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Kuda Bank Transfer Code

This is how the Kuda Bank Transfer Code works and to transfer money to your Kuda Bank bank account or transfer to other banks.

Carefully read below as we will help you with all the details concerning Kuda Bank Transfer Code

Kuda USSD Code To Check Balance

Is there a way to check Kuda’s account balance? You can check your Kuda Bank USSD account balance by using the code. To check Kuda’s account balance, enter *894#. Follow the instructions on screen to verify your Kuda account.

How to transfer money from first bank to kuda bank

1. Dial *894*amount*Kuda number# from the number linked to your account.

2. Follow the prompts to complete your transfer

Kuda Bank Transfer Code

Send money to Kuda Bank account with Wema Bank Using kuda USSD code

Follow the steps below or dial *945*Kuda number*amount# from your phone number that is linked to the account.

1. To access the account, dial *945# using the number associated with the account.

2. Enter 3 to Send Money

3. Send 2 to Other Banks

4 Type in your Kuda account number.

5. Send 9 to Next

6. Send 1 to Kuda Microfinance Bank, and complete your transfer.

These steps will help you add money to Kuda Bank with Zenith Bank, GTBank or Polaris Bank using the kuda banking ussd code

1 Open Kuda.

2. Tap on Add Money to your Dashboard.

3. Click Add by USSD.

4. Enter the amount that you wish to send.

5. To dial the correct USSD code, tap it and then follow the prompts.

These steps will help you add money to your Kuda Bank through a Bank Deposit

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1. Open Kuda .

2. Tap on Add Money to your Dashboard.

3. Tap Cash Deposit and then tap the bank partner you prefer.

4. Follow the screen instructions to deposit cash at your Kuda branch.

To increase Kuda Bank accounts with GTBank

1. To access the account, dial *737*50*amount*416# using the number that is linked to your phone.

2. Follow the prompts to complete your transfer

Send money from Kuda Bank account using Kuda Bank USSD Code

You can move money, buy airtime, and pay bills using the Payments button located at the bottom your Kuda dashboard.

Click the Pay button.

Click Send Money.

Please fill in the details for the transfer.

Confirm the transfer.

To make money with Kuda Loan Bank cards

Kuda Bank charges fees for each transaction that involves money being added to a debit or credit card. Interswitch, Flutterwave and Paystack are all payment gateways that allow you to transfer money between your bank account and your kuda card.

Fraudsters use this method to hide their tracks when they transfer stolen money, however, it can be difficult to trace the source of debit or credit card funds.

Kuda therefore made security adjustments to its rules:

Rule 1: To add money to your Kuda account, you must upgrade it.

We cannot compromise on our commitment to keeping everyone and their money safe.

You cannot add money to your account without a Bank Verification number (BVN), and a government-issued identification.

Tap More at Kuda’s bottom, then tap Identification to add your ID and BVN.

Rule #2: Kuda Bank will cease paying the payment gateway fees after you have added more than 100,000 naira into your account using a card.

Once you reach the 100,000 naira cap for free top-ups you will be required to pay a gateway fee each time you add money with a Kuda bank card to your Kuda Bank Account.

Local cards have a payment gateway fee of 100 naira plus 1.5% of the amount.

This fee is not from Kuda Bank. Kuda Microfinance Bank will inform you how much it is before moving money from your cards to your accounts.

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All cash deposits and transfer to your account are free.

Kuda Bank will send you a message whenever you approach the limit.

Rule #3 — When you top up your Kuda account using an international card, you will be charged the payment gateway fee.

International cards have a payment gateway fee of 100 naira plus 4%.

You will need to pay the payment gateway fee if your card comes from a bank in Nigeria.

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How To Delete Kuda Account

The Bank of the Free- Kuda offers two ways to delete your account and data. These are:

  1. The GDPR General Data Protection Regulation (for EU residents): You have the right to request that an organization that has data on you, delete it. This is called the “right to erasure”. Your request can be made verbally or written. We recommend writing via email, to serve as evidence. You have one month for an organization to respond to your request.
  2. California Consumer Privacy Act – This law allows California residents to ask that a company delete personal information about them from their records. They can also direct service providers to do so. A violation of the CCPA could result in a fine of up to $7500.

We now know what the laws are. You can contact The Bank of the Free Kuda to delete your account. This is how to delete your account data:

  1. Please include in your email the reasons you would like your account/data deleted.
  2. All information about your account at The Bank of the Free is required.
  3. Mention the Law in which your request was made – GDPR, CCPA
  4. Notify The Bank of the Free of the Penalty for Non-Compliance – A $7500 Fine under CCPA and 4% of the annual turnover under GDPR

2. How to delete The Bank of the Free’s app from your phone

You may wish to delete The Bank of the Free- Kuda from your smartphone for many reasons. You may need to clear your storage, or you might just be tired of the app. Here’s how to remove The Bank of the Free- Kuda on an iPhone or Android.

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a. How to delete the Bank of the Free app on your Iphone

Here’s how to delete The Bank of the Free Kuda from your iPhone:

  1. Tap the The Bank of the Free Kuda icon from your home screen and wait for all apps to start shaking.
  2. The app will have an “X” sign in the upper right corner.
  3. Click the “X” sign at The Bank of the Free Kuda.
  4. Click the red delete button, and voila!


  1. Click on “General” in your Iphone Settings.
  2. Click on “Iphone Storage” to scroll down and see all apps on your phone.
  3. Click the The Bank of the Free Kuda app that you wish to delete.
  4. Next screen, select “Delete the Bank of the Free – Kuda” and confirm delete

b. How to delete The Bank of the Free on your Android phone

Here’s how to delete The Bank of the Free- Kuda off your Android device:

  1. Open Google Play
  2. Click the hamburger icon to go to “My Apps & Games”.
  3. Click on Kuda from the list of apps available on your device.
  4. Next, tap “Uninstall”.


  1. Tap and hold the The Bank of the Free Kuda app that you wish to delete from your home screen.
  2. Click on the “Uninstall” button at the bottom of the screen.


  1. Go to the settings of your Android phone.
  2. Click on “Apps”.
  3. You can delete the The Bank of the Free Kuda app.
  4. Click “Uninstall”.

With above information, i hope you have been able to transfer money from your Kuda bank account using kuda bank transfer code to any bank account number in Nigeria.

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