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Kuda USSD Code

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Kuda USSD code for transferring to banks, sending money, or adding funds to your Kuda microfinance account.

This is a thorough explanation of how you can utilize the Kuda Bank USSD Code. Kuda Bank USSD Code to add or transfer funds into the Kuda Bank account

Transfer funds from First Bank to Kuda Bank account from First Bank by using a USSD Code

1. Dial *894*amount*Kuda Account Number# from the number associated with the account.

2. Follow the instructions on the screen to finish the transfer.

Kuda USSD Code

Send money via Kuda Bank account from Wema Bank Kuda Bank USSD code

Dial *945*Kuda’s account number*amount# from the telephone number that is linked to the account. Follow the prompts that appear on the screen, or follow the steps below.

1. Dial *945# from the telephone number associated with the account.

2. Type in 3 for Send Money.

3. Send 2 for Other Banks.

4 Type in your Kuda account number.

5. Send 9 for Next.

6. Make 1 transfer to Kuda Microfinance Bank and complete your transfer.


To transfer money into Kuda Bank from Zenith Bank, GTBank, and Polaris Bank using the Kuda Bank Ussd code, follow the steps below.

1 Open Kuda.

2. Click Add Money on your dashboard.

3. Tap Add By USSD.

4. Input the amount you would like to transfer.

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5. Make sure you tap the correct USSD code. Follow the prompts displayed on your screen.

To add funds to your Kuda Bank account via Bank Deposit follow these steps

1. Open Kuda.

2. Click Add Money on your dashboard.

3. Tap Cash Deposit and then tap the bank that you would like to use.

4. Follow the directions on the screen to deposit funds to the account of your Kuda bank account in the branch of your partner bank.

To add funds to the Kuda Bank account with GTBank

1. Dial *737*50*amount*416# using the phone number associated with the account.

2. Follow the steps on the screen to finish the transfer.

To transfer funds from a Kuda Bank account with the Kuda Bank USSD code

Transfer money around, purchase airtime, and pay bills using the Payments button located at the top of your Kuda dashboard.

Click the Pay button.

Tap Send Money.

Input the details of the transfer.

Check the confirmation of the transfer.

To add funds into a Kuda Bank account with cards

Every time you deposit money using a debit or credit card Kuda Bank charges a cost through a payment processor (eg. Flutterwave, Paystack, or Interswitch) which initiates the transfer of funds between your bank account and the Kuda account.

However, as it is difficult to determine the origin of debit or credit card transactions, criminals use this method of obscuring their tracks when they transfer stolen funds.

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So, Kuda has made adjustments to its policies for security reasons:

Rule number 1: have to update your Kuda account to be able to pay via a credit card.

To keep everybody and their funds as secure as we can, we must not make any compromises on this.

If you do not have a Bank Verification Number (BVN) or an ID issued by the government you can add funds to your account by transfers or cash deposits.

Select More at the bottom of your Kuda dashboard and then select Identification to enter your ID and BVN.

Rule 2: Kuda Bank will stop paying the fee for payment gateways when you’ve added 100,000 nairas to your account using a credit card.

That means that when you’ve reached the limit of 100,000 naira for free top-ups you’ll be required to pay a gateway fee each time you transfer money into your Kuda Bank account using cards.

The fee for payment gateways to local cardholders is $100 in Nigeria plus 1.5 percent of the sum you’re using.

The fee you are paying isn’t coming from Kuda Bank but Kuda Microfinance Bank will inform you of the amount before you transfer funds from your credit card to your accounts.

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Cash transfers and cash deposits into your account are never charged.

Kuda Bank will make sure that we notify you when you’re nearing the limit of free.

Rule #3: Pay the fee for payment gateways each time you replenish your Kuda account using an international credit card.

The cost for payment gateways to international cardholders is 100 naira plus 4% of the total amount you’re adding.

If your credit card comes from another bank in Nigeria You will be required to pay the gateway fee each time you transfer money into your account.

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