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How to start cooking gas business in Nigeria

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The cooking gas industry is gaining traction due to the fact that more Nigerians embrace the concept of cooking with gas and eliminating any other method of cooking you could imagine. It’s a good thing that most Nigerians have embraced the idea of cooking gas being used to cook for a variety of purposes. This is also advantageous, because the issue of deforestation will be diminished to a minimum, and our native forests will be also preserved.

How to start cooking gas business in Nigeria
How to start cooking gas business in Nigeria

In addition to the positive impact it has for our environment, dramatic rise in people who use the cooking fuel in cities has also created an excellent business opportunity for entrepreneurs who are planning to start their own business. This allows them to enter the business of cooking gas. The cooking gas equipment could add to cooking gas industry It’s all a dependent on the type of gas and capital.

The cooking gas industry is extremely lucrative and profitable and, do you know what? It doesn’t require robbing the bank to start this business. With just N300,000 you’re ready to start.

Today in Nigeria there is a high requirement for cooking fuel is extremely high and it’s less expensive than using kerosene for cooking. The cooking gas process is faster and saves people from the stress of working many hours at the table.

I love cooking in a hurry. Demand of cooking fuel is at a high This means that if one decides to get into the business of cooking gas one is likely to earn a significant money from it.

It is referred to in the form of Liquified Petroleum Gas(LPG). The different oil-producing states of Nigeria significantly contribute to oil production as well as the production of other petroleum-based products. This has helped make Nigeria one of the top countries on the map as a leading crude oil producer in general. It’s also great that refineries have been put in order to convert crude oil into a variety of petroleum products. LPG which is a crucial cooking gas for the country is certainly one of them.

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Before anyone is able to fully dive into the business of Nigeria it’s important for them to understand the importance for petroleum products. Once you’ve mastered this, you’ll be just a few steps of success. However If you’re not equipped with the right knowledge about how to approach the entire process of starting an enterprise in cooking gas in Nigeria Then this article will provide a great assistance to you. Francis Bacon wasn’t wrong when his quote”Knowledge is power” as knowledge really is power.

How do I begin a business in cooking gas in Nigeria

Following the step-by-step steps for starting the cooking gas industry in Nigeria I am convinced that this will arm you with the skills to earn money.

1. Find the necessary knowledge and the training you’ll need

The value of taking time to acquire the required expertise in any field can’t be underestimated. Acquiring the required knowledge will be an excellent use of time. Before you venture into the field of cooking gas you must acquire the required knowledge since there are risks involved in the business.

There are a lot of safety guidelines you need to know and master before you take the next step in opening your cooking gas company.

2. Find a suitable location to begin your cooking gas company

Once you’ve acquired the understanding This is the next step. If you’re thinking of beginning a cooking gas business in a big way and you are looking to expand your business, the importance of having a property can’t be over-emphasized.

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One of the most important demands for one of the main requirements for Department of Petrol Resources (DPR) is that the location of the gas plant has to not be more than 15 metres away from structures with substances that can ignite.

The property must not be located near housing structures such as filling stations, since this is required by DPR. If all the requirements are satisfied, you’ll be ready to start your company.

3. Capital availability

As with any other company, you need capital to begin an operation in the field of cooking gas. On a massive scale, you’ll need capital investment of between N10 Million or N15 million.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that your capital must include all the items required to begin your cooking gas business in order to make the DPR capable of accessing these materials and provide you with a license to start your own business.

Here’s a list of all the needed items:

  1. Scale for mechanics
  2. Testing pool
  3. Electronic scale
  4. Carousel electronic
  5. Valve screw etc

4. License is issued through DPR. Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR)

Before your license is granted by the DPR the entire process must be in place, particularly if your business is large-scale Then, you should contact the DPR for the copy of the terms and conditions under in which are incorporated into the DPR license is granted. You may also visit their website online to find all the required information if prefer to not visit their offices in person.

Before you are able to obtain an DPR License to start your cooking gas-based business in Nigeria You’ll need to obtain a police report and Fire Planning approval in addition to state land. physical planning permit, as well as town planning permits.

5. Registration and insurance for the cooking business you run

To operate the business successfully on larger scale, you’ll have to be registered as a business in the field of cooking gas through the Corporate Affairs Commission Of Nigeria (CAC). By registering with the accreditation by the CAC the business will be regarded as legitimate and you don’t need to worry about authorities from the government having issues regarding your business.

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It’s also recommended to obtain an insurance policy in your kitchen gas company in Nigeria due to the risk of the business. Insuring your business can assist you in the event of unexpected situations.

6. Advertise your cooking gas business

All other protocols have been handled properly, so is the time to promote your cooking gas company on the many channels of advertising that you could think of.

Choose the platform and channel which is the most appropriate for you.

The risks involved in the cooking gas industry

Like every other business is dangerous and risky, the business of cooking gas also comes with risks. The most frequent risk in the cooking gas industry is fire explosions. this is very prevalent because of the flammable nature of natural gas liquefied.

The good thing is that this occurrence is easily avoided by being alert enough to spot leaks within the cylinders in time, since they are the primary reason for fires and explosions.

Another issue is the possibility of government regulation. If the market is able to increase the cost of LPG currently is it possible that consumers might find it complicated and difficult? It is a fact that there are many different fingers and some consumers may need to return to using the fuel of firewood and kerosene. Your sales could suffer a sudden drop.

If you’re now aware of the dangers You should be aware.


By following the steps I have carefully knitted together, you are able to effectively start a successful cooking gas company in Nigeria and earn a lot of cash from it

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