Access Bank Code: Transfer, Check Balance, Activation, Airtime, Data

*901# is the access bank code to perform your banking transactions (transfer money, check balance, buy airtime, pay bills and lots more) .

Access Bank Plc is a Nigeria commercial Bank. Access Bank Plc headquarters is within Lagos State and also has numerous branches in other states of Nigeria. Access Bank Plc also operates in several African countries as well as in its headquarters are in the United Kingdom. In the past, Access Bank merged with Diamond Bank Plc.

Access Bank Code

Access Bank Code To Open Bank Account

Just by dialing *901# from your mobile phone , you can be an Access Bank customer. It’s as simple as that. There is no need to fill an application or wait in an interminable queue at the branch. It’s also a zero-balance account and therefore you do not require any minimum balance. Follow these easy steps.

  1. Dial Access Code *901# to access your mobile phone.
  2. It will then ask to provide your information (name and surname as well as address.). You can also provide your BVN in the event that you own one.
  3. Access Bank will send you an SMS with the details of your account.
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Access Bank Transfer Code

Access Bank makes customers’ cash available any day or time. It’s already 4 pm on a Friday and are worried that you won’t be able to get an appointment with the bank prior to closing time? No need to worry, just dial *901# from your mobile phone and you’ll be able to transfer money to the one Access Bank to another. Transfers can also be made money to any banks in Nigeria. To protect yourself you will be asked to provide your 4-digit pin prior to your transfer is successful.

To transfer from Access Bank to another dial *901*1*amount*account number#, for example, *901*1*5000*123456789#.

To transfer from Access Bank to other banks dial *901*2*amount*account number#, for example, *901*2*5000*123456789#.

Access Bank Code To Buy Airtime

To recharge your mobile, you need to dial *901*amount# using the mobile number you have used to sign up with the Access Bank Account. The code service is available to all mobile networks in Nigeria. There are no additional charges when you purchase airtime with the Recharge Code.

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To recharge family and friends dial *901*amount*phone number#, for example, *901*500*07085000836#. The phone number will recharged and your account will be charged immediately.

Code To Pay Bills Like Electricity, Water And Others

You want to pay for your Prepaid DSTV subscription, PHCN bills, etc.? Well, just dial *901*3# and follow the instructions. You can do this at your own convenience.

Check Account Balance

Contact *901*5# using the number of your mobile phone that you used to establish the Access Bank account and follow the directions. Then, you will be asked to enter the last four numbers from your BVN.

Check you BVN

Call *901# from the mobile number you used to establish the account. Access Bank account and follow the instructions.

Check Account Number

Call *901# from the mobile number you used to establish an account with Access Bank. Access Bank account and follow the directions.

How do I register, create , or reset the PIN to enable Access Bank USSD transaction

Register PIN for Access Bank USSD Transaction

If you are planning to perform USSD transactions using the account of your Access Bank account, you need a PIN to be for security. To establish a PIN. To do this, follow the steps below.
Dial *901#, then press on the 2 number to try to transfer funds, and then you’ll need to establish a pin and then follow the other steps for the mobile number. After that, you will be able to create a four-digit pin

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Reset PIN for Access Bank USSD Transaction

If you have forgotten your PIN or the PIN for USSD isn’t working? you can reset your PIN with USSD. To reset it follow these steps:
Dial *901#, then press the number 4 and then enter the 4 to reset your PIN, and follow other directions on the mobile number. Once you have reset your pin, enter your old 4 digit pin. You will then be asked to enter a new pin numbers.

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