different kind of content for individuals such as copy (copywriting) blog post review of products tech writing, school essay and many more.

It’s easy to begin with the creation of an WordPress website and install the writing agencies plugin (or theme) and write a blog posts that draw traffic to your site as soon as you start to get customers, you will need a worker to assist.

14. Make yourself an an influencer

If you’re athletic and have a great physique it is possible to become an online influencer through social media. it’s not easy initially, however once you’ve started earning money, it’ll be easy , and you may even be a model by doing this.

One thing you must be able to do is create an article that drives visitors, whether it’s a mouthwatering image or a compelling article that can bring the reader closer to your screen, you must find an avenue.

15. Online survey

It is a fast method to earn make money as a girl in Nigeria, but it’s not recommended just when you’re in need of money. Your task is to respond to surveys from companies or individuals through platforms like Swagbucks or Toluna.

The more surveys you take part in, the more money you earn will rise.

16. Advertisements

In the age of technology, it’s not necessary to invest a lot of money to open the restaurant. The issue is whether you have the ability and ability to cook tasty food? If yes, then buy some kitchen equipment and food items, then find a your own space ensure that the space is tidy and begin preparing your food.

To make it more attractive, you can advertise on social media platforms or make a the free advertisement by posting regularly regarding food and drink on your social networks. Before you know it, people will begin making purchases from you.

However, before you go, make sure to knock on offices, banks , and other places where you are sure they will purchase food. Tell them that you carry their product. Gradually, they will recognize your name and begin to anticipate your visits every day.

17. Sell and buy

The business can be very challenging, however If you’re a rough-neck, purchase food items at a low price from villages and sell it to those in cities at a high cost, it doesn’t require a lot of capital, and you can earn some money. This is also extremely stress-inducing.

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18. Sell Perfume

Many Nigerian cannot go out without wearing perfume. If you’re involved in this field, you’ll always make money as a girl in Nigeria since it’s always in high demand.

To begin, look for the most popular fragrance that your customers would like to use, then purchase it and then sell it to them in a simple way.

It’s not as simple as it sounds it is important to search for customers since the people whom you’ll sell to are customers they buy from.

In order to convince customers to beg and convince your family and friends to assist with marketing make sure you post a great image to Instagram and Facebook and reduce the cost of your perfume in comparison with your competitors, and ensure you are targeting only one group of customers selling only the original scent. After you have done this, you’ll make sales.

19. Create and sell soap

There are two ways to do this: you can offer your products for sale (including liquid soap) or make soap and then sell it. If you choose to make soap, you’ll need learn the basics prior to selling it.

But if you feel that it is too stressful, Find a soap manufacturer then purchase their soap and then sell the soap to users. In the beginning, you will need your family and friends to assist you to promote your business, so reward them with soap for free.

20. Boutique store

You’re probably aware of what a boutique is. The key to selling in a boutiques is to find places that have a lot of traffic or utilize social media .

You could also set up an ecommerce website. It is a profitable business however, I would recommend starting with women’s cloth, and then as you progress, you can add men’s cloth to it.

21. Skin care product

Another option to make money as a girl in Nigeria is to market skincare products and incorporate this into a boutique store or work by yourself.

It’s a business that’s always in demand so long as there are ladies around the world, products for skin care will be sought-after. For the beginning, you’ll need at least #500,000 in Nigeria and be sure to place your product in a high traffic area.

22. Earn money from online surveys

Surveys online are among the most effective methods to make money as a girl in Nigeria. In essence, it involves you filling in the questionnaires of various companies conducting research on their customers. Typically, these websites offer users a payment upon complete surveys. Surveys are paid according to your interests. Be sure to determine if the website accepts surveys from Nigerians prior to proceeding.

23. Develop and sell apps

If you’re a skilled person with the abilities, app development is among the most profitable methods to make money as a girl in Nigeria. It’s basically you’d offer your expertise to hire and be paid. App developers also make quite a bit, although you’ll need to be extremely proficient to succeed in this field.

24. Freelance on Fiverr

Fiverr is still one of the most admired and efficient platforms for freelancing where you can earn money. But, you must be skilled at something and then offer it at an amount. Additionally, the minimum amount you can sell through Fiverr is $5, and the platform charges commission. As an Nigerian you should know that it takes patience and perseverance to succeed with Fiverr.

 25. Graphics design

Graphics design is an art that is in great demand. This means that you could make an income from it by working as a freelancer or looking for a full-time job. All in all, one thing is certain: when you’re competent enough, you can make it in the business.

26. Earn money through Google AdSense

The primary requirement for earning through AdSense is the amount of traffic. If you find an avenue to drive the traffic to your site it is possible to make a significant amount of money by permitting Google to display advertisements for people to view. Additionally With AdSense it is not necessary to market or monetize anything. Simply relax and earn.

27. Video editing

The most profitable methods to make money as a girl in Nigeria is to work as video editor. The skills of editing video are highly sought-after and you could get your share of the money floating around. In essence, you can study and then work for yourself or choose to make a career of it.


The above is how you can earn money as a girl in Nigeria offline and online It is up to you to decide but that if you continue trying to figure out the best time to begin and you find yourself not starting anything.

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