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Home Business How to start Indomie wholesale business in Nigeria

How to start Indomie wholesale business in Nigeria

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Instant noodles are easy and quick to prepare. It is a great option for busy mothers, singles students, or anyone who’s hungry but have little time or money to cook. In this article you will discover how to begin the Indomie Wholesale business within Nigeria.

How to start Indomie wholesale business in Nigeria
How to start Indomie wholesale business in Nigeria

Indomie is a instant noodles produced by an Indonesian company, which is popularly known in the industry as “Indofood.” This Indonesian company joined forces in partnership with Tolaram Group in Nigeria and introduced Indomie in 1988.

In the year 1995 Indofood began to open its Indomie manufacturing facility in Nigeria. It was widely acclaimed and gained popularity throughout the years. In the present, Indomie has a market share of 74% of Nigeria. Nigerian noodles industry.

What is its profitability? Indomie company in Nigeria?

The Indomie wholesale industry is highly successful in Nigeria.

Indomie is among the most frequently consumed meals in Nigeria and is enjoyed by students as well as adults. It is because of its delicious and refreshing taste that’s unmatched by any other food like spaghetti or macaroni.

The Indomie brand was introduced into Nigeria from 1988. The first Indomie production facility in Nigeria was inaugurated in 1995 under the name of Dufil Prima Foods.

In the present, Indomie is widely consumed by families of all kinds. There is no area in the world in which Indomie is not consumed even in small towns. Additionally, there aren’t many distributors that reduces level of competition.

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How do me become a distribution partner for Indomie In Nigeria?

In contrast to other companies It’s easy becoming an Indomie distributor in Nigeria. In this article, we’ve provided a step-by-step instruction on how to begin your Indomie wholesale company.

Be sure to read this article through to the very end.

How much money do I need to invest to start with an Indomie firm in Nigeria?

It is contingent upon the degree to where you plan to run your Indomie distribution company. It is necessary to have at least N2 million to establish an Indomie wholesale company as distributor.

If you’d like to be a distributor, you can begin with a sum of under N1 million. This means that you’ll have to purchase distributors and they will sell to you at their own prices.

While your margin of profit won’t be as big as those for Indomie distributors, you’ll still make substantial profits particularly when compared with other kinds of business.

How to begin? Indomie wholesale business

Follow these steps for starting your Indomie firm in Nigeria:

1. Purchase distributor rights from Indomie company.

The first step to start an Indomie wholesale company is to get in touch with Indomie. Contact the Indomie company and make a suggestion.

Dufil Prima Foods plc has the title of owner for Indomie Nigeria. It was created as a result of the collaboration between Indofood as well as Tolaram Group. Tolaram Group.

After becoming a certified Indomie distributor for Nigeria and you are provided with a huge amount of Indomie instant noodles at very low costs.

In return, you sell your products to sub-distributors at own prices. This difference, between your purchase cost and price you sell is your earnings.

2. Make sure you are in a safe spot

Be aware that you’re a wholesaler (distributor) rather than a retail store. That means that you’ll only sell to retailers and sub-distributors. You will not necessarily sell directly to consumers (unless they are looking to purchase in boxes).

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When looking for a suitable location you can find a safe place from armed robbery and burglary. It must also be easy to access, since the majority people who are your clients (sub-distributors or retailers) will have vehicles.

A second important aspect is the control of pests. It is essential be very careful because rodents and other insects could take over your Indomie company all the way from inside. In the end, Indomie is meant to be consumed. Smiles.

3. Fund the business of your Indomie wholesale business

Money is the main ingredient in every company. There are many ways how you can obtain funding to fund the growth of your Indomie Wholesale business.

  • Utilize some personal funds
  • Get money from relatives or friends
  • Approach angel investors
  • Begin meeting with Venture Capitalists
  • Make a submission to business accelerators
  • Take business credit from micro or commercial banks

4. Do you have a branding

Yes, you’re a distributor. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from having your own company logo, name and identity. Your company’s name should be appealing visually, simple to remember, simple to pronounce, and be logical.

To come up with a suitable name for your business, consider every possible name and create the list. Start removing names until you’ve got an idea that eventually works out.

5. Sign up for with your Indomie wholesale business

The next step is sign up your Indomie company to The Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). It is the agency accountable for the registration of companies and firms in Nigeria.

The registration of your company’s name can make you appear more credible to your customers. Additionally, you will be more likely to getting entrepreneurs and investors.

6. Make sure you have one. Indomie distribution vehicle

Don’t forget that you’re an agent of distribution. Your job is to get demands from others and supply them with the amount they require.

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While some customers will take cars to the warehouse, others prefer to be able to pay in advance. They will ask that you bring them to their location.

The distribution vehicle(s) will be the vehicle you be using to deliver Indomie when sub-distributors or retailers make an order.

7. Find employees to hire

Being an Indomie wholesaler means that you’ll have to carry and load the tens (or hundreds) of vehicles each day. Each vehicle could have at least 150 boxes or even more.

You cannot handle all that on your own. To ensure that everything runs efficiently, you must employ at minimum 2 or more casual employees, according to how big the Indomie wholesale company.

The first two employees you hire are a driver and secretary. They can also serve as a sales and cashier representative until you are able to hire more employees.

Let me tell you a fact. It is best to only employ individuals you are confident in. When they begin work it is important to be sure to supervise them from time the time.

The warehouse should be locked and opened yourself (or let an authorized family member take care of it). We’re not saying that you should not depend on workers, but it can’t make sense to maintain a close eye over your main source of income.


Indomie is cooked and consumed by a variety of families, singles, students as well as busy parents and others. It is widely eaten across the country, and includes rural settlements.

This is the reason why this is the reason why Indomie Wholesale business can be highly lucrative in Nigeria. Register distributor rights, start your company, buy a van, recruit employees, provide instant noodles and earn a profits. Disclaimer: This article is to be used for general informational purposes only. This article is not a business guideline or advice to be interpreted as any kind of advice. If you are interested in more information please contact Indomie distributors and vendors within your region.

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