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Home Business How to start selling on Bolt Food app

How to start selling on Bolt Food app

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Bolt is a logistics company that helps make urban mobility affordable as well as safe and sustainable. Bolt isn’t a new concept to the majority of people as it allows them to reduce time, money lessen stress and make cities more efficient.

How to start selling on Bolt Food app
How to start selling on Bolt Food app

Bolt has also helped many people, including drivers restaurant owners, couriers, even store proprietors. All of them earn money through Bolt as they grow their business.

Bolt Food is part of Bolt is a food delivery service which lets customers order their favorite foods from their favorite restaurants. The food is delivered right to their doorsteps, fast and effortlessly.

In this article you’ll learn how to sell your product through the Bolt Food application as well as the required requirements, the advantages, the amount it costs, and more.

What is the process behind Bolt Food work in Nigeria?

Bolt Food is a Bolt Food App is quick and user-friendly. The method of operation is described below.

  • The customer will place an order for an item of food at the restaurant (or the food shop) via your Bolt Food app
  • As a seller of Bolt Food, you will take care of the order from the customer.
  • The Bolt Courier (driver or rider) will collect the order and will deliver it to the customer.
  • Your client is pleased You are also content (because you have just earned some money) as well. The Bolt courier is happy too.
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Benefits of selling Bolt Food within Nigeria

If you are a restaurant or store owner, working together with Bolt Food in Nigeria can aid in ensuring long-term success for your company.

Here are some benefits you will get when you work in partnership with Bolt Food.

  • Increase your sales right after you open your restaurant or when you open a new branch
  • Connect with millions of potential customers by using Bolt Food’s app. Bolt Food app
  • Delivery is handled through Bolt Food. This way, you’ll have ample time to prepare the orders of your customers.
  • Marketing efforts for your business are automatically. Customers will see you in’ “Food Near Me” searches as well as “Special” dishes
  • Find out what your customers think on their experience with the Bolt Food app. It’s an Nigerian custom that your customers will not divulge what they think you did wrong. They will beg off your services. However, with Bolt Food app’s reviews in-app you will be able to identify your mistakes and learn how to avoid repeating the same mistakes in the near future.

Bolt Food supported States in Nigeria

As you may have imagined, Bolt Food services are not available across the majority of Nigerian States.

Bolt Food Delivery first introduced within Estonia in August of this year. It is also available throughout South Africa, Ghana, and Kenya.

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Bolt Food arrived in Nigeria in the month of October 2021. At present, only a few areas in Lagos will be covered in the Bolt Food application. However, Mr . Femi Akin-Laguda, Bolt Nigeria’s Country Manager has pledged to extend Bolt Food for other regions of Nigeria as time passes.

Conditions to become an online vendor through Bolt Food. Bolt Food app

To become an official vendor through the Bolt Food application, you need to fill out the information below.

  • The business name registered to your food or restaurant
  • Official email addresses for your company
  • Your telephone number
  • Your full name
  • The city in which your restaurant is situated
  • Your Bank account details

How do I become an official merchant for Bolt Food? Bolt Food app?

To become an Bolt Food seller You can apply here for an application.

Collaboration working with Bolt Food can be faster and more simple than you thought.

  • When you are on the page to register, fill out the application form using the information provided in the required fields.
  • A Bolt Food employee will call you and inform you of some things
  • Create an account
  • Create your profile
  • You can set your desired hours of operation
  • Upload your menu of food items
  • Begin to make more sales while you travel. Take a break and let your food-related business increase in size

How do you deliver your food orders to Bolt Food?

When a customer makes an order with your restaurant/food shop, make your order on time. Bolt food couriers to handle the delivery.

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Bolt Couriers are also as you are, the sole difference being that you’re the owner of a restaurant and they are transporters. They also work with Bolt and have their own rating too.

What is the cost to market Bolt Food?

Selling for Bolt Food needs no joining cost. A commission is charged which Bolt utilizes to pay for the cost of operations and also to earn a profit.

The commission is calculated according to the amount of the sales you’ve made.

If you’d like Bolt Food to give you an iPad device that you can use to manage your orders through Bolt Food’s app, you request is granted. The best part is that you don’t have to buy the tablet all at once.

A small amount will be taken from the amount you pay each time you sell. The process will continue until the entire value of your tablet has been completely paid.

Bolt Food app download

To join forces with Bolt Food and become a seller, download the app from one of the stores listed below.

Google Play Store for Android devices

Apple App Store for iOS devices

The most important thing is the bottom line

Running a restaurant, restaurant or food store could be stressful for those with the best experience.

entrepreneurs. Working together with Bolt Food can take the burden of logistics of logistics off the shoulders.

It’s great to relax in your dining establishment being confident that your customers will be served their meals quickly and efficiently.

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