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How To Apply For Loan From Access Bank

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Access Bank Plc. has evolved from an obscure Nigerian Bank into a world-class African financial institution. On February 5th, 2001 Access Bank obtained a Universal Banking License from the CBN and is one of the top five banks in Nigeria concerning loans, assets deposits, branches, and networks.

Access bank quick loan offers a diverse array of loan services that provide you with reliable solutions for your finances to aid you in reaching your goals. Through this post, you’ll be informed about loans available and how to obtain these loans:

access bank loan

Table of Contents

Access bank credit for the creative sector

The loan for the creative sector is a Central Bank of Nigeria initiative that aims to increase capacity and create jobs for people and companies that are currently involved in Fashion, Information Technology, Movie Production, and more.

How do I apply for credit in the creative sector

  • Create your business plan or an outline of the amount you’d like to make for your business.
  • Visit any Access branch of the bank with your business plan or statement or make an application online via Access Bank’s creative sector loan portal.
  • Access Bank’s Relationship representatives will reach out to you for additional discussion and to take care of your loan request.

Lending Against Turnover (LATO)

LATO offers an instant credit service for those who do not have a salary account and have had a bank partnership with the Bank that lasts for at least six months. LATO gives you instant cash to meet the financial demands that might be required when you’re short in cash.

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Code to get a loan from Access Bank

To apply for LATO To apply for LATO, just make to the USSD number *901*11#. If you’re eligible you will receive the loan immediately.

Access to a bank Personal loan

Access Bank’s loan is a salary-administration product designed for the employees of organizations to empower their financial independence. Individuals who have personal loans on their salary accounts that are backed by Access Bank can also get access to more money when they need to.

How do I apply for access to a personal loan from banks

You can apply for a Personal loan at the nearest Access Bank branch close to you.

Access Bank loan requirements

Documents listed below are required for application:

  • Completed Application Form
  • Completed Employee Status Inquiry/Employer’s Confirmation Form
  • Documentation of Confirmation (Letter to Confirmation last promotion letter, etc.)
  • A copy of Employment ID and valid means of identification
  • BVN
  • Credit checks
  • Letter of Lien/Set-off

To apply for a topping up to your loans that are already in place you can apply via the personal loan portal, or go to every Access Bank branch location.

Types Of Loans Offered By Access Bank

1. Access Agent Loan

It is a digital instant loan product that is designed for Access CLOSA Agents to bridge funding and liquidity gaps.

How do you apply for the access agent loans

You can request an Access Agent loan through the QuickBucks platform, which is accessible online as well as through the QuickBucks mobile application. You can download the QuickBucks application from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store or go to the QuickBucks website.

2. Get more miles

This program allows you to purchase brand-new new vehicles and buses for as little as N170,000 per month. You can get cars/buses like Nissan Patrol, Hyundai County, etc.

How do you apply to Access More Mileage Loan

To apply, complete the form of interest through Access More Mileage. Fill out the interest form on the Access More Mileage portal and you’ll be connected to an Access Bank team. You can also visit the closest branch of Access Bank to you.

Need to access more miles the loan

  • Application Form
  • Pro-forma Invoice with the title of “Access Bank Plc. / Customer”
  • Valid identification means
  • A Letter of Introduction (for employees)
  • Consolidation of salary accounts in conjunction with Access Bank (for salaried customers)
  • Employer’s Confirmation and Intaking Form (for employees of customers)
  • Recent Pay Slips or Salary Bank Statements (for salaried customers)
  • Recent audited/management accounts for 2 years (for the business owner)
  • Banking Statements of other institutions (for entrepreneurs)
  • Personal guarantee of a director of the firm (for solely corporate clients)
  • The Board Resolution (for corporates only)

3. Consumer asset lease

This program gives you the ability to access a broad range of household and electronics and is repaid over 24 months. You can get items like generating sets, inverters, microwave ovens, etc.

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How do I apply for a consumer asset lease

To apply, stop by the Access Bank branch closest to you.

Consumer asset lease requirements

The documents required include:

  • Pro forma invoice
  • Completed retail loan application form
  • Introduction of the employer
  • Credit checks
  • Valid ID
  • The Board can be a simple resolution(for entrepreneurs)

4. Access bank cash-backed cash-backed loan

This is a digital instant loan product designed for Access Bank customers with qualifying Fixed Deposit investments with the Bank and who satisfy their Bank’s Risk Acceptance Criteria (RAC).

How to apply for a cash-backed loan

Instant cash-backed loans by calling *901*11*2#.

5. Device finance

The loan is intended to help you upgrade the mobile phone you own. You can finance the purchase through a contract agreement which includes the monthly bundle of airtime.

How do I apply for device financing

You can make an application through the QuickBooks application. It is possible to download the QuickBooks application by scanning the QR code found on the Device Finance portal or downloading the QuickBooks app through your app store. After that, follow these steps:

  • Input your email address as well as your BVN linked number.
  • The OTP can be delivered via SMS to verify. Once verified, you will be able to create an account password (used to sign in to your account) and a PIN (used to transact)
  • Input personal information like the address, location, name of the salary account, name and the number BVN, etc. Accept/consent to the terms and conditions.
  • Select the ‘device Finance console. Choose the phone of your choice, then enter the necessary information.
  • Click on “Get this gadget’. Accept the T&C
  • You will receive a transactional code in the mail, along with other specifications for picking up the device

Finance for purchase is easy through GAC Motors

You can buy the brand new GAC GS3 as well as GAC GA4 with a low cost of interest through an Easy Buy Finance Scheme.

How do I apply for easy buy financing using GAC motors

To apply, simply fill out the application in the Easy Buy Finance Scheme portal to start and one of Access Bank’s team will get in touch with you. You can also go to the closest branch of Access Bank close to you.

Needs for easy purchase finance that includes GAC motors

The documents required include:

  • Application Form
  • Pro-forma Invoice under”the name “Access Bank Plc/Customer”
  • Valid identification
  • Introduction letter (for employees)
  • The salary account is consolidated through Access Bank (for salaried customers)
  • Employer’s Confirmation and Intaking Form (for employees of customers)
  • Recent Pay Slips/Salary Bank Statements (for employees)
  • Recent audited and managed accounts for 2 years (for the business owner)
  • Banking Statements of other institutions (for the business owner)
  • Personal assurance of a director of the firm (for corporations only)
  • A Board Resolution (for corporates only)

6. Hyundai auto loan promo

You can purchase certain Hyundai cars at the most competitive interest rates and a wide array of freebies when you are an employee corporate, business, or commercial patron from Access Bank.

How do I apply for the Hyundai auto loan promotion

Find the nearest Access Bank branch that is closest to you. You’ll be required to get an invoice Pro forma by Hyundai Motors addressed “Access Bank/Customer’s name”.

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7. Access Bank PayDay Loan

Payday Loan is a quick loan option for consumers (both salaried and non-salary-earning). By using Payday Loan you’ll be able to take out a loan at a low rate of interest without collateral or documentation required.

How do I make an application to be eligible for an Access Bank PayDay loan

You can obtain immediate loans by calling *901*11*1#, or through Internet Banking, WhatsApp Banking, Access Mobile App, and QuickBooks App.

8. Bank loan to pay school fees

Advance in School Fees is designed to help parents and guardians with short-term funding to pay tuition costs for their children/wards. It’s also great to finance undergraduate studies as well as postgraduate studies and professional exams.

How do I apply for an advance to cover school fees

You can apply for the Advance for school fees portal:

  • Download the forms attached on the portal(Retail Lending Application Form Personal Guarantee Form Statement of Personal Networth as well as Corporate Guarantee)
  • Complete the forms using accurate details
  • Add your electronic signature (don’t you know the best way to do it? It’s easy! Just download any scanner app on your smartphone then scan your signature, and save it as an image. Paste the signature onto this form.)
  • Send the completed form and all required documents(available on the portal) to ec******d39@f***c.com
  • Access Bank’s team will take it up and begin taking care of your loan
  • The area approved for the loan and an offer letter will be distributed to you for the execution
  • Once you have received the executed offer letter and all other documents upon receipt, they will then be credited to your account immediately and transferred to the account of the school

9. Advance on salary loan(SADV)

It is a quick digital loan product that is targeted at those who earn a salary and have met Access Bank’s risk Acceptance Criteria (RAC).

How to apply for a salary advance loan

You may request a Salary Advance Loan through any of these methods:

  • Dial the USSD code *901*11*1#.
  • Install QuickBooks, the QuickBooks App, available on the Google Play store or shopping mode Apple App Store.

10. Personal loans for small amounts

It is also a quick digital loan option that is targeted at those who comply with the bank’s risk Acceptance Criteria (RAC). You can borrow as much as 400% of your monthly income and pay it back for 12 months using small Ticket Personal Credit.

How do you apply for a personal loan

Request an STPL via any of these methods:

  • Dial the USSD code *901*11*1#.
  • Install your QuickBooks App, available on the Google Play store or shopping mode Apple App Store.

11. Home loan access from a bank

This mortgage product is designed to provide financial assistance for acquisition-ready properties as well as properties that are under construction.

How do you apply for Access Home loans from banks

Go to the nearest Access Bank branch for you to make an application.

The requirements for Access home loan from a bank

The necessary documents include:

  • Completed Mortgage Application Form
  • Employee Status Inquiry/Employer’s Confirmation Form
  • Letter of an offer from the seller of the property
  • Title document for the property
  • Value report of any Bank’s authorized estate valuers
  • Search report
  • Credit checks

12. Maternal Health Service Support (MHSS)

MHSS is the Access Bank’s Maternal Health Service Support specially created to assist women and families by offering easy and easy ways to pay for their medical treatments.

How do I apply for maternal health assistance

To apply, you can send an email to ec******d39@f***c.com or call 01236-4875/01271-2005-7.

Health care requirements for mothers. assistance

The necessary documents include:

  • The form must be completed MHSS application form
  • Domiciliation of Salaries/ Business Proceeds
  • Executed Employee Status Inquiry/Employer’s Consent i.e. confirmation letter/ last promotion letter.
  • A copy of Employment ID and valid means of identification
  • Medical bills
  • BVN
  • Credit checks

13. Access to bank W Power loan

This is a lending facility to women-owned SMEs by Access Bank.

How do I make an application to apply for an Access Bank W Power loan

The application form can be picked up at any Access Bank branch or printed/filled out online from (https://www.accessbankplc.com/Personal-Banking/LOANS/W-Power-Loan.aspx).

14. AutoClub by Access

The AutoClub is Access’s one-stop shop designed to satisfy all your car requirements. Access Bank offers exclusive auto services, from purchase, maintenance, use disposal, and much more.

How do I apply to be considered for AutoClub through Access

To apply, complete the interest form via AutoClub through the Access portal, or go to the closest Access Bank branch.

Do you require help?

If you need to contact Access Bank’s team of Experts for support, send an email to ec******d39@f***c.com

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